Experiencers Stories

Experiencer story, by Kalia Diya, from Alberta

Chronicles of Sasquatch from the Rocky Mountains & Calgary, Alberta Canada

Hello, friends and Sasquatch community! My name is Kalia Diya and I live in Calgary, Canada. I became curious about our Sasquatch brothers and sisters a few years ago. In the last year, I’ve read as much about them as I could, including premium material found on some of my favorite Facebook pages “Sasquatch Shamanism”, “The Sasquatch Message to Humanity”, and “Sasquatch People”. (Thank you, Kelly Lapseritis and DawaOutah LomaKatsi!)

I feel great affinity towards our Sasquatch friends and have been reaching out in respect and love whenever I feel them, or whenever I’m out in nature doing gridworking or terrapomp missions. I will include as many experiences as I can recall, all of which are entirely telepathic, with one experience being visual.

As we know, Sasquatch are highly evolved, multi-dimensional beings who were here long before us. They hold many keys to the freedom of humans from the enslavement placed upon us long, long ago. They hold galactic keys to such things as unity consciousness, the return of our memories of what really is, and a universal love of all that is. I personally believe that we have only scratched the surface of what they have been doing for us as humans all this time, holding space for us to slowly wake up and see true reality, and working on our behalf in this manner. I hold them in the greatest respect, love and gratitude for the roles they have faithfully carried out throughout eons of time. I take this moment to say, “Thank you, brothers and sisters.”

The first real Sasquatch experience I had was a psychic vision, or a journey to another reality. I was meditating on what I wanted to create for my own reality, and I was taken to a deep, magical forest where there was an idyllic scene of a warm, inviting cabin set in the snow. I went inside and found a cozy atmosphere with a fire crackling merrily and two chairs pulled up in front of the fire. I found myself seated in the chair on the left, and a Sasquatch brother on the right.

We began conversing in pleasant dialogue about a few things. I then asked him if he had any input on what I was seeking to create in my life. He was holding a very large, beautifully bound old leather book in his hands. He handed it to me and told me the title (which I will hold in my heart at this time), and said that I was the author of that book. I was a bit taken aback by that because in this lifetime, I have not written any books. I began looking through the pages, at the intricately penned illustrations which perfectly complimented the text and title of the book, and I was overjoyed. I asked him again, confirming that I was the author of the book. He smiled and said, “Yes. It has already been written.” I have always dreamt of writing a book. Now I know that somewhere an aspect of me has already done so.

At the end of the visit, I asked him if he would reveal his name to me. I heard “Annu” or “Ammu”. Perhaps this was the Elder Kamooh of which Kelly and DawaOutah LomaKatsi have a relationship with, or perhaps it was another brother. I haven’t inquired further as to his name, as the whole experience was strangely beautiful and healing for me, and that was enough.

To describe something that was so beautiful, so peaceful, so respectful and really a lot of fun somewhat fails to be described by words. I hope that those of you who are reading this can feel the message of pure love that was transmitted by this Elder brother. I will never forget this journey to a beautiful reality with such a loving being

The second telepathic encounter was on mission with my ceremonial sister and friend, Katie Indicrow of Indicrow Energetics. We were doing a ceremony at the base of the Three Sisters Mountains in Canmore, Alberta. We each did individual ceremonies and other lightwork. We felt the presence of the Sasquatch.

On the way back to the car, Katie saw signs of Sasquatch, and we heard a grunt, and sounds of popping in the forest. We experienced a very unusual warm temperature suddenly when we walked into what we believed was their “zone”. That warmth was very comforting and safe and we knew that they were protecting us at that moment. We both were smiling and laughing and saying hello to them. The feeling of the experience is what is truth to me: If something makes you feel like laughing and smiling and gives you the feeling of love, then that feeling is real and is the truth of your reality.

