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Experiencer story, by Ginny Blankenship

By Ginny Blankenship

My story happened back in the year 2000. I really had no knowledge at all about Sasquatch at that time. I knew they existed but that was it. That’s why this story is rather humorous because I was so clueless as to that was going on.

I got permission to attend a Sundance in rural Missouri near a national forest. I was alone since a couple of my friends backed out at the last minute. There were three separate locations to set up our tents and I chose the last and most private section. I have never been afraid of the wilderness and so I felt very much at home there.

My first night before the Sundance started I was sleeping away in my tent when suddenly at 3 am I awake to the sound of falling trees. I mean it was really loud like a dozier was pushing over so many trees but there was no sound of a dozier. I set up and listened for a few minutes and then it stopped. I thought it very strange and the next morning there were two Indian boys who over night had set up their tent next to mine.

I asked them if they heard the sound of the trees falling in the night. They looked at me puzzled and said “no they heard nothing.” Looking around I seen nothing of any fallen trees anywhere. I didn’t know what to think and just chucked it off. The second night the Sundance had started and I went back to my tent at around midnight. I own a sacred pipe so before I went to bed I began to fill the pipe and prepare for my prayers, when all of a sudden there was this very loud sound of a fallen tree right next to my tent!! It really startled me, but I have to say I was little too scared to go out and check as to where the tree fell. But my first thought was “what am I doing wrong?” I was just glad it didn’t tumble down on my tent. It seemed so loud I knew it was close. However the next morning I went out and there was no downed tree anywhere close. I walked the forest for quite a ways into the woods and seen nothing of a recently fallen tree. I am born and raised in the country so I do know what to look for with a freshly fallen tree and yet there was nothing in sight anywhere close. Yet it sounded so close I was really bewildered. I seen a lady from the next section for camping and asked her if she heard a big tree fall the night before and she said “No” and looked at me rather strangely.

The third night I was at the Sundance and I over heard the Indian tell his wife in a low tone that “they are here” she said “they are?” and he said “yes they been here for a couple of days.” Now, he said this softly but from where I was sitting which was up higher than they were, and so that I could see the Sundance better, they did not realize I heard them. I had no idea what they were talking about but for some reason remembered the conversation. So a little later sitting on some benches that were up higher than every thing else I began to see these little blue lights dancing against the arbor directly in front of each of the dancers. They were anywhere from an a quarter size to a golf ball size. I was intrigued and so asked the gentlemen next to me if he could see the blue lights? He looked me up and down and moved down away from me as though he thought I lost a few marbles. No I don’t usually see things like this so I was really fascinated and after a while I asked the lady on the other side of me if she seen the lights. She was very nice to me and said ” No, honey, but I don’t see too good where are they?” Well they were right there very obvious so I knew she did not see the lights.

Finally on the last night of the Sundance again I went back to my tent near midnight and I was laying in my sleeping bag just ready to go off to sleep when suddenly on my upper chest and right below my knees I feel this very fast, yet firm, little punch!! I found myself rolling over and up and looking around for who just hit me while I was in my tent. I just figured it had to have come from outside my tent as I did not see anyone in my tent, but I also remember not hearing the tent being punched in on. For some reason I was not too terribly startled and settled back in to my sleeping bag and went to sleep.

The next day during lunch I asked the Native American who was more or less in charge of the event about the incidents that had occurred and he just said ” perhaps in time you will understand” and just kinda smiled at me Well that told me a lot but he said no more about it.

When I came home I told my family about it and some of my friends but no one really had a good explanation for the sounds of trees etc and some seemed to look at me like I’d lost a few for sure. So I let it go and just forgot about it UNTIL last January, almost 17 years later, one evening while in my rural home I suddenly get the feeling that I am being watched very strongly. I remember thinking what the heck is this about and went about looking out all my windows throughout the house. Of course it was dark but I just knew I was being watched and for some unknown reason, Sasquatch came to mind?

