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Experiencer story and channeled message, by Georgeanna De Carlo

By Georgeanna De Carlo

For the last few days I’ve been thinking about what I’d like to share with others on your website about my relationship with the Sasquatch people. This is something so dear to my heart and I feel very vulnerable expressing it openly, leaving my story somewhere for an open audience to discern as each will. I feel protective of the Sasquatch people and don’t want to cause them any troubles. I still worry sometimes that information I share could be used against them although I know better. I know that they’re well able to protect themselves. I’ve come to realize my reticence is mainly because I carry yet some lingering memories, traumas of them being attacked, me being attacked. But it’s time to take that chance. This is part of my healing and I am ready to leave old patterns behind and embrace the opportunity for new ones to occur.

This morning I was thinking about how I’d gleaned a greater understanding of what one of my favorite authors most likely based one of my favorite characters on. A couple years ago, after first connecting with the Sasquatch people, I thought of Aunt Beast in Madeline L’Engle’s book that I’d read when I was younger, called A Wrinkle in Time. In the story she gives a great accounting of what it’s like to be with the Sasquatch people.

This is another meaning of what the Sasquatch people are referring to when suggesting that we look at our world with “new eyes,” using a fresh perspective to reconsider what we believed to be one way. In the book, one of L’Engle’s characters, Meg, is sent to a planet where she meets Aunt Beast, a hairy creature who soothes her, heals her by holding her.

As I was thinking about that this morning and how best to express this, the unmistakable presence of my main Sasquatch guide, Shanunda, suddenly came beside me and announced, “That’s called singing your song back to you.”
Wow. It’s moments like that that just shake my world. I hadn’t thought of it that way before and I hadn’t expected her to jump in like that.
It’s not the first time she’s said that exact phrase to me, “singing your song back to you.” In fact, I’d shared a message from her before about that which is in The Sasquatch Message to Humanity Book 3. But I’d thought of it mainly as having conversations with people, when you’re speaking with someone and you take a moment to consider who they are inside and connect with that, offer your assistance to bring up a topic to them that their guides want to bring to their attention. This is not something that I tell people, like, “hey, your guides want you to know this…” I just tune into it and allow myself to express whatever it is that comes to mind. Most often it’s words of encouragement.

So it was an aha! moment for me when Shanunda said that. And I made many connections to the greatness of this. For one, just how powerfully the energy we’re carrying in our fields affects others and when we focus and share, how we heal and are healed by sharing our space.

I will share with you now in her words the conversation that followed. I told her that I understood that this message is what she’d like to be shared on Bo’s website.

“We appreciate the opportunity to speak. The phrase, “singing your song back to you,” is an ideal we are well acquainted with. You all have questions and we know this. We have shared much about your origins, the planetary origins. This is exciting for you to come into contact with these teachings. Although you may perceive this information as news, truthfully, it is only new to your current, conscious mind’s, perception. It is an old story. When you remember who you are what was a “mystery,” becomes “my story.” We relate the details, impart the knowledge to trigger the wisdom.

“We recognize many of the difficulties that you are facing and we appreciate that you’ve managed well to maintain a field of peacefulness and steadfastness. You see, this is why we are so enamored with all of you who are working so diligently towards the goal of revamping your communal existence.

“What we see is that kindness carries a greater strength than perhaps many of your people realize. Were you to think of each service to self behavior as a brick, that is what you’re carrying on your backs. Some of you do it without even realizing it. Your shoulders sag from the load and you will (your will) experience(s) physical pains as a result of shouldering the burden of programming that is not your own yet many have confused this as “self.”

“In truth, you are each glorious light bodies – so light that you’ve agreed to take on a dense physical vehicle in order to move around in the realm that needed you the most. Some of you are here on a “rescue” mission and concepts you encounter exist outside of your perception of recognition although every effort was made to ease transition into this existence such as incarnating into particular genetic patternings, geographic patternings, cultural patternings.

“Often we hear people say how offended they are, how horrified they are, with how the people have become. We agree that it is hurtful to witness abuse; harm to your planet, harm to your people, harm to the vegetation, the wildlife, the very lifeblood of your planet, water, earth, air, its fire. It is only natural to go through stages while digesting circumstances and one of the most vehement while processing information that is contrary to your nature which is unconditional love – is anger.

“Therefore, we would suggest that one express their anger independently. Release those feelings of injury, fear, disgust toward your fellow human – release those into nature, not as a rampage against her for that is what you’re witnessing now that irks you – but release it in sound. Give voice to that pain. Scream it out if needs be. Cry it out. Let it go however it will, with no judgment upon yourself for the path that it takes of its own accord. Some people laugh it out. They jump into another perspective and are able to see a situation that caused them grief and anger from an alternate viewpoint and can laugh at how caught up they’d gotten into believing for a certainty that a circumstance meant one thing, yet from another angle offers new information, in-sight.

“We do not mean for this to be a lengthy discussion so we will prepare to close for now. Gist of our message being that we stand with you all who are ready, and all who already, are choosing to step out of being told how to live. Each person who discovers multi-dimensional awareness is celebrated. There is not one of you who is less than the other. There is not one of you who is more than the other. Each person is valuable. We have prepared for this moment, this movement, for a very long time.

“Naturally, we are eager to share our space with you now but respect that each person’s will takes precedence. We will not impose ourselves, rather extend an invitation to all and leave it up to each of you as respecting each one of you as sovereign individuals. The ball is in each of your courts.”

She often closes a message with something that makes me smile. This time it’s no different. There are alternate meanings in much of our language and her closing comment acknowledges this. And that’s another reason I treasure my communications, my relationship, with the Sasquatch people. Prompted by honoring an urge to ponder deeper meanings, reconsider circumstances brings much insight.

Blessed be.

wrinkle in time meg and aunt beast

Accompanying photo is from the movie, “Wrinkle in Time,” of Meg and Aunt Beast.

3 thoughts on “Experiencer story and channeled message, by Georgeanna De Carlo”

  1. That is a beautiful message. I am trying to walk the path. I was given the message through a friend who can channel that they consider me “A sasquatch in human form.” It could be that I accepted this path before I was born. There were hints going back over three decades, that I’d already been chosen. I accept this path knowing my responsibility. I accept this path with joy, love and determination. Thank you shaman of the woods for this profound message.

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  2. How long have y’all been preparing me/this movement/for me? 10 months, 4years, 9year, 13years, 22 years? P/s, may you relay the message from me that I would gladly consider trading a few used cell phones for a path through the woods? I would also through in some cords or nonperishable food if the path can take me to the river. 😊👍👏👏👏💫

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