Experiencers Stories

Experiencer story, by TJ Rush, Attikamek

By TJ Rush

This is a story of a very powerful lucid dream involving a Sasquatch.

I have always had odd dreams and lucid dreams. Most of the time I can remember my dreams. I can even recall the layout of the city I live in these recurring dreams and events that have taken place.

Anyway. I had a dream where I was in this place I did not recognize, it was either a forest or the backyard of a cabin in the woods.  I began to whoop whooping as I do in conjunction with meditation in a forested area. Then next thing, I knew a large Sasquatch came face to face. I can’t recall his or her facial features.

I remember I placed my hand palm out and the Sasquatch did the same.

My hand was so much smaller it was crazy.

I also had this insane happy feeling. Like a total feeling of love.

I’ve had “interactions” with a Lyran in dreams and in one dream I was promised as a husband or bride to someone named Amenhotep.

There were a few of us there and we were all about same age and sex.
I’m excited to see where these experiences will take me.

Turns out the Amenhotep family was a very successful dynasty in Egypt! This was just like the squash dream so real I still remember it.

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