Testimonial by Steven Williams

Testimonial by Steven Williams:

Wow wow wow. I am soooo glad I came across your books FIRST, to set me on the right path to understanding the subject, and which has led me to many other wonderful books. I have just finished reading “Hairy Humanoids From the Wild”, after reading your 3 volumes of “Sasquatch Message to Humanity”, Kewaunee Lapseritis’s 2 books “Psychic Sasquatch” and “The Sasquatch People”, and Seth Buoymaster’s “Sasquatch Elder’s Share Healings for Humanity”. Now I have started reading “A Sasquatch Story” by Brian Douglas Bland. And there are other books on my list!

I have been on a spiritual path for many years, and have long been interested in the subject of UFOs/Aliens, and have read of the existence of the Sasquatch people and that they were sometimes associated with UFOs, and that Native Americans talked about them, but that was it. Until I read your books (and the other books they led me to) – now I know the truth about them. Plus the history of humanity and previous civilizations. Now everything is tied together – the Ant people that the Hopis talk about, the Lizard people (or Snake people) depicted by the ancient East Indian culture and the Mayan, the Fish people (Oannes, who taught Sumerians everything). I’m so excited – maybe someday I can see, meet and communicate with a Sasquatch.

I was so moved by the last chapter in Hairy Humanoids, “Message From Sasquatch”, that I wanted to ask if it was ok if I shared that message in full with some friends that would be open to it.

As an aside, here is an interesting website that I came across recently:
The author was able the map the orientations of various megalithic sites around the world to the current and 4 previous North Pole locations, dating the oldest structures to 410,000 to 440,000 years BCE.

Thanks so much for your books a big thank you to Kamooh and the other Sasquatch people sharing their knowledge and spiritual wisdom with humanity in these crazy times.

Reply by SunBôw:

Greetings Steven, 

Thanks for your kind comments and positive review, which I shared in our ”Testimonials” section. Glad you are finding resonance in the books. The link you sent looks at first sight like an interesting research confirming that civilizations have been on Earth since much longer than conventional history claims. 

To answer your question, you are welcome to quote excerpts of my copyrighted books on two conditions: First, if it’s shared for free in a non-commercial educational fair use; Secondly, if you mention due credits, meaning the author’s name and title(s) of the book(s). Please include link(s) to my website and/or book(s) for interested readers. 

Thanks for reaching out. Best blessings on your path…