Experiencers Stories

Experiencer story, by Dustin Ryan Templeton

Well I’ve certainly had my fare share of extraordinary experiences with them, take me days to go through them all. Gotten some decent audio as well over the years.

I started researching and searching in 08, had my first encounter very up close and personal with one of their gals in 2013, right next to me within arms reach twice in one night etc etc, have had numerous encounters with their “babies”, seen 2 very well and many other sightings that were fleeting or at night, had one toss a rock at me, and exchanged gifts with them many many times.

My last birthday they left a shitton of tracks for me I got pics of and knocked in broad daylight when I stumbled onto the first one. Touched ones hand through the tarp one time, handed food to babies while covered up in my hammock (First experience with the babies). List goes on and on!

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