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Experiencer story, by Leon Fowler from New Zealand

I’m going to share with you a story of how I meet the Sasquatch of my country in New Zealand!
We have two types here that I’m aware of.. but have only had my experience with one of them.
They are called MAEROERO.. AND MOHAU.
MAEROERO are smaller .. about 5 feet tall.
MOHAU are taller .. about 6 to 8 feet tall.
The maeroero are the ones I’ve had time with! They are super hairy.. long hair that covers all there body,
Even there face .. they are sometimes called THUMPERS.. as they are known for bashing timber on the ground making great waves of vibrations and sound.
We here in New Zealand have them around the purists water 💦
Where water comes up from underwater cave systems!
Called sources or puna .
This is where I meet one on several occasions of the last year!
They are multidimensional beings and can vase in and out of 3 d with ease!
I went into the area of the waters with the intention to learn how we can weave ourselves back as one again! And live in harmony with all beings as equals.
I did this by showing up In heart space and being very present..
I called out to them .. who I was… and what I’m here to do!! Then played music 🎶…. I play a bone flute made from the wing bone of the royal albatross.. it’s a bird that has one of the longest wing spans in the bird kingdom. And it was a beautiful gift given to me by a great friend. Very beautiful to play.
After a call out with this .. I talked out to them again from the core of my belly and heart… just flowing with what come out.. nothing rehearsed just talk about the love I have for them and what they have done honouring the earth and waters and us!
I played music and from heart..
your intentions and being.. flow from the sound and they can feel this more than the words of man!
Music is universal..
I talked out once more about how can we weave and rise up as brothers sister for all beings!!
One most beautiful and amazing
right next to me !!
Wow… we stood side by side for 10 mins at least as we felt each other’s
Being and intentions.. no words
Just being as one!
Before going our own ways!
To this day when ever I think of this moment we shared… I’m filled with such appreciation and love for the time we had… !
But this was only the beginning really…

3 days after meeting the maeroero
Something most amazing happened! I will not go into to much details of the way I was taken to meet the star elders so
In short, I was taken up into a space ship . A massive space ship..
the drivers of the ship were very large Sasquatch.. and the elders were of the most magnificent light bodies. Tall and shining in amazing Dress!
They were so welcoming and happy… I had no fear as there love and being was so beautiful to be in.
They told me that what I did that night going out to meet the maeroero … wanting to learn and be as one again.. was what they said was nothing less than outstanding!
And they bestowed a great gift to me….
but that’s another story..

what I really wish to share here with you today…. and I thank you so very much for taking the time to read my story!
Is that by getting out in these places of nature .. to really want to connect with the Sasquatch and mythical beings of our world !!
To want to be open to learn and weave us back as one again ..a family of one once more
Brothers and sisters of earth and stars!
By the action of love and willingness to be apart of the new day for all beings and earth and spirit.

It makes a difference that doesn’t go unnoticed!
With the highest love and intentions do I share my story with you all.
It can be very scary.. and unnerving
To put yourself out there ..
to walk in your shining presence with love and flow
You are loved and safe!
And this will lead you on a most beautiful journey!
Love and light.

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