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Conversation with Mike Paterson of Sasquatch Ontario

Conversation with Mike Paterson of Sasquatch Ontario:

Many of you must have heard about Mike Paterson, founder of Sasquatch Ontario. In the last few days, we had an interesting exchange, and with his consent, I’m publishing here the best excerpts, hoping they can be informative and inspirational for our readers, hoping this correspondence might provide insights into the lives of Sasquatch communicators. Understandably, I edited out the location of his home, at his request.

Mike Paterson

Mike: You had mentioned at some point not long ago that you were in a remote area? I assume in Quebec? I’m just curious what region. I was getting some audio analysis help from a gent from Montreal who has a cottage about 3 hours away in Quebec. He started having Sasquatch activity after our discussions. Not the first time that’s happened. Three consecutive visits have had their activity show up. I was just curious what area you were at? I don’t need specifics if you’re not comfortable putting that on here.

SunBôw: I’m in Temiscouata, just above NB. Had an encounter on new year’s eve near here. Looking forward for the six feet of snow to melt down to go out in the woods. Lots of wilderness around…

Mike: Ok, you’re no where near. I’d told him after our phone conversation to pay attention next time he made a visit to his cottage. Same thing, 4 to 6ft of snow out there. No neighbors around. He heard muffled voices coming from the woods as he stood outside. He quietly says “what?” to himself and suddenly a voice from the woods yells “what”, lol. He’s seen prints and brought his 10yo daughter last visit. He was telling her about them, that they use wood knocks to communicate. Suddenly a wood knock happens and she’s super excited. He’s thinking ok, maybe it was something with the trees cause of the cold. Suddenly he then hears rock clacks. Just what they’d do to show him with his thought that he had. He’d seen from the road what looked like a structure of some sort in the woods but it was a distance away. When he showed up next visit, there was about a 2ft wide path cleared right to the spot which was about 400 meters in the woods! What was strange he said was there was no snow on top where there should have been if someone had shoveled a path. The snow was 4 to 6ft deep. Then he was at home telling his wife about the marbles I’ve had appearing from thin air. About 10 to 20 seconds later his wife freaks out as she sees a pen drop to the floor. It appeared from thin air. He didn’t see it, it was behind his back. A couple of other instances as well but all interesting stuff and definitely Sasquatch related. This happens sometimes when I speak with people on the phone. The hairy folk are listening. I have a development going on here at home as well. Slow but they’re there and revealing their presence. Wood knocks lately have been happening more. Here’s a close knock behind my place recently with a return knock at a distance seconds later.

(Note from SunBôw: I couldn’t download the recording to share here)

SunBôw: Wow great story. Yes as experienced experiencers it’s our task to help the beginners and often all it takes is to confirm their experiences. I’m amazed to see the number of people having encounters growing so fast exponentially. It’s really disclosure time and contacts increase in number and frequency. Had a couple friends visiting today and they each had an encounter on their own they had never talked about, but just telling it made them assimilate and understand with confirmations I provided. One of them woke up in the woods with a 6” little man standing next to him. He had not been able to share this so far except with his mom, a Native Elder I know. I also get many people sharing their experiences with me, often in private, among which many first or early contacts. There’s a real mass awakening and consciousness shift happening and thanks for reminding me today. It can be easy to lose focus with all the madness around, but the universe has not lost its beauty and there is a bright future for us if we embrace it, with a wealth of knowledge to learn from our Elder relatives. I was just reviewing the hours of recordings I did in the Yowie Triangle one night meeting with the clan in QLD. There’s grunts, mumbles, Aboriginal sounding words, footsteps, branches cracking, knocks, etc. Unfortunately, for some obscure reasons, those files are in a weird format and none of my video editing programs can process them. So I can’t extract the best excerpts out of the tracks to share them, at least at this point. Nice sharing some insights with you brother. By the way, where about are you?…

Mike: Yes, it puts a smile on my face when I speak to folks about this stuff and suddenly they get it first hand. Validation is always nice as we both know how crazy this stuff sounds to many. Can’t remember the date but it was several years back now that I had the vision of many of them walking across an open meadow followed by the words “soon your people will know”. It seemed as though I was given a message by their collective that to me easily felt like as it said, that humans will know about their people. I’ve since watched it happen as you mentioned, exponentially. It’s amazing to see more and more people being given these experiences and it makes me happy to again have that validation after speaking out so openly and putting up with so much ridicule over the years. It’s a good feeling to see so many others also speaking out about similar experiences. I know validation is just ego but we all have it and it’s how we handle it. It’s not been easy dealing with many folks over the years. Difficult at times but at this point I don’t care who believes or not, I know it’s real and that’s what counts. I don’t particularly like the hoax accusations but that’s gotten old and I tend to ignore it for the most part. I’ve been diligent about keeping trolls off my YouTube channel. That’s amazing to experience a little person like that. I’ve heard about them but never witnessed that myself. Same abilities from my understanding as the hairy folk. Yes, I understand how difficult it is in these times with the attacks on our freedom by the powers that be. I keep faith that there’s a higher power that will deal with this when the time is right. I think we as humans need to come to a collective level of consciousness before that happens although I’m sure there’s light beings in the background always doing their part to help deal with this. It’s a dark place this earth and such a shame as there’s so much beauty to see. I’m just north of ___, Ontario surrounded by woods. I believe I was guided here.

