Fundraiser 2018 for SCENIC

Fundraiser 2018 for SCENIC

(Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication)

We work towards the active disclosure of cosmic information about non-Human intelligent beings, that are most often interdimensional, such as Sasquatch and Star People, to awaken Humanity’s collective consciousness to higher understanding and help develop peaceful spiritual interspecies communication. We promote a spiritual and peaceful approach, and value the accounts of contactees and experiencers as the best source of first hand information, confirming ancient Indigenous knowledge about such beings.

When I say ”we”, it includes an international network of communities connecting many contributors and allies, and a growing number of people joining in the awareness, who also benefit from our work. In only three weeks, SCENIC has already received and published over 30 experiencers stories, among 80+ articles, that had 4500 views by 1200 visitors from 44 countries. This is just the beginning of our website. We plan to extend our activities with ground research, documenting, recordings and videos, widen our networking, and organize or join events about disclosure and interspecies communication.

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Our wish list: 1) Upgrading computer from an old beat up 15 year old laptop. 2) Upgrading camera and recording equipment, to do interviews and documentaries. 3) Vehicle to go on the grounds and events. We will keep the fundraiser going throughout 2018 and post updates of our activities and progress.

We can accomplish quite a lot with a high inspiration, clear focus, good will, sustained efforts and a minimum of ressources. But with a little more resources, we can accomplish much more. In these times of economic strife and uncertainty, in this age of multimedia bombarding us with information, it is not easy to ask for funding, especially for educational projects. People legitimately want to know what they are supporting. So, as we launch our 2018 fundraiser to help develop our new SCENIC network on the grounds, through research, documenting of witnesses accounts, and in events, as well as through online and off line publications, we shall start by providing some background references about the volunteer.

Experience and achievements in networking and multimedia projects:

1984: First publication, distributed for free, about Hopi Prophecy and Big Mountain.

1985-86: Co-foundation of two Big Mountain support centers in Montreal.

1988-90: Edition and publication of 3 Rainbow journals.

1990: Original vision for the only Rainbow gathering ever on an international border, at Beau Lake.

1992-94: Co-editor of the magazine Full Earth, on Native visions, values, traditions, history and news. Contribution of several articles. Translation of many texts on Hopi / Native teachings and prophecies.

1994-97: Over 20 workshops on Native spirituality in Europe. Publication of various articles, posters or documents in French, English and Spanish. Interview at the UN. Meeting with dozens of organizations. Radio interviews. Translation of a Dine (Navajo) Elder’s conference. Co-creation of a Big Mountain support group in France. Guide for a delegation of ten Europeans who flew for a month to Arizona.

1998-99: Publications and distribution of Rainbow newsletters, articles and activist news.

1998-: Foundation of Éditions Manitou. Redaction, publication and distribution of 3 books in 5 years: (French only) Le 3ème Testament de Jah Rastafari (on demand); 2000 ans après (on demand); La Gardienne du Sacré, Odyssée sur l’Île Tortue (available in eBook)

2000-09: Admin or active member on several online platforms and forums (Ning, Yahoo, msn).

2000: Organization of a Rainbow delegation as the first non-Native group ever invited in the Midewin.

2001: Organization of large scale non-violent festive actions at the Summit of the Americas.

2002-07: Organization of several storytelling events or workshops, focused on Native spirituality.

2003-04: Focalizor in vision councils at World Rainbow gatherings in Brazil and Costa Rica.

2004: Original vision and main focalizor for the World Rainbow gathering, with Natives in Québec.

2004-05: Production and publication of documentation for the Anishnabe Elders of La Verendrye.

2005: Translation of the ancient Phaestos disk, from yet undecyphered unique example of spiral script.

2006: Contribution of a chapter in Spanish to Alberto Ruz’ book on the community movement.

2008-: Foundation of the Ironwood Log Project to document on films Native teachings and traditions. Production of first documentaries with Anishnabe and other Native Elders’ teachings and communities. First website for the Ironwood Log Project (ended). Channel offered by Youtube channels.

