Experiencers Stories

Experiencer story, by Kagi Taka from Australia

By Kagi Taka

(Note: Dooligah is the Aboriginal name of Sasquatch in Victoria, Australia)

There are many things in my life that have happened with dooligah . This present time is so very powerful. The dooligah are at my house daily preparing me for the next step .

I have been working with a dooligah lately to help heal and indigenous elder a dear sister of mine . They come to my property in small whirlwinds and you can see them form in groups of birds other animals . The dooligah speaks through them to me .

I done ceremony recently and 4 dooligah came and stood in the 4 directions of my medicine wheel . A black dooligah , rusty color , silverback and a huge 20 foot tall white dooligah from the underground. Very powerful time indeed.

Their messages to me lately is of great power to come . My personal power has become more in this time . They are preparing the humans of their people . The indigenous spirits are working closely with the dooligah here . Activating old memories in me to understand all that has happened in my life with the dooligah and why .

Very overwhelming time for me . A time I have waited for so long . It has begun.

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