Experiencers Stories

Experiencer story, by Judith

Hello from the Stanislaus National Forest in the Sierra Nevada of California.

I’ve written a story here once before and I have more to tell in the future.
I’m not one of the very gifted people who channel and have the blessing of intimate friendships with the Forest People (FP), but I occasionally have significant contact.

We certainly share love and respect for one another. One of the members of a Facebook group encouraged me to share a dream I had last night, and that the telling would benefit us all.

I’ve not had much close contact this last year. Certainly less than I was having the two or three previous years when they would visit my home and always let me know they were here with knocks, whistles or other actions in or outside my home. Rarely a telepathic contact. I’ve been missing them a lot.

My dream started with me entering a meadow and sitting on a boulder. I turned to see a group of five or six snowy white Forest People standing together and looking at me. I was a bit surprised and I waved to them. One tall one waved back. (Several years ago I had a very fleeting glance of white flowing hair racing by my door at freeway speed).

Next in the dream I find myself carefully climbing down a very steep grassy slope with a roadway at the top. A large clan of 15 or so dark brown Forest People were climbing up towards me. They were all ages and sizes and a female was carrying a tiny baby in a blanket. I wanted to see the baby and the mother wanted me to see the baby too. Suddenly they all retreated back down into the forest. I noticed then that there were people up on the roadway. I knew the Forest People didn’t want to be seen, especially with their children present.

The third phase of this dream I’m in a forest near a cabin. The brown clan was walking through the trees toward me. I knew they wanted me to see the baby and this was a safer place to do that. Sadly my dream ended there but I awoke feeling very happy for this experience with both clans. I’ve been told that two clan territories intersect at our large pond. Lots of fish and frogs here.

So grateful for this touching contact, this gift. I feel totally reconnected.
During the dream I had the name Kamooh pop into my mind several times. I truly don’t know if this was significant. I had seen his name referenced in things that I had been reading.

I do know that I was really having this experience on the Spiritual level. I don’t doubt that. I also know that this was a guidance and a lesson for me. My heart is warmed by this contact and I love these Forest People very much. They know it.
Thank you for hearing my story. Many blessings to you all. 💟

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