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The Chehalis Recordings, from the Sasquatch to you

By SunBôw

The Chehalis Recordings, from the Sasquatch to you

In a previous POST describing with photos my journey on the West Coast and on Vancouver Island this summer, I briefly mentioned my encounter with the local Sasquatch clan one night at the Sasquatch Crossing Eco-Lodge in Chehalis, from where the very name ”Sasquatch” originates and how they allowed me to record their voices. I’ve been hesitating whether or not to publish, but I’m guided to share these two tracks.

That second time I spent a night in Chehalis this year, between two and three in the morning, my attention was first caught by an insisting loud whistle calling me outside, where the shining eyes of the local Elder named Elconahtl, whom I had previously met, greeted me. For a long time I could hear grunts, whispers, mumbles, and voices having a conversation in the woods just a few meters from me. I asked if I could record them and they agreed. I recorded these tracks with a low grade camcorder without a microphone, and there is a loud noise of flowing water in the foreground, so the quality of the sound is quite poor. Out of a dozen of tracks, I asked my brother to remaster a couple of them so these are the two that were de-noised and equalized. We still hear the sound of the running water and some ”glass” sounds from the processing, but the background sounds are more clearly audible. Use some headphones and turn on the volume at maximum for better hearing. As usual, with recordings, videos or photos of our Forest Elders, some people see and hear clearly while others don’t see or hear anything. When we know them, we know they can alter files, especially digital, and let us hear what they decide.

For instance, after listening to the second track at least twenty times, I listened once more and the sound was muffled and almost erased. So I thought the message was only for me, but after a while, the tracks sounded clearer again. They had let me now they would allow me to record them, but didn’t tell me what would happen of the recordings. At this time of their choosing, I’m releasing these two tracks publicly. They are nothing comparable in quality to the famous Sierra Recordings from Ron Morehead, whom I had the honor to meet at our retreat last month, but they sure sound somewhat interesting.

After listening many times, I have come to hear different things and words in these tracks, but I’m curious to see what everybody else can hear in them, if anything. Of course these recordings do not constitute any kind of proof, it’s just a gift from them.

In this first 30-second recording, we hear an owl hooting and being answered by a low, loud, coarse voice from the forest. I saw the owl from about ten meters away, but what we hear replying to it is certainly not another owl. You decide what you hear.

In this second 2-minute recording, we hear an insisting loud whistle repeated at intervals. I was told that this whistle sounds like certain owls. But when we listen carefully in the background, starting after only a few seconds, we hear different voices talking, whispering, mumbling and uttering words until the end of the recording. Some of the clapping sounds are from the camera, but others are from snapping branches in the woods near me, like those snaps heard before I whistle back at 1:20 ad 1:35.

From the Sasquatch to you. Comments and feedback are welcome.

21 thoughts on “The Chehalis Recordings, from the Sasquatch to you”

  1. There are those of us who dont require proof Sunbow, because we feel it, its remarkable your work, when i read it, theres quite a lot they give you, that I already have knowlege of, so when i read your work, it at times gives me shivers down my spine, I no without a doubt, your on the right path with them, and yourself. and what they tell you, and your interparetation of this is correct. Im not sure yet, they also gave me this knowledge, that you share, I had an experience at very young age, thats never left me. So they had given me something special long long ago. or its that we are connected with them at a later scene in life.

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    1. Thanks for sharing your experience Jamie. Yes, one of the most amazing thing I’ve discovered on this path is to find other experiencers whose understanding resonates and completes ours. Indeed, thy have been generous of their blessings and I,m very grateful to them and to those who Love them. Blessings…


  2. Def heard the ‘mumbles’ (sounds like a couple grumpy old men complaining haha!) and the unusual whistles. If only that owl would spill his secrets of the night! Kelly Ann

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  3. Thank you for sharing. I need to find my ear buds to get better clarity! However, I did hear something that if I had heard that in the woods, I would have felt these sounds were coming from Sasquatch.

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      1. Hi, sorry for delayed reply…I’ve had many strange experiences while in the central Sierras in CA. I’ve been going to three locations over 10 years now. It would take way too long to go into detail, but to sum it up I’ve seen stick and rock structures and rocks stacks in trees, pictographs, tracks and I’ve been followed many times. Ravens play a key role in my experiences.
        I’ve seen human like tracks that are always underwater and are consistently 10 inches long. This is an area close to Yosemite where the Modoc know of little people called the Nunu and I am wondering if these tracks are Nunu. The Nunu inhabit the very high elevations in the Yosemite back country.
        I am in an area that is just below the timberline and out of cell range on the western flanks, and Im always alone. Recently the activity has taken a very unpleasant turn and got very dangerous. I don’t know why, but I have my theories. I know they recognize me and my car, and know I am quiet and non threatening and always leave food gifts and talk to them.

