Selected comments from Youtube auditors on SunBôw’s interview with Dr. Michael Salla on Exopolitics Today

Selected (unedited) comments from Youtube auditors on SunBôw’s interview with Dr. Michael Salla on Exopolitics Today:


Carol Rebers: This interesting information about the Sasquatch humans was much needed, thank you Dr. Salla again and for true knowledge from Sunbow Truebrother and to think that there’s been horrible efforts to eradicate these people from society! What a disgrace! I find your information ” golden” Dr. Salla , keep this work going strong!

John Clifton: What an amazing person Sunbow is. A mind blowing interview, really enjoyed it. Definitely one to watch again, so informative. You have a great podcast Dr Michael Salla.

Sonia Finch: How amazing to communicate with these beings.

A J: Just ordered the book. Excited to read it.

Mary Ellen: Just ordered all 4 books.

Laura Kert: Thank you so much Dr Salla and Sunbow. I love the books!

Patrice Calo: I read this email book as well totally amazing and true


Maya White Sparks: Those books have affected me profoundly, deepening my connection with co creation of the One Loving Wholeness I believe our Universe was meant to be…and connecting me with Sasquatch Beings telepathically here in Suburbia.

Sharon Spain: With heartfelt gratitude and appreciation, I thank you Sunbow Trubrother and Dr. Salla for bringing this intriguing information to the public.

Mayra R: This is so amazing

The reality by Jay Rocco: Sweet

Sam Ransom: Hi cool

clarence stewart: Squatch—–forest keepers, wisdom keepers, expressions of the oneness that we all are…peace/love/respect

Lorraine Marietta: A keeper of the forest.

Soup Ace: Don’t forget the Australian Yowies

MM TruthSeeker: Bravo Dr. Sala for reporting on this! I have felt for some time now that Sasquatch is a key puzzle piece to understanding the cosmic big picture. I sincerely Thank You for your efforts in sharing information.

Jimmy James: Thank you Sunbow Truebrother. I have received messages.

Idada: Thank you Michael for you’re interview with Sunbow sharing his knowledge about the ancient people!

Paula Krueger: This man’s information is so comprehensive. I’m so glad you found him, Dr. Salla

Lavender Sky Panther: Thank you to All involved in sharing this interview … Humanity IS waking up more and more now… Heartfelt thanks to the benevolent Sasquatchi people, Star people, + various Loving beings for their role in helping us on our path of ascension.

Dillon Zhang: A very good at least essential bridge between Lloyd Pye and the discipline of exo-politics; with references to Uh-noon-nukhi. Great questions and answers.

Jenn: A Whitecloud: Oh!!!! Yes!!! This is a most important message to get out! Thank you for recognizing our terrestrial elder brethren. So many people still consider them as myth, monsters, or creatures, instead of advanced people. They too are systematically hunted and killed by black ops programs (like other indigenous cultures) because they hold the frequencies for planetary expansion.

CrystalBDawned: Oow We Right On, Cool Topic! Looking forward to this! Cheers! Michael and Mr Sunbow!

Stephanie Barry: Sunbow!!! Love you man! Thank you so much Dr. Michael Salla for your wide open range of topics. Much love!

Starchild: Great conversation.
Alexis Anderson: Amazing thank you very much.

Debzy J: Wonderful…. Thank you

Martha Drone: Thankful for you all sharing your knowledge and wisdom


Angelo Philippopoulos: Sasquatch have speech and language and uses it.. Sunbow is a great soul!!

Thyme Gadson: They surely do have evocative language, as it’s been recorded. (True telepathy transcends language and is most efficient.) *We always need to assess ‘transmission’ according to our standards of legitimacy.

toni andriotis: Who wants verbal speak when telepathy is way high bandwidth? Who is more advanced? Who was kept from advancing? How did this come about? Intentionally?

Jimmy James: Woww…telepathy! Is time for humanity to learn or be able to recognize it and use it

SNOWY OWL: I heard that there is no spoken speech once we are in the 5th Dimension (so called) It seems using words belongs to the simpler planes of existence … such as the 3D Earth.

Renee Polin: It’s sounds like Sasquatch has their own form of WWW. thru telepathy . The information on certain people put put out there telepathically for them all to know and all of them access. I sure a person intentions are everything . If you want notoriety it won’t happen Ok I get it he calls it the telepathic matrix “COOL”

Renee Polin: I remember seeing this gentle brother on Dani’s channel. Fascinating

Martin Måsviken: Amazing man speaking thank you for this interjuv.

Bob Ellard: Thank you Dr. Salla. Your guests message about these beings Was very enlightening.

cassiesue2: I felt like I got a huge download while watching this. It was overwhelming, had to stop halfway through. Is that possible?

Michael Miller: This all makes perfect sense. Thank you Dr. Salla.

💟Fairy Godmomma💟: @1:11:11 you summed it up, beautifully. Thank you!