The third real telepathic encounter occurred again in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, at the base of the Three Sisters Mountains. A few months earlier, I had asked the Elder brother, whom I met with in the cabin, to input any messages he might have into a crystal that I had previously buried at the base of the Three Sisters. I followed instructions to unearth the crystal, which I did. I took it home and slept beside it for two weeks. One day I felt the message from the crystal call to me. So I tuned in, and sure enough, the Elder had encoded the crystal with a specific message for my next mission to the Three Sisters.

So, I went out on that mission and held ceremony with the beloved Three Sisters on December 12, 2017, bringing my beloved shamanic tools of drum and sage. I prepared a gift for the Sasquatch people as a thanks for all the messages, the love I’d felt and received and the support given on other missions.

But this time, during ceremony of drumming and singing, offering thanks to Creator and all beings that joined that day, I saw with my third eye vision that many Sasquatch brothers and sisters had joined in a circle around me, chanting along with my singing (and I’m not Mariah Carey, but they don’t care. They are so much fun and they love music!). I was so touched that I began to feel tears fall down my cheeks. I was overcome with love for all. It was a transcendent moment.

I finished the ceremony with a shamanic blessing for Mother Earth and all her beings, and then left a gift of tobacco, salt and a sacred stone for the Sasquatch family. I have yet to go back and see if it is still there to satisfy my human curiosity, yet I know that the love gift was received by them, whether or not it is still there physically. I will never forget this ceremony with them and the joy and love I felt from them. It is proof to me that if you want to build a relationship with them, all it takes is love, sincerity and respect towards them, just as you would build any other relationship with anyone else.

The fourth telepathic encounter was yet again with my sister, Katie Indicrow. We had gone on a specific mission to Lake Louise, Alberta. On the way back, we were celebrating the signs we saw, and the powerful work that was done in co-creation with Creator and other Beings who joined us. We had invited the Sasquatch to join in ceremony as well.

Katie is master of music, and suggested that we listen to some of their favorite music. She queued up the music, turned up the volume and it was like we were in an outdoor amphitheater! I could hardly drive because I was in a state of bliss and laughter, because once again, we could see the Sasquatch join us on either side of the mountains. They were dancing and chanting and “throwing” sounds back and forth across the valley as we drove through them. This again, I will never forget. The Sasquatch beings are so unique and powerful and fun-loving! Katie kept changing songs, and they kept chanting and beating to the music on their chests. Again, the feeling of this was so powerful it was not to be denied. What a party!

The last encounter I will share was the most recent. Katie Indicrow and I went out for another mission, and we found ourselves in Fish Creek, Calgary. We always tune in to the land to confirm the purpose of our mission. Sometimes the land tells us what it needs other than what we came for. So we follow spirit and bring in the love, to put it simply. We were led onto the frozen creek, where we each did our role in mission. Katie specifically asked Sasquatch to join us again because we both knew they were there. While Katie’s experience of what happened is not mine to share, I willingly share my own.

Katie was doing something very specific, so I stood as guardian to hold space. I felt to look up to the left, to the south of where I was standing. For one moment, the realities split, and I saw with my physical eyes, a male, light brown, nearly blonde Sasquatch. I know he allowed me to see him, which was a huge honor for me. I was stammering and blurting something that sounded like words to Katie about what just happened. I was nearly giddy for the next hour. I still am, actually.

I have since been in heart/telepathic contact with him, and he has joined me whenever I reach out to him, inside my own home or outside on mission. I feel we have established our roles together, and I am so pleased to be given the honor of working closely with him. And truly it is an honor, a humbling experience to which I feel the greatest gratitude and love.

I hope by sharing my experiences that it will help strengthen the contact and relationship between us and the Sasquatch brothers and sisters. And my hope is that it will encourage more to reach out to them, for they are here, ready and waiting to aid us for many reasons. They are some of the warmest, most loving beings I have encountered in all my Shamanic journeys.

I send love to all reading this, to the creators of this platform for the opportunity to share, and to the Sasquatch people for all that they are.

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