When I visit Dwayne’s cottage in the Kawartha Lakes, the experiences we have are ten fold compared to when we’re both alone. They love it when we’re together as the activity has been on 100% of the visits since day one over a decade now. At home here it’s a slow process but they are slowly showing their presence. A different family from my understanding. I’ve had evidence of at least one young child and one adult so far. Sometimes things happen indoors but I always wish for much more. I love it all, the metaphysical and the physical. I love their voice and I love that they allow me to record that to share with others. I love their prints, never tire of seeing them. I hope one day for a close visual, perhaps even a hand shake would be beautiful to experience. I can dream 😉 I’m constantly recording at home and listening to a lot of white noise playback. It’s like a full time job but it’s also like opening a gift each time I upload a new file, searching for those small moments where they let their presence be known.

SunBôw: Greetings Mike, thanks for sharing your interesting insights. I just skipped a day offline to rest my mind and body, having slept only two nights in the last five. It often happens to me to skip sleep when deeply involved in interesting work, especially in winter. It saves time and makes it more productive, but age catches up and it takes more time to recuperate nowadays from lack of sleep. Anyways. I was just thinking about those recordings I mentioned that I took in QLD. I was puzzled because every other footage I took with this same camera could process without problem. But these clips, about two hours worth, could not be played the following day and after a few attempts I gave up trying. Then a while later, I could succeed in listening to them, but could never process them with any program, as opposed to every other video taken with the same camera. I remember and even mentioned it in my account that the Yowies there were very reluctant about me recording and I tried to negotiate with them and explain my intention, but they still didn’t like it and made it clear that the close encounter would have been more intense had I not recorded, since every time I turned the camera on to record they would go silent. Now that these files are on my hard drive but I can’t share them, the message is clear that they didn’t want me to share these recordings, at least for now, so they altered the files in ways that make them impossible to process.

I’ve been through ___ (Mike’s town) before. Actually, I spent much time not far up north from there in Algonquin Park between the mid-80’s and early 90’s, where a good friend and skilled woodsman took us for several-days camping trips in four seasons, whether with canoes or snowshoes. He was the first Sasquatch experiencer I met and we often went to that remote lake called Lost Lake I think, where he had his encounters. That’s where I saw big tree structures for the first time and in ’92 with my girlfriend then, we had a Sasquatch walk around us and throw pine cone at us. He must have been right next to us as we could hear his footsteps very close, but we never saw him. I knew it was Sasquatch but at that time I didn’t have enough knowledge to understand what was going on. I just joined a group called Ontario Sasquatch and they don’t mention your name but say they dissociated with Sasquatch Ontario. I figure it’s probably your ex-partner (?), but anyhow their page has hardly anything on it. Validation as you say, could be flattering for the ego, but in many cases experiencers just need to be reassured that they are not crazy and that others experience similar encounters. In my case, when I started writing The Sasquatch Message to Humanity, I first thought I was ready for a one-way ticket to the loonie bin, but was glad to soon find out there are many others out there who live similar experiences and sharing them strengthen our understanding of the process. A community of like-minded souls where experiencers can share safely and be respected is certainly a great support on this path, which prompted me, with the help of our Elders to start my website. So far around 200 people have shared their experiences there, helping others to process theirs. As in your vision you describe, they have definitely been reaching out increasingly to a growing number and disclosure has been happening through us experiencers who dare speak out. It’s an honor to be part of this cosmic disclosure process. As you say, it doesn’t matter who believes or not, knowing who is missing out. We don’t need anyone’s permission nor approval to share what we know, regardless of the reactions, as some will benefit from it. Keeping trolls out is surely necessary to keep a circle sane and safe. Such individuals have nothing to contribute anyways to our collective enlightenment.

