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Sasquatch Speaks, the film

Sasquatch Speaks, the film We are excited to share about the release of the film "SASQUATCH SPEAKS" part one by Hale Mednik. The Sasquatch People have come out of hiding, and have begun communicating with people all over the world, shamans, healers, elders, and empaths. They have made close friendships with many. This film features interviews with several… Continue reading Sasquatch Speaks, the film

Experiencers Stories, Message, SCENIC

Receiving Love tells about the video readings of the Sasquatch Message

By Receiving Love It's been an honor to come across your work. I've been meaning to send you an image of a message Sasquatch sent me last summer before I started recording those... I meant to share this with all much earlier, but the time passed away too quickly to be relevant anymore, but you'll… Continue reading Receiving Love tells about the video readings of the Sasquatch Message

Experiencers Stories, SCENIC

Readers Testimonials

Many thanks to all our readers, supporters, donors, those who submit texts, comment, like and share our posts in their networks, and for all your encouraging and inspiring kind messages. -SunBôw via Readers Testimonials Note: I did not have time to ask everyone’s permission to publish these, so for the ones I didn’t reach, I… Continue reading Readers Testimonials

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My reply to the ape and monster hunters, by SunBôw

By SunBôw As the disclosure movement about the psychic interdimensional Sasquatch is growing fast and exponentially, the ape hunters clubs are quickly losing ground and popularity. This has caused some ape and monster hunters to band together and attack experiencers sharing their first hand encounters and communications debunking the big ape theory. After facing a… Continue reading My reply to the ape and monster hunters, by SunBôw


Merry Squatchmas everybody

Merry Squatchmas everybody May this beginning of the new solar year bring a new inspiring start on the wonderful journey of discovery and amazement we are all on towards wisdom and enlightenment. May the awareness of our Elder two-legged relatives keep growing in our collective consciousness towards a better understanding of peaceful inter-species relations. Big… Continue reading Merry Squatchmas everybody