Experiencers Stories

Experiencer story, by Erin Renee Glaser from Oregon / Nevada

Hello everyone! I am a Sasquatch and ET communicator, in being experienced with this kind of interaction, it makes us more aware of nature as a whole and we eventually can be all Dr. Doolittles, conversing with all of nature.
My first close encounter was in Chiloquin, Oregon at the Collier State Park outdoor Logging Museum and campground. Some Sasquatch live exactly on the fringes of our society, I have found their structures and markings 30 feet from a golf course, camp grounds, hiking trails and roadsides.
One evening before retiring to our tent, my then husband and I went out for a last walk down the little trail. I walked right into a half morphisized in this dimentsion Sasquatch. I was not completely aware of them, I mean, I knew there were shows about them and I believe anything the Native Elders say because I have seen the spiritual miracles in conjunction with my Lakota beliefs. Eagles coming out of nowhere in places they are not normally seen, dreams where Medicine Men came to visit me, talking with animals etc..
Anyhoo, So this Sasquatch was about 6 feet tall, he was young and he wanted to know me all over! Inside and out and he did! I got mad at him and slapped at him with my own energy and told him to behave himself. I was mad at him and didn’t want him to touch me while I was sleeping. I tried to explain all this to my husband, but he is and was clueless. This was my very first encounter with a Sasquatch being. I said to my husband when it happened “Oh my god! I just walked into a Yeti!!” I named my new friend Feather. He is connected to me always. I do not know how it works, but the love between human and Sasquatch reminds me of the love between Rama and Hanumen.


I have become devoted to my Sasquatch Family and they are devoted through pure love to me. We are equal and it seems almost impossible to explain the connections and how our families work together. Feather is family, I went back to Chiloquin 2 more times that summer, I brought a huge quartz stone for their medicine person and some tea tree oil. I wear a lot of tea tree and lavender essential oil mixes to ward off bugs. I figure they can use some. The Sasquatch are not outside of our medical knowledge, at least some are not, they just do not need medicines from us, they make their own. Sharing is always good, no matter what. Chiloquin is so wonderfully energized, I knew it the moment I got there. We were at a Y of two rivers. Spring Creek which is birthed from and undergrund river and the Williamson River of central Oregon. I have been told by my great friend Kewaunee Lapseritis that there are special and secret things under the ground at Chiloquin. This is my second or third home I suppose, I will go back every summer.


I live in Minden, NV, When I got home from my first Sasquatch encounter, I went to Genoa NV, about 5 miles from here and first stepped foot on a path with the intention of letting the local Sasquatch know that I know they are there.. This is how TeNahHa came into my life and he is now a guidance for me, protector and friend. We live just in the valley to the East of Lake Tahoe. Since all of this has happened, I have made many trips into the Sierras to converse with the families that live there and have even made contact with other Sasquatch finding humans. We are all Relations, All family! When you walk in the way of the Sasquatch, you will know true heart love, devotion and truly great amounts of laughter. Aho! It is SO! Mitakuye Oyasin Ho! Hetchetu Aloh~

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