        This is just the tip of the iceberg so to speak. You would not believe what I’ve seen and experienced…well, maybe you would !

        Sorry for rambling reply.

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      2. Here is my second attempt about my experiences in the CA Sierra Nevada: there have been many experiences and observations of “ high strangeness” . Experiences range from finding trackways of various Sasquatch individuals ( in the snow) , finding tree structures of asterisks and X’s , glyphs , and small humanoid prints underwater ( which I speculate might be from the Nunu , little people of the Yosemite back country according to Modocs. Heavy, ground shaking bipedal footfalls yet no one was there, being stalked and being set up for ambush, possible dogmen encounter. Also ravens are prominent . I always have a raven accompany me …this has happened in WA state too. When there is no raven to accompany me, I have come to find out that is a bad sign. Car being tampered with forcing me to pull off road in lonely location..which is where what I believe to be an attempted ambush was about to occur.
        Overall , my experiences have been a mixed bag of good and bad. I always bring food and have long quit carrying a sidearm. Which may not be a good thing because of creepy people up there dealing with their marijuana grows in the forest. And I’ve run across some really sketchy types. Perhaps it is because of them that lately the “ vibe” coming from my favorite areas has been menacing.
        I always go alone, I’m between 7300-10,000 ft elevation. Very remote, very alone and no cell service . I haven’t been there in over a year. My research area is roughly between Yosemite and Tahoe.

        This is just the tip of the iceberg. Many experiences of high paranormal nature. I don’t think it is all coming from Sasquatch either.

        I observe more and more people going into smaller and smaller wilderness and this may also account for feelings of tension that I feel.

        A few years ago a solid white deer leaped out in front of my car , stood for a moment and then bounded off into the deep forest.

        Also, I was on a lonely mtn highway and a lean, muscular, very tall green man leaped out behind my car and took off into the woods. Yes, he was green. I was driving really slowly because I was only person there and spotted something green in a slash woodpile on the roadside. I saw a human like Figure crouched like an Olympic runner getting ready to sprint. I was in shock and just automatically kept driving going about 15mph and then the figure leapt up and bolted across the road behind my car.

        That is just one of many bizarre experiences I’ve had.


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  4. You are amazing .. keep up your good work.. thank you for being a guide to help us learn and wake up .. to take responsibility for our impact on our forest and have respect for these great people who want to teach us to heal our earth the Sasquatch people🌈🦋

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  5. I wish there was a way to filter out the extra background noise. Sounds like running water maybe and in the first recording it seems like either wind or something but just makes it difficult to hear the voices. The second recording is clearer to me. Thanks for sharing this

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    1. Yes, I explained in the post and video caption what are the noises, running water indeed, but there was no wind. It’s grunts we hear. Some folks have suggested to get a better recording, get away from the background noise, don’t move the camera, have it remastered more professionally and so on. Thanks for all the advice, but until the Sasquatch let me record them again and allow me to share it, this is going to be it for now. Meanwhile we are open to listen to your Sasquatch recordings and we also welcome donations towards better recording equipment. Thanks…


  6. My family lived in the No. Sierras during the Gold Rush. My father was born in Wawona. His father was gone a lot, leaving my grandmother and 4 small children alone in a remote area in Wawona. My grandmother passed on to me ideas about nature that were foreign to culture at that time. Like children should go barefoot for health reasons. Children should play with what the forest provided. I played with rocks & sticks. Built houses for the lizards. Children should learn about the forest around them. Everything was respected, even ants, plants. I have tried to locate the origin of those radical beliefs. The more I understand about my Forest Brothers, Sasquatch, the more I think she got her ideas from them! Sasquatch taught indigenous ppl as well. Those beliefs have been a foundation of my life. I am grateful beyond words for these magnificent, brilliant beings. Thank you Forest Brothers for befriending my family and teaching them for generations!

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    1. Yes, absolutely. The Sasquatch are the original caretakers of the Earth. Indigenous tribes have learned from them and many are still in contact. Our Elder Brothers are here to help and teach us…


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