Experiencers Stories

Experiencer story, by Daisy Pongrakthai from Washington State

My Sasquatch Story, by Daisy Pongrakthai

I started to learn about the Sasquatch from Kewaunee but didn’t have any experiences. I went out one day on a usual hike to a favorite falls 3 miles into a forested area of the Macworth Forest in Duvall, WA. I had just met Kewaunee earlier that year when I moved in as a neighbor in that back-country area. After journaling and enjoying the falls I decided to wander on some other trails as I felt high and free on the Love in Nature. Hours later, I got lost. At one point I came across a mama bear with babies where I had reached a dead end cliff zone. I turned around and there they were on the only path back! As I watched the bears, the mama crossed the path to the other side with the babies still foraging in the same area. Great, I had to walk through that? Somehow I knew I had to become a hollow bone and empty my mind. I surged gently but straight away through to get to the other side. The mama smelled me, tossed her head in the air with a grunt and darted rapidly in the other direction – further away from the babies! Whew. I sent her my peace as I walked through even though she was way over on a hillside.

I decided to accept I was lost, called 911 with the remainder of my phone battery and sought a place to stay put as it was near dusk. I found a large rock in an old gravel pit in the open thinking it would be an ideal place for a helicopter to pick me up. I’ve always wanted to ride in a helicopter. I waited for hours on the rescue team to arrive. [I guess I was really lost because they dispatched three teams to see which one would get to my location faster.] In order for them to locate me, I had to keep calling and my battery was so low I don’t know how it worked. The officer told me to call every 30 minutes. I became delusional and it was dark and knew cougars and coyotes were near, or something. There was an unknown creature-presence.

I accepted that I was facing death. Curled up on the rock, I was ready to pass out when I heard loud noises in the forest, really loud crunching, like a very large-heavy something. I thought – that can’t be a cougar or even a bear. Then I heard it run through the forest about ¼-mile – maybe less – in the forested area to my left. It was like plowing through big trees. Oh, there’s no doubt who that was: Sasquatch that Kewaunee had talked about. Wow. That made me feel better, even though I was still getting accustomed to their gentle nature Kewaunee was telling me about, so I just kept thinking of what he said about them, hoping it was true.

A part of me knew, but a part of me was in great shock. After he had run through, I looked to see where he went – as the noise suddenly disappeared. I looked to the edge of the clear cut area where a new forested area began in front of me, and saw OMG red eyes everywhere. Big red eyes. I thought I was really delusional. Can I be seeing this? Back and forth I looked and they were there. Yes, I am. It made me scared but they weren’t scary. I thought I was ok with Sasquatch near, now this?

Sigh… back to waiting and just being… I was in a dream state threshold when the team arrived. It took a 3-hour hike to get to me, and they thought it was a fun adventure. I was told they couldn’t take the helicopter unless I was injured, but it would have made sense with where I was. I was glad to have that experience instead. I anxiously asked did you see anything, like Sasquatch? They laughed, said no, but knew of them. I told them what I heard. They said I was lucky. Later I told Kewaunee what I had experienced, and he said matter-of-fact, oh that was Sasquatch; they have red eyes in the dark. Oh, that answered a lot. Thank you beautiful Sasquatch for saving my life! Daisy

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