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Conversation with Mike Paterson of Sasquatch Ontario

Many of you must have heard about Mike Paterson, founder of Sasquatch Ontario. In the last few days, we had an interesting exchange, and with his consent, I'm publishing here the best excerpts, hoping they can be informative and inspirational for our readers, hoping this correspondence might provide insights into the lives of Sasquatch communicators. Understandably, I edited out the location of his home, at his request.


Crowdsignal polls, surveys and new tools on WordPress for readers feedback

Welcome SCENIC readers! As we are always looking to upgrade and update our work, we thought it might be a good idea to introduce this set of Crowdsignal pools, surveys and new tools on WordPress for easier feedback from the readers. Hope you all appreciate.


Plagiarist John Kuykendall’s misappropriation of The Sasquatch Message to Humanity

STATEMENT TO REPORT AMERICAN SASQUATCH BY PLAGIARIST JOHN KUYKENDALL: This book is stolen and plagiarized from “The Sasquatch Message to Humanity”. The contents are screenshots from psychicsasquatch.com (which no longer exists). This material was written by SunBow TrueBrother in 2015 and edited and published by Kelly Lapseritis in 2016 by Comanche Spirit Publishing and then republished by Rainbow Butterfly Publications in 2020.


Happy 4th Anniversary to SCENIC

Four years later, we have produced 760 informative posts made available for our readers to browse from our archives, representing a rich data bank and a vast encyclopedic source of knowledge on various aspects regarding the Hairy Humanoids, better known as Sasquatch. Among this content, 278 posts are accounts of first hand experiences submitted by our readers. Another 200 posts concern SCENIC updates, including my journeys, interviews and events. An additional 166 posts confer messages of wisdom and guidance from various channels. The two other categories offering each around 130 posts address respectively cultural knowledge either Indigenous legends or folk stories, and scientific research with discoveries and advances in the field of disclosure.


SunBôw TrueBrother @ Sacred Sasquatch Symposium on Twos-day 02/22/22

SunBôw TrueBrother @ Sacred Sasquatch Symposium on Twos-day 02/22/22 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-YvFyTmxAo


Viewers comments and short stories

Viewers comments and short stories selected from Youtube below my interview with Dani Henderson three weeks ago. --SunBôw ''Wow what an absolutely amazing interview. My local woods where I go to walk the dogs in the early morning its still dark at the moment when I go so I wear a head torch. I've seen… Continue reading Viewers comments and short stories


SunBôw’s interview on Pork and Beans

After a few years of attempts, the Pork and Beans podcast finally hosted SunBôw for an interview about Sasquatch, with hosts Michael Harrel and Brian Bland. There is a long introduction, which you can skip if you want to save time. The interview starts after 14 minutes. It's my longest interview to date (almost 4 hours).


Interview with SunBôw by Dani Henderson Spiritual Therapist

Interview with SunBôw by Dani Henderson Spiritual Therapist, 01/30/22 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJwhzCSCxs0


SunBôw’s interview on Something Cryptid This Way Comes, with Russ Blackmore

SunBôw's interview on Something Cryptid This Way Comes, with Russ Blackmore https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zkjct-0jgZE Also on Youtube, Spotify, Anchor or Apple Podcasts.


Gifting, altars, tree structures and spirit plates, by SunBôw

Gifting, altars, tree structures and spirit plates, by SunBôw Greetings SCENIC readers, as many have been asking about gifting lately, we will start this new year by addressing this practice of friendly exchange. Here are a few tips learned from direct experience with our forest Elders that could be useful for others seeking to establish contact and develop inter-species communication with Sasquatch.