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Experiencer story, Anonymous

Prefer keep my name out, but can say I’m a nurse of 40 years. I live in Southern California. I read Kewanee’s books, loved them, it resonated with me as the truth. I contacted him, asked about a clan near me. He asked for a topographical map of my area. He circled an area where he found a clan. It was off the beaten trail for sure. I drove there, followed his directions, got telepathic communication the first time I attempted communication. But he was a bit pissed and gave me diarrhea while driving around. Barely made it to a pit stop. I left out apples, carrots, bread. Saw a raven with a wing span of at least 3 to 4 feet. Walking the area saw one human footprint in the dirt. The apples and bread were missing. (Later I left a apple tree.) I sat and read a book, also drummed for awhile. For a few minutes I heard drumming returned to me in the distance. Very happy with my first experience. The next year I attended the Sasquatch conference in Chewelah, just finished repeating this experience to the group, at the outside campfire 10 pm ish. I ended with saying I’ve never had a physical sighting, and maybe 15 minutes later I looked up and in the darkness saw a Sasquatch cross the campground. He was 7 to 8 feet tall, weighed about 400 pounds, covered with brick red hair about 4 to 6 inches long. So grateful to them for honoring me with an actual sighting right after I requested one

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