Joe Sambrano: thankyou soooooo much, pls awaken surface population

phillypam: Gratitude with Love

Ken Rik: Thank you, Dr Salla, for another great guest. I believe Sasquatch are spiritual beings just like us; they just chose to incarnate into non-human bodies. In the Law of One, Ra says their souls came from Maldek, after they destroyed their planet, as a form of karmic healing. Mike Paterson of Sasquatch Ontario has some amazing audio of a Sasquatch family that he’s befriended for many years. Mike also describes his inter-dimensional contacts with them. They’re 4D/5D beings in 2D bodies.

Maggie O: I thoroughly enjoyed this interview, I wondered who Sunbow was, thank you for sharing his information and message for humanity, from the Sasquach + Star Nations peoples. I had never heard of this message before, nor the fascinating explanation of who, why + where the Sasquach are, as we come to learn, for sure, that there’s been so very much hidden from humanity, it’s mind-blowing!! This proves that the Great Spirit of the universe is indeed pushing things forward to a head, despite the cover up’s of the many agendas that are really in place. I don’t think we have yet found out the half of it. All roads lead to the ANNUNA.KI God’s – they’re still controlling the show and are operating as ‘one coin with the same sides’ – all in cahoots… May we all become “cautious as serpents, while remaining innocent as doves”, as we pull all our resources together as one Humanity, have each other’s back, and remain ever alert + awake to the wonderful world yet to come. Agape Love ️ Maggie Ontario Canada

Carol Jean: This is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! THANK YOU, Dr. Michael Salla… I BELIEVE HIS STORY

Dennis Godaire: Thank you …

aaron soule: Super amazing and loved the show.! Thank you both!! Best channel on YT! Thanks so much both of you!


Mary Keegan: I just love checking my subscriptions and you have a video. You have no idea how much we love you teaching us a wide spectrum of information. It lifts me up in these uncertain time. Thank you my friend. From the heart. Australia

Zeck and candi Dyer: This is why I subscribed

mahan: Wow, I have been waiting for this subject for a long time, Thank u Dr salla

Leigh Ann: Thank you!!

kimazz1: Thank you

mendi cowles: This made my 💜 swell with love. I look forward in seeing and catching your Dr Salla & Sunbow’s talk in October! Truly a dream come true … this amazing group of speakers … under one roof for 3 days … amazing.


Thyme Gadson: BRILLIANT…another HIT!…Gracias!

Sarah Smith: Thank you

Penni Moore: Thank you for this information. A lot of this coincides with information from you Dr. Salla, Ismeal Perez and Elena Danaan. Keep it coming! I always want to know more.

Kevin Virgil Brown: Sound to me at least these Brothers of Mine, follow the Law of One. Blessing you all, Brothers and Sisters of Light and Love.

Marsden Balaska: Yes all life is sacred and nobody hardly believes that rocks and plants have consciousness too

EsotericSolitaire: Black helicopters with infrared devices routinely cover areas where Sasquatch have been sighted. ECETI ranch and Sasquatch Ontario report seeing these aircraft. Just two that I know of. I’m sure there are others.

Guy Brisebois: Great information. Thank you


BST: Sasquatch is based off Chewbacca on star wars , he didn’t have speech we understood but is a brilliant being

Gerald Dadap: I think even that in that old TV series, The Six Million Dollar Man, way back, had an episode on Sasquatch where the it showed them as related to ETs if my memory serves me right.

CR User: I’ve had dreams about sasquatch. Dream was about some kind of planetary “upset” – and I encountered them in a redwood forest. I got nothing but love and comfort from the interaction. The communication was “telepathic” – as they don’t use words.

The Soulshine Center: I had an amazing meditation where I was introduced to a beautiful Sasquatch being as well. I was also told how their genetics were modified severely. They are our Mother Earths Angels. This magnificent being had Incredible energy. I was completely honored to be visited twice in my meditation. No words can describe their magnificent presence. Thank you for sharing this important message … thank you with all of my heart.

Marsden Balaska: Oh but I know that everything has consciousness and are Aware so Yes Sunbow is a cool guy and I liked his belief system which I have seen elsewhere once or twice.

Lis Sørensen: Thank You so much for this really good interview. I loved it. Lots of love to both of You


Laurie S: Thank you so much Sunbow and Dr. Salla. beautiful discussion!

Elpis Liossatos: Dr Sallas your guests are gifts to all who have the curiosity to listen and to learn. Thank you !

PureLight Love: Thank-You for raising folks awareness

Marsden Balaska: That’s correct they are a higher life form dropped off here very long ago and have been communicating with only certain folks they knew so yes I’ve watched My Sunbow on Regina Meredith’s channel I think?

