Experiencers Stories

Experiencer story, by Hale Mednik

I was familiar with the concept of the Sasquatch being an ancient, wise and very psychic race that walked the earth long before us, but I had never met anyone who could confirm this story through personal experience. Then a local newspaper did an interview with Kewaunee Lapseritis, who was the first person I had ever heard of who actually knew them. I became curious, and I contacted him about doing an interview for a film I was working on called Oracle.
I went to his house to speak to him, and record an interview. Just as I was about to leave that evening, I suddenly heard a voice in my head. To my great surprise, I shared a brief, telepathic conversation with an elder Sasquatch. Telepathy is not something I had any experience in at the time, but somehow, I was able to hear him speaking to me and he was able to hear my thoughts. I felt his presence, although I could not see him. After that experience, I wondered much whether it was real or I had imagined it. There were sporadic feelings about the Sasquatch after that (occasionally I would sense one in the woods) but no contact or voices for a long time.
I was unaware of any further contact until I attended the 2nd annual Psychic Sasquatch Conference. There I met and spoke with many people who have had experiences with them. I heard the Sasquatch people shouting and calling from the forest at night, which was a thrill, and heard them walking upon wooden stages when there was nobody there. One night, I received an extremely powerful healing/upgrade, which changed me dramatically and opened me to further communication.
After the conference, I have communicated with a few of them that live near my house, and have spoken with many telepathically. Being naturally a skeptic, I struggled for awhile to accept my beliefs in a people I have not yet seen with my eyes, but have only seen in my minds eye. One day, after a surgical procedure I had to undergo, I awoke with liquid in my lungs and found it very hard to breathe. I asked my Sasquatch friend to come help me, and felt him come and begin to work on me. Within ten minutes, the liquid was completely gone and I was breathing normally. That for me was the final proof that made me fully accept that I was in communication with the interdimensional Sasquatch people.
Since that time, they have given me guidance and wisdom, come to visit me with their loving presence, and answered many questions. It is a great blessing to have communications with these ancient and wise beings.

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