Experiencers Stories

Experiencer story, by Susan O’Connor from Washington State

The first time I even thought about “Big Foot” was when I was living in Sedro Woolley, in the early 80’s. I was 20 something and working as a nurse in a rehabilitation center for the mentally ill.

One day while cross country skiing with my dog Suzie at the base of Mt. Baker, just north of Sedro Woolley, Suzie disappeared.
I called and called, she usually came back….. but this time she was gone longer than usual.

After a few minutes of calling and calling, I looked down and saw one huge foot print in the snow. I could have curled up and slept in it; that’s how big it was.

I got a wierd feeling kind of afraid, and I thought; they have my dog and they want me too. Just ten, Suzie showed up and we got out of there fast!

I never thought of it again unt 3 years ago. I’m 60 now. I read a post on FB about a gathering of people on Chewelah mountain near me. The gathering was to learn more about Sasquatch from speakers who had direct contact and each other.

I went to that gathering; and now 3 years later; I and my dog Buddha have had profound experiences with our elder brother and sisters.

I feel blessed and chosen to be among them.

At the first Sasquatch gathering on Chewelah mountain, I told a fellow gathered my story. That person said that seeing one footprint was common because Sasquatch steps from one dimension to another in the blink of an eye!
It was a definite awakening for me. Highly evolved species able to appear and disappear.

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