Adam S Doyle: I’m so glad to see you educating your audience on the wonderful sasquatch people. They are wise and loving beings, despite how they are experienced by terrified hikers and hunters on shows like Sasquatch Chronicles. I’m grateful for having discovered the lectures and writing of Kewuanee Lapseritis, who shares a similar message as Truebrother. Understanding and spreading the truth of their intentions as guardians of the planet is the responsibility of all of us now

Penni Moore: I have discovered that some aspects of me are part of the Bird People, The Council of 12 and the Highest Council of Light. Hopefully I will discover more aspects of me as I go along. This is certainly an exciting time to be on this planet, growing and ascending every day. Much love!

loowingbwoa: Joan (Ocean) I remember too had a great experience with them as well. Also a Kahuna related to a friend of mine that one Sasquatch actually made it to Hawaii, but was severely injured along the way, It was to be residing and convalescing on/in/around Coconut Island in Hilo (xdimensional portal) so I tried to bring some “White Light” down there whenever possible. Not sure if it made it or not. That was a few years ago. But when Lemuria was here they cohabitated this continent with humans though they were here some 50,000 years (?) before humans to assist in protecting the earth …because of their physique. (not sure, but that info may have been in this document as well). We (after them) were suppose to do this as well with our intellect. Doesn’t seem that went to well though. Wonder too whatever happened to the Sasquatch family that was “rescued” in the 1981 Mt. St. Helens volcanic eruption. Have to watch this see if he deals with that.. I was still in Seattle at that time.

evelyne: Merci beaucoup Michael et merci Sunbow. Je n avais jamais entendu parle des Sasquatches. Quelle découverte émouvante. Merci pour cela. Maintenant je cherchais à acheter vos livres en français et ne le trouve qu en Anglais. Je vous ai bien entendu parlé de différentes traduction mais donc sera t il traduit en français pour approfondir votre enseignement. Merci.

Hello_Allie: LOKAH SAMASTAH SUKHINO BHAVANTU is a Sanskrit phrase that translates to “may all beings everywhere be happy and free and may the thoughts words and actions of my own life contribute in some way towards that happiness and freedom for all”



Julie Ben: We all have the gifts to communicate with all God’s Creation. All these Divine Gifts were Blessed to each of US when we were created. I Meditate (Short meditations) and Pray (Short and sometimes longer Prayers as many as I can Days and Nights – Talking and conversing with Our Loving and Merciful Heavenly Parents – Our Divine Family) to Open the Pathways that are “Clogged.” Praying is Talking. Meditating is Listening. Every person can do this – CULTIVATE THESE GIFTS DAILY. Dr Michael Salla and Sunbow Thank You

Michael Harrell: Sunbow is a friend of mine. He is the real deal and an authentic shaman. If you want to know how they relate to the Star Nation then know they are in deep alignment and often work as a team. *One at First Sees a God as a Demon Until One Is ‘Wholly’ Enough to Recognize Him” This is a short list of things the Star people and the Sasquatch have in common. A back-of-the-envelope list of what I have heard. 1 Both have Mind Speak 2 Both Go invisible 3 Be seen as other animals or other things. > Both 4 Physical healings are reported by both. 5 Connect to humans for life. > Both 6 Both contact humans in early childhood. 7 Both experiencers are not believed by family and friends. ( made fun of ) 8 Fallow a human family for several generations. 9 Both breeding between humans and ET’s or with Sasquatch 10 Both change lives for the better. ( 80% ) 11 Both do not change people at all with contact ( 10%) 12 Both do change people for the worse ( PTSD @ 10% ) 13 Both have the reaction from people “as family.” 14 Both Given information about earth’s history. 15 Both talk about taking care of Earth much better. 16 Both talk about earth changes and bad times ahead. 17 Both can walk through walls. 18 Both can give an experience of being frozen or loss of control 19 Experiencers of both know and feel if they are close around. 20 Both are seen on craft by humans. 21 Both are seen as balls of light that moves. 21 Both ET and Sasquatch see humans as Family ( brothers ) 22 Both do not want to be seen in public. 23 Both teach Mind Speak and other abilities. 24 Both are teaching humans how to go invisible. ( I got my leg to go invisible ) 25 Both are choosing to be seen more now and interact. 26 Both have a long long history on earth. 28 Both claim that we are at war with negative ET’s 29 Both say that in our history we have risen this high with technology. 30 Both say they know of a higher power ( Great Spirt ) 31 Both have men in black telling people to not talk about the encounter. 32 Both have special operations teams to cover up the events and remove all proof. 33 Both have had experiencers report phone tap and physical surveillance. ( helicopters are common intimidation ) 34 Both are made a joke about by the mainstream media. 35 Both had a large percentage of people hoaxing encounters and sightings. 36 Both are reported to drain batteries and mess with electrical equipment. 37 Both are said to have fleets of spacecraft. 38 Both have reports of missing time for experiencers. 39 Both do not use money or have governments. ( the main reason for keeping them hidden ) Added by Hoist The Flag. 40. Both have the ability to bio-luminesce from their eyes 41. Both appear “blurry”, as if at times they are not fully in our reality 42. Both spike Geiger counters, as if they are radioactive 43. Both have abducted people 44. Both seem to be cosmic trolls, scaring us in ways that no earthly creature can and playing jokes on us 45. Both have been seen going thru portals.