I thought why did I think of them? It didn’t make any sense to me. However in a couple of days it began to make a lot of sense as a friend of mine from Florida called me and said someone gave him a book to read and as soon as he started to read it he thought of me and said for some reason you are supposed to read this book. “What book?” I asked and he told me the title was ” The Sasquatch people”. Man did I order that book quickly and devoured it when I got it like a child gorges or candy. Of course I kinda do that with chocolate too… 🙂 So three fourths of the way through the book Kewaunee Lapseritis (author) is describing how in the wilderness on a mission of finding Sasquatch he hears a tree fall right next to his tent. He says at the time of this writing, this is 16th time he has heard this sound from the Sasquatch people as he often goes out alone to study them.

Of course he found no downed trees in any of the times when he heard this sound. He explained that they can physically induce sounds to make you and only you hear them. Well oh my gosh, was I ever elated!! Here it took me 17 years to finally understand what happened to me so long ago. I couldn’t help but think the Sasquatch people were thinking about me “Man she is a little slow.” So I think they worked through my friend and sent me those feelings of being watched so that I could wake up to what was happening. I also read in one of Kewaunee’s books that they chose the year 2000 to begin to contact people. Hmmmm interesting indeed!!

So after reading his book, yes indeed I gave Kewaunee a call as he left his email address and phone number in the back of the book. His phone number no longer worked but his email did. He emailed me back and said he would call me in the morning. He did of course and began to question me about my experience. I told him everything. First thing he said was “well for starters, you weren’t doing anything wrong, they like you.

“What?” I said, and so we had a nice long conversation and he filled me in on many things but then began to tell me about the Sasquatch Conference that they held last year for the first time and about the one coming up that August again. I was elated and wasted no time at all in getting my airline tickets and flew off to the Conference that August which was in 2017. I never met so many people where I felt a very strong like mindedness it was very comforting, soothing, and almost like going home to long lost relatives.

I’ve had several experiences with smelling them since I have been home. I have lived here for over 40 years we live on a farm and I have never before smelt what I smelt last fall a week or so after I got back home. A few other things happened too since I talked to Kewaunee on the phone last January as well, but it is too much to tell right now.

However Kewaunee asked me four questions on the phone last year to see where I was with my energies regarding what the Sasquatch like in people. One, he said ” Do you really love animals? “Oh so much” I said to the point where I was criticized for it when I was little. Two, he said “Do you have an open Heart?” Again I had to say a very absolute “yes.” Three, He said, “Are you very concerned about the earth and the environmental damage being done? Well anyone who knows me knows that about me for sure. We even have an Environmental learning center here at our home. And Four, he said,” This may be a little strange, but do you do energy healing by any chance?” “Well, I said. only for 21 years!” Okay then you have all the qualities that they find very attractive and long for in people. He also told me that they were standing there listening to our conversation. When I asked about the little fast punches I felt in the tent that night he said, “That is very typical of juveniles and just laughed. They were most likely inside the tent, I of course just could not see them.

So I hope this helps the doubters out there to open their hearts and minds a little more about these beautiful forest people. I know one day I will actually see them. I feel them around now and again and once they even left me an eagle feather in a place only they knew I would know it was them. So this is my story and I am definitely sticking to it….

You all have a wonderful day and thanks for listening!! 🙂

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  1. It reminds me of similar experiences in Bali where I used to hear the ‘shoveling’ of a huge creature in front of my little cabin outside. It was like a big ‘something'( big white cat) that kept guard in front of the cabin during the night. Reading Kewaunees comment about inducing sound into an individual, changing shape by interdimensional being, learned me much more about life. Like Jann Weiss is rephrasing: What you done swam in, believe in! So believe in the experience and go on with your life..I went on and these experiences gave my life extra dimensions. It is extraordinary beautiful and mind-heart blowing-healing. Thank you for your wonderful light way of storytelling…

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