Experiencers Stories

Experiencer story, by Gina Mitchell from Washington State

orbs enlarged

Photo of orbs taken at a gathering of Sasquatch communicators at Gina Mitchell’s place.

Hope your doing well!! We’ve just had some screams and hollars and I’ve had many powerful dreams I believe that they sent to.me and have had some telepathic communications. There are many that visit here and Kelly also has felt this and 2 that live here most the time.. Che’tahnum was the first one that made contact with Kelly and he’s the one I feel all the time and the other her name is Aranca, she’s here most of the time as well they both have families and it’s to my understanding Aranca was born the same day as me ?? This is what I was told… I also wanted to let you know we were very glad you came to our gathering last year and your always welcome here if your ever in this area!? Thank you again! Lots of love to you and as always be safe!!

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