Experiencers Stories

Experiencer story, by Michael Bodewitz from Oregon

I have had the unique blessing of being able to see our Sasquatch friends while they are dematerialized or “cloaked”. They are not in physical form but I can still see their energy. The way I describe it is it looks like a very thin sheet of ice in roughly the shape of them. If you train your eye you can see a slight distortion.
One winter it started snowing and I went to my backyard to be in the falling snow with my friends. I walked right up to one while it was in this non-physical state. As I watched the snowflakes pass within the Sasquatch’s energy field they distorted. It was one of the coolest things I have seen as I stood there in awe in front of the amazing Sasquatch people.
After that I decided to stand within their energy. At this time in my path with them I was not able to speak to them with telepathy. I walked up to a dematerialized Sasquatch and said “I am going to step into you. If you do not want me to please let me know.” I got no response. As I stepped within its energy I stood and looked around. I noticed that my vision was distorted because I was looking inside out.
I also felt lighter as if just being within the Sasquatch raised my vibration.  I also felt my stomach knotting up. I was so excited and blessed to be “inside” a Sasquatch. At that moment, man and Sasquatch were quite literally “one”.
Photo: Michael Bodewitz
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