2008-09: Compilaton, editing and streaming on the torrents of 400 selected informative documentaries.

2009: Co-organization of the Peace Mission, gathering Natives and non-Natives for public ceremonies. Filming, editing and production of videos on the experience, shown in universities and pow wows.

2009-: Foundation of One United Nation for the Great Earth Peace, Facebook. 25,000+ members today.

2010: Original vision and organization of the Call of the Wolf, Return to the Sacred Hoop, international spiritual gathering with Native Elders from over 20 nations and people from 30 countries, in Québec.

2012: Contribution of a poem to a book, a collection of texts published on the Maple Spring.

2012-13: Editing of an herb book. Production of videos, posters, documentation for community events.

2013: Networker and focalizor, filmmaker, for the World Rainbow gathering in British Colombia.

2015: Interviews on Prophecy Keeperz Radio, later edited with the best excerpts turned into videos.

2015-17: Redaction of The Sasquatch Message to Humanity, Book 1 and 2. Both books are available on Amazon, as well as for free online reading on several websites. Several speeches and lectures.

2017: Contribution to The Sasquatch Message to Humanity, Book 3 (introduction and 3 chapters), a collaboration of 12 co-authors. All proceeds will go to fund the 3rd Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Retreat.

2017-18: Beginning of a series of interviews with Regina Meredith, about the message of the books.

2018: Launch of the Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication, on website.




La Gardienne du Sacré, Odyssée sur l’Île Tortue (eBook, French only)

The Sasquatch Message to Humanity, Book 1, Conversation with Elder Kamooh

The Sasquatch Message to Humanity, Book 2, Interdimensional Teachings from our Elders

Both books have been made available for free online reading on many websites since before publishing

Contribution to Book 3 (introduction & 3 chapters), soon to be published. Available for online reading.

All proceeds will go towards the funding of the 3rd annual (2018) Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Retreat.


Founder @ One United Nation for the Great Earth Peace (9th year), over 25,000 members.

Admin on following groups and pages:

Wisdom from our Elders:

The Sasquatch Message to Humanity:

Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Retreat:

The Sasquatch People:

Sasquatch Shamanism:

Ironwood Log Project:

On Isuma:

On Youtube:

Services already offered by the volunteer:

Over 35 years of experience, practice and services in:

Traveling experience in 20 countries, through several dozens of Native and alternative communities.

Learning with Elders and in ceremonies, with over 40 Native Nations, from North to South America.

Practicing free shamanic ceremonies and sharing teachings in conferences, circles and workshops.

Organizing community events, councils, ceremonies and gatherings, from local to international scales.

Networking and informing with articles, books, videos, multimedia edition, social medias and websites.

Taking part in and supporting peaceful actions to protect environments, Native lands and Human rights.

Mediation for conflict resolution. Teaching for healing purposes. Psychic readings with various tools.

Spiritual counseling:

The volunteer is often consulted and asked for advice on the following subjects:

Dream interpretation, interpretation of signs and life events, or of paranormal phenomenons.

Questions about interspecies communication and developing relations with interdimensional beings.

Cleansing auras of places and people from negative influence of unwanted entities or harmful spells.

Guidance and support for dealing with difficult situations, important life choices or major changes.

Healing from lingering traumas, karmas from past lives or ancestral origins, transforming timelines.

Past life readings, karmic decryption focused on healing, using dowsing, meditation and vizualization.


This work in communication, organization and education, and these community services have most often been offered on a voluntary basis. Apart from modest royalties from book sales, the information has been shared freely and at large, through all medias and networks available. It has been an offering. As we wish to keep offering these educational services, we humbly ask now for your support and help. Your contributions will help to strengthen our network and widen our field of activities for disclosure.

We thank you all for your generosity, helping us to create bridges between Human and non-Human intelligence, to connect contactees from around to world and to allow them to share their knowledge.

Long life to the Sasquatch Network for Interspecies Communication.

Best blessings to all beings…

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