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Sasquatch People Guardians of the Earth, Memoirs of a Sasquatch Experiencer, by Leanna R Saylor

Sasquatch People Guardians of the Earth, Memoirs of a Sasquatch Experiencer, by Leanna R Saylor:

LOS ANGELES – Dagmar Miura announces the March 2023 release of The Sasquatch People: Guardians of the Earth. Over the course of several years, author Leanna R Saylor, residing in the forests of the Pacific Northwest, established contact with Mannie and other members of the Sasquatch people. Intelligent and curious entities, the Sasquatch people shared much with Leanna. The Sasquatch People is a memoir with valuable and far-reaching insight into the cryptic creatures, with a valuable message for all of us.

“A life-changing experience. This book contains some of the most powerful and moving stories I’ve ever heard about working with other beings and dimensions. Learning about the Sasquatch has changed my life—and I am so excited for other readers to have the same experience.”
—Teja Rhae Watson, author of Light Reclaimed: Billie Knight

Synopsis: “My husband Jerry and I stayed busy seven days a week running our commercial construction company. After we moved out to the country, we enjoyed the peace and quiet during our off-work hours. More than a decade later, extraordinary things began happening. There was one big question I asked myself over and over, but I knew an answer was not forthcoming. I was all alone—or was I … ?”

I decided to write this book for the Sasquatch, who were contacting me five years ago. One dark, early evening in March 2018, a Sasquatch elder, whom I call Mannie, materialized in front of the big kitchen window. I was told through telepathy to look up. I looked up quite suddenly at the command and saw Mannie standing next to the barbeque on the concrete patio. He was there watching me for maybe 2 minutes or less. I was shocked and fell hopelessly into “Cognitive Dissonance.”

During the encounter, I was so stunned, I could not breathe; I was completely frozen and could only watch until the encounter ended, which I hoped would end soon. After that, I knew Sasquatch are very real, but they are not what I thought they would be. They are a paranormal, quantum physical species of human and are amazing, to say the least. Now, I knew the truth for myself.

I began having extraordinary experiences and found a professional telepathic psychic who communicated with us. This group of Sasquatch are “Ancient Ones.” I became very close to this Sasquatch community and Mannie’s family. He has a wife, Lorne, and five children. I spend a lot of time healing and learning during “dream time” with Mannie’s father, an elder named, Thorin. I am very attached to Thorin; he is special, powerful and all wise.

It has taken me a few years to complete this book, but I diligently stuck to my commitment and have it published now available in numerous places. I am offering huge discounts for bookstores and will not make any money. I don’t care about the money; I care about their message with the contents of the book. I have begun book 2; this one will have their story, their values, what they want humans to know and do… Tomorrow I have a session with the telepathic communicator… I plan to begin with Mannie; I plan to interview Mannie tomorrow morning at 10:00 AM.

I am actually a local artist here in Whatcom County, Washington. I have sketched illustrations for the book about the Sasquatch, 27 of them to be exact. I designed the book cover front and back with a picture I took of 2 tree portraits. These trees live in the Olympic National Park, Lake Crescent Lodge, Old Growth Forest trail to Marymere Falls. That trail is the most beautiful trail I have ever seen…The trees are all so alive and beautiful. I even saw a largeish tree that looked as though Sasquatch tried to twist its trunk and free it from the roots. I should have taken a picture of that tree; wish I did.

Word has gotten around about my attempts to get the Sasquatch story out to the world; the truth of who they are. As a result, this year I have been visited by numerous Sasquatch who have ventured out of their home turf to come in and see who I am. They have come from as far away as Alaska, remote parts of Canada and the Yukon Territory. They have been very curious about me and why I want to help them. I talk to them and explain it all to them in plain English. I let them know I am committed to helping them any way I can. I have told the universe to show me how and/or where, and I will do the work.

I can see them, the Sasquatch. I can see their energy at night, and I explain that to them too. It makes them nervous that someone can see them during their shield of invisibility… I have wondered if anyone else can see them? I don’t know. I know no one else who is a friend to Sasquatch. Only two people I know even believe me that I am having encounters with Sasquatch. Most of my friends and acquaintances don’t believe Sasquatch exists. I have been grappling around in the dark alone for five years. You can imagine how delighted I am to have stumbled upon this truly wonderful website for Sasquatch experiencers… Thank you so much for this opportunity and bless you so much for providing it too.

Next is a quote from Mannie:

“Each human being is magnificent.” He stresses, “You are capable of greatness, of healing yourselves and healing the planet by coming together and being a true brotherhood [He laughs] or sisterhood. But you have forgotten who you are. That is partly why we are here to help you, to help you understand and remember your true nature.”     —Mannie

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4 thoughts on “Sasquatch People Guardians of the Earth, Memoirs of a Sasquatch Experiencer, by Leanna R Saylor”

  1. Good morning, Leanna. So happy to hear about the release of your new book. I know it will be blessings to many people as you relate your experiences with our Elder Brothers and Sisters. Much love and blessings to you as you walk this Sacred Path.

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  2. Thank you so much. Your comment means so much to me… I tried my best; the Sasquatch community know I did. Alas, I am not a writer. I am hoping readers look past the lack of skill and understand the message from Sasquatch. That is my greatest hope and desire. Thank you. Love and blessings to you and your family… Leanna 🙂

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  3. Bright Blessings from a Sasquatch portrait artist and experiencer living in New Mexico! I draw forensic portraits based on people’s sightings and interactions. Congrats on your latest publication. Let me know if I can help you in any way. – Su PS If you would like to see a fun compilation of some of my Sasquatch kids portraits, here’s the YouTube link:

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    1. I love your portraits of Sasquatch People. I have seen them in other places on-line. They are part of my journey with Sasquatch and have provided me with confidence to go forward in my relationship with them—that they are not monsters but rather a species of gentle, benevolent people… Thank you for your important, beautiful artwork… Leanna Saylor

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