The Little People are very close friends with the Sasquatch, as their Elders and they work together. I only saw one once, decades ago, near Algonquin Park, but one showed up on photo next to me when I was doing the opening ceremony for our first Sasquatch Retreat. He also was part of the collective that I was channeling… We were warned that these times would not be easy and especially as pioneers of the awakened humanity we carry responsibilities for our collective evolution. The knowledge revealed to us is meant to be shared and useful for many. The dark side tightens its grip as they know they are quickly losing their hold, but we still have a while to go before we’re through this ages-old karma. We must steadfast. Indeed, I noticed as well that when a few contactees join together to connect with them, they tend to give us stronger or more intense experiences. However, some of the most intense contacts I’ve had they asked me to be alone with them. When I was channeling the Message, they were manifesting around daily, indoors as outdoors. Other times, it’s more quiet but they reach out and communicate when they see fit for our evolution. Looking forward to get to know the local clan here, as I’ve lived in this region many times since he mid-80’s, but just had a first contact around on New Year’s Eve, with a matriarch. It feels like they want to connect, so when the snow banks melt, I’ll be out there. It would be nice to keep in touch and share our updates. I posted some of your material a few times on my blog and would post more with your permission. Actually, I’m wondering if you would agree that I post excerpts of this conversation, just the Sasquatch related parts, as it can surely inspire some readers with insights. I’d leave out the political part and if anything else personal you want me to omit, please let me know. On the political side, it seems like we’re on the same page. The globalist NWO is run by dark lords and their work of ages is nearing completion, as our final test and obstacle to overcome in our evolution. We must be aware of their plans, but focus on our own and co-create the world we believe in, while the old paradigm is collapsing. Hopi Prophecy teach us to keep our heads above the waves and follow the current, it will find its course. So I’ll keep afloat as long as I can, doing this work, even if FB or others kick me out. Once we found our mission, there is nothing better to do than fulfill it the best we can. Best blessings on your journeys brother…

Mike: No worries on the recordings, I don’t tend to use my camera very much except when documenting a trackway in snow mostly. Nef’s family have always known I’m not trying to film them as I know that’s pointless anyways as they’re invisible! They have crossed in front of my video camera once in energy form as it was just an odd experience knowing the conditions at the time had zero wind. They’ve always been respectful of my equipment as well. Audio never seems to be an issue and it’s actually been a big help as they’ve gravitated to my recorder for the most part and allowed me to know of their presence. I explain that here at home as well and again there seems to be no issue with audio recording. It’s interesting listening back to the sounds throughout the night when I’m not around and teaches me a lot. I’m actually near ___. Very forested here which I love. Been here a few years now and the hairy folk showed up the second day I moved in while unpacking. I’d unwrapped a mask that I hang on the wall my folks had brought me back from a trip up the Amazon. A bead had fallen out from under one of the eyes. I placed the mask and the bead on a shelf where the bead rolled to the edge and down in the tight space where it meets the wall. I saw it there and just left it, went back to unpacking. The next day I grabbed a butter knife to pop the bead out and it wasn’t there. It didn’t make sense and as I was standing there wondering where it was, suddenly it appeared from thin air and started bouncing in the middle of the shelf above the one where the mask was sitting! I knew then that I had company and as always, that put a smile on my face.

I used to visit an area up the west side of Algonquin after a hunter gave me some information regarding experiencing wood knocks. It’s off a logger road just outside the park’s jurisdiction. I had numerous experiences there back around 2010 to 2012. I hadn’t known about their abilities at that point but they did show their invisibility to me early on back in I think the winter of 2008 (maybe 09) as they walked around me crunching through the snow and I saw nothing. I remember freaking out at the time as there was much moonlight as I was on a main trail looking at some tracks trying to figure out what they were from. It was maybe 2am when the sounds of bipedal footsteps started walking close by. I couldn’t understand what was going on but I do now!

SunBôw: Yes, I think they choose what ways and means they want to communicate and it’s different with each communicator. They certainly gave you a gift with recordings. I succeeded in getting a few tracks, namely in Chehalis a few years back, but with loud running water noise in background and even with remastering it is not very clear as compared t what I was hearing. But we each carry a piece of the puzzle in the big picture. So do you feel comfortable if I post our sasquatch stories from this conversation? I think it could be interesting for many readers…

Mike: Be careful about Ontario Sasquatch. They’re like another BFRO. They use guns. Peter Smith runs that organization and I do not trust him. I was invited by a couple to their home last year in the Hastings Ontario area where they have a family of Sasquatch living on their 10 acre property. They were afraid so I went in to help them, show them there was nothing to fear. At first they tried to get in touch with me but ended up calling Ontario Sasquatch and Peter Smith tricked them into thinking they were associated with me. He lied. He went in there to join to local Sasquatch “researchers”, so there were I think 5 of them altogether. They set up their traps to try and trick the hairy folk and put fear into the people who lived there telling them they were going to kill their dogs and livestock. Smith really pushed fear on them. These Ontario Sasquatch people had no clue what they were doing. They were told not to bring any loaded weapons in and they did. When I went in there, I set up my tent alone where nobody dared, put out my audio recorder, told the hairy folk what I was doing and they were fine with it, showed me their presence by snapping sticks and rock clacks near the recorder. I had zero issues that night except for being cold in the middle of the night as the temperature dropped to freezing. By the time I left, the couple who lived there felt much better as I helped alleviate their fear. They told me a story about a specific tomato plant that appeared planted next to a fence in their front yard after their other plants had been trampled in their garden. The tomato plant was a specific plant that the lady there had wanted and the only thing that makes sense is the hairy folk had gifted her! Yes, I do my best to keep my ego in check. I’ve put myself out there a lot and have taken a heap of ridicule so some validation has just been nice in the fact it has shown some people that no, I’m not crazy of full of shit, that I do know what I’m talking about 😉 Very cool with the little people and having one show up beside you in a picture! Yes, no problem about posting the Sasquatch related parts of our conversations, I’m cool with that.

