Experiencers Stories

Experiencer story, by Sean Michael Ores

Greetings sisters and brothers. My very first Sasquatch encounter that I am aware of was in 1985. I was 16 yrs old. My home away from home were the local woods. We spent almost every night out there .Building little shelters one night I heard the high pitched howl in the distance. Now I really thought: ”hmmm no Sasquatch could never live here in this small suburban forest an hour from Chicago! He lives in Canada!!”

So a few nights later we were at what we called “The Pit” just the fire circle area we hung out at. I was with my girlfriend at the time we had walked away from the fire over to a small hill. As we hugged, I looked down into the creek and my heart started to literally come up to my throat. I was looking and a hairy person, crouched down in the creek, looking right back at me, with each hand on a separate tree that no humans arm length could reach. I was frozen and I could barely talk lol. I said to my girlfriend . Don’t turn around just walk straight the ‘F’ out! Walk, don’t look back. I was in shock didn’t tell anyone. I’m not even sure if I ever told the girlfriend. The part that stuck in my head immediately was that for some reason, I felt it was a female and her purpose was for me to see her. Okay now I not only have to tell my dad I saw Bigfoot, but also that she was there to see me. I’ve never told that story and it REALLY feels good.

I’ve since had a connection with them and for the past 12 years or so they have been teaching me how to see them and get closer and closer to them and so many other races of forest peoples. They trust me to get close to there young as well. A true honor in their world and I am so truly blessed. Well that’s when it all began. I could talk all night and into the day. I love them with my everything and will continue. Sean

Sean Ores

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