Sasquatch Council Speaks, via Shekinah Maa

By Shekinah Maa Sasquatch Council Speaks The sound of the thundering drum alerted me I was going in again … It begins by reverberating through my feet up to my heart; through the inside of my inner ears like tinnitus into my heart … the tingling sensations of vibration ripple through my crown and all… Continue reading Sasquatch Council Speaks, via Shekinah Maa

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By SunBôw HOPI KNOWLEDGE. Note: I wrote this series of articles in 2010 and since they were re-shared recently, I'm publishing here a revised, corrected and updated version. I learned more about the relation the Hopi have with Sasquatch during my last three-month stay there two years ago, when I was invited to talk about… Continue reading HOPI KNOWLEDGE, by SunBôw


Message from the Star Elders: “”We are uncloaking”, via Ana Guerrero

By Ana Guerrero Message from the Star Elders *** Oneness Conciousnes is manifesting more and more , feel it dear ones, feel it. More to come, more to be feel, more to be awaken. enjoy! We Are Uncloaking Our Ships To Those Who Are Ready To See*** ❤ KaRa and OWS via James McConnell, September 29th,… Continue reading Message from the Star Elders: “”We are uncloaking”, via Ana Guerrero

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Talking about Orbs

Talking about Orbs. From a reader: Hello I've had a number of experiences that confused me for a long time until I watched some of Barb Shupe's videos on YouTube. I was astounded that I've had many of the same experiences that have been shared by them and attributed to Sasquatch. My intuition seems to… Continue reading Talking about Orbs


Questions about Meditation

Questions about Meditation. From a reader: You were saying last time that you went into the forest to meditate; I know quite a bit about meditation in particular the one they practice in Thailand which is "Vipassana" but what I would like to know is when you meditate yourself how do proceed? Are you using… Continue reading Questions about Meditation