SunBôw: Thanks for the heads up about those guys. Sadly they still make the mainstream of the ‘bigfoot’ movement and they have all the public attention, but the ape and monster hunters are losing ground rapidly, as the truth is being disclosed… Awesome, thanks. I think it’s a treasure of info. Should post later today and will send the link. Blessings brother…

Mike: I’m fortunate here at home that I don’t have to wait till the snow is gone. I’m in a snowbelt region and get a lot of it here but it’s easy enough for me to walk back a hundred yards from the house into the woods and put out my recorder. I’ve been given much show of their presence although at this point it’s mainly footsteps, physical audio contact and more recently wood knocking. It’s like opening a gift each time I put it out there 🙂 Yes, the dark ones are pushing hard at this time, using the mainstream media to tell their lies and brainwash the masses. They’re doing a very good job of it too. Sadly my family is part of that brainwashing and it’s been difficult dealing with them as they think I’m just a conspiracy nut. They do believe the Sasquatch contact though but they fear that as well. It’s a shame and the brainwashing has put some division between us. I hope they wake up at some point but perhaps it’s not their time.

SunBôw: Good work. They want to keep manifesting it with you. Indeed, precious gifts every time. Here I’m in a small village, just one block, but I see the forest behind and over the mountains in the distance. I’ve had telepathic contacts and at times they show up in the woods in the backyard, but it feels like preparation for deeper encounters soon. It’s a wonderful path to walk…

Mike: Just to show you where I live. On the left side subdivision that backs onto the woods. You can see there’s lots of forest around there which I’m grateful to have in my backyard. I’m not where that marker is, more to the left side on the road that backs onto the woods. (photo kept private) As I’m sure you’re aware, that picture of where I live is for you only. Much appreciated 🙂 I get more than enough harassment over the years of people stalking me. I have no fear of them, on the contrary I think they fear getting caught. It’s humourous to see their actions trying to intimidate or cause fear with some of the things they’ve done to try and discredit or make me look like I’m bat shit crazy. Contact with the Sasquatch gives one more than enough confidence to deal with the petty humans who can’t handle the reality of all this. Just wanted to share a cute moment from my backyard last June. I was snoring away in my tent in the woods out back when this toddler came up to my tent and it sounds like they’re rubbing two rocks together vigorously. It shows a trust on the parents to allow one of their small children do that. Love it 🙂 Just wanted to also mention that you’re welcome here if you’re ever in the region. If the temperatures are pleasurable, I set up a tent in the woods behind my place where I can go anytime when I feel the urge. It’s great to have both the comforts of home and the ability to sleep in the woods anytime. The fact there’s forest people that show their presence makes it even more beautiful as you know, anything can happen at anytime, anywhere.

(Couldn’t upload the recording here)

SunBôw: Cool. No worries for the map, I wouldn’t disclose publicly my address either. Privacy is a precious thing these days… Sounds good. maybe some day. a friend invites me to do a Sasquatch CE5 gathering at her place in Outaouais. Not so far, so we’ll see how it goes. Thanks for the invite…

Mike: I think that’s about 5 hours drive from my place. Anytime, you’re welcome. A story from last night. I went out to a friends place in ____ to plug my guitar in. When I came home I made some food. I had some cooked sausage in a container I pulled out to mix in with some other stuff I’d made. I have two cats here, one takes two different meds. One of those is for some lip issues he has ongoing. I remember when I woke up in the morning and gave him his one medication, I looked at his lip and saw that he didn’t need the other. They both sit in their pill containers on the counter. When I pulled the container of sausage out of the fridge last night and opened it, there inside was the container of meds for the lip issue. I scratched my head thinking, how the hell did that get in there? Then I smiled knowing that is exactly what the hairy folk do. They know I was focused on that particular med in the morning and of course that’s one way they show their presence. They utilize what we focus on and place it where they know we’ll see it. It always makes me happy to see sign like that.

SunBôw: Good one (y)

Art: Charles Guthrie

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