Unraveling the Mysteries of Yowies, video interview

Unraveling the Mysteries of Yowies, video interview:

Note by SunBôw: This one-hour podcast on the Watchers Talk channel discusses the Yowie and inter-species communication. It is interesting to hear the perspective of famous Australian alternative researchers Steven Strong and his son Evan, who obviously are familiar with the topic of Yowie.

Particularly interesting are the interventions of Sarah Bignell, who hosts the Yowie Central podcast, on which she interviewed me this last Monday. Our interview should be released in a couple of weeks. I posted a couple of her shows before on SCENIC, one with Original Elders, and her last one, in which she mentioned me and my books.

Thanks to Sarah for mentioning me and my books between 48m25s and 49m30s in the interview posted below. Sarah has read The Sasquatch Message to Humanity and has been having her own telepathic communications since a year. In my interview with her days ago, I mentioned my visit to Mount Hope and nearby Pyramid Hill in Victoria. ”Coincidentally”, as a sacrednicity, she had a flight planned that afternoon and sent me great images of Mount Hope and Pyramid Hill she took that day while flying above.

Pyramid Hill, Victoria.

Below is the video interview posted today.

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