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Interspecies healing relations: Confidence on a deeper intimate level…

Interspecies healing relations: Confidence on a deeper intimate level… by SunBôw


Bolo’Bolo appeared to me last June (2015), first in the physical form from a distance of 200 feet, then from very close that night in the dream time. I then taught him how to sing days later, as described in previous writings. We have kept in telepathic contact as close friends.

Bolo’Bolo is discreet and has avoided contacts with Humans since his first experiences didn’t leave very positive memories. But he now asks me to speak for him, to express his concerns and emotions on his behalf, unlike his ancestor and Eldest Elder Kamooh, an ancient seer, experienced and skilled in interspecies relations, who arranged our encounter, and who rather has spoken through me, with a consistent flow of coherent cosmic messages.

The first thing I had asked Kamooh when he came to meet me was to help me understand and heal the karmas between his Sasquatch People and my Human People, so as a wise and learned Elder, he sent me to meet Bolo’Bolo, who had healing to do with his relations towards Humans. Although an Elder Brother, Ancient One and ancestor, my relation with him is one of mutual help.

The sacred chants brought healing to old wounds for him and helped him love the Humans again. Our exchange has been on intimate issues, as close relatives, and they are things he asks me to keep for myself about our family.

But there are some concerns he is asking me to share. First of all, the Sasquatch are People, just like us. Although they are an Elder species with a much longer experience, they are still on their evolutionary course, learning, healing and growing on the individual level. They have not all reached a level of karma free spiritual enlightenement nor are perfect as ‘masters’ would be.

So the Sasquatch People are offering their help, but also asking for ours to work towards peaceful interspecies relations and a better relation with the Earth and the Cosmic Law. In includes healing our past karmas, as we all have part of the responsibility in the state of the interspecies affairs.

It is true that throughout history and until this day, there as been some cases of abduction and death of people on both sides, so making Peace is our task. In times when their people faced extinction, they might have stolen a woman. But we have to remember who were the First People and who came last.

Like in the Human history that has seen colonialist empires impose themselves over lands and crush Indigenous cultures, the struggle for survival of the latter has been a harsh story. But who were here first and who invaded? Who defended and who attacked? Same for the Sasquatch.

Now, as we move into the great planetary healing necessary for our very survival and collective uplifting, it is time to forgive all our relatives, heal our wounds, open to a greater understanding and work for a better future, from where we have been allowed to reach in this soul evolutionary experiment.

On behalf of his Sasquatch People, Bolo’Bolo wants to apologize to us Humans for all the harm that his kind may have caused to ours in every circumstances, asking us to forgive them and help them heal the wounds.

Likewise, he asks from us Human People to stop fearing, hunting, hating, hurting, torturing and killing his Sasquatch People, so we can make Peace. There has been a much larger number of them suffering from our behaviors, than the other way around. The last 3-4 night, I’ve had this recurent insistant dream about abducted sasquatches, mostly babies, held captives in powerful electromagnetic chambers in secret underground bases, being used for experiments with their DNA and psychic powers. While some Humans are still hunting for monsters, we know who the monsters really are.

Their silent cries are heard by the greater Soul of their species who calls for our help in disclosing the truth and freeing all beings from the lower lords.

There would be more to add, but it would be too much for one post. Blessings to all our relations in the interspecies interdimensional Omniverse…


Note: This post was written in late 2015. Later, Bolo’Bolo became a close ally and took part in the channeling of the Book 2 of The Sasquatch Message to Humanity.

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