Experiencers Stories

Experiencer story, by Russell

I am going to share my last experiences from within the last couple of weeks. I was hiking about two weeks ago when I heard a tree go down on another ridge from where I was. Before I heard that tree go down I had the thought that I’d like to see a print sometime again. The next day I hiked up to where I heard the tree go down and there was a track line of three prints in alder leaves that had dropped last fall. So that was pretty awesome!
Then just three days ago I was hiking with a song I had written going through my head. Some of the lyrics go “I know we are just friends, but you feel like family to me.” As I stood on a stump and looked out over a valley I had the thought that I’d like to be considered as family by the shaman of the woods, as I call them. I then heard two large rocks get thrown in the creek down below. I was really stoked about that, because it seemed like a reply.
Then a friend, who has channeled two books by aliens sends me an email. She says the night before she channeled that I was a sasquatch in human form. I don’t think they meant it literally, but I won’t discount it either. I’ve always felt a bit different from other humans.
One more thing about that song. I happened to be out there playing for them when the idea for the song came to me. When I was looking on my electronic device for the song, I remembered getting some rock clacking inadvertently recorded, so I went to that file to listen to it. It turned out that song idea was on that file. I believe they knew it would be. They are so amazing. I love them so much and I am showered with affection by them. They give me gifts so much more.
By the way, the same night I had the idea for the song, they had taken my drumstick. Why? I don’t know? But they are welcome to it. As I was playing that song I heard some movement over by the drum and I knew it was probably a juvenile, but I kept my eyes shut as I was playing. LOL

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