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About the lower lords or Archons…

By SunBôw

About the lower lords or Archons

One of the things I’m learning through these visions is that there is no such thing as a clear line between light and dark. Every soul and race has to evolve through both and grow in their healing process. This is why I’m rarely given names or origins of the beings I’m shown even when asking, as it is too easy to fall into generalization.

Every race has many branches and groups with different karmas. Some of the blue giants are helping us and are part of the Star Elders Council that has taught Humanity.

Some of the Pleiadians are also blue and taller than us. Just like people, we can’t judge a book by its color. So it is very important not to categorize between good and bad with our limited dual mind, but rather to understand the bigger pictures with our heart.

I also felt in that dream that not all of the fallen ones are hopeless cases as their individual consciousness can heal and change. They are mostly under the control of dark forces like a good part of our own Human race.

As we are all created for soul evolution, the ultimate purpose is to heal from our karma and ascend in the dharmic way, so every beings have this destiny, regardless of where they now stand on their course. Our best contribution as bridgers is to open the gates of compassion to allow them to heal.

We can’t overcome such beings through force, so we much reach them with Love. We must also be aware of the harms and threats they can cause, but without any fear.

One of their ways of deception is to keep us in fear from the beyond and avoid all contacts with Star Beings.

The Dracos and Archons are not to be seen as ennemies, but teachers, even by their example we should not follow.

Their souls is longing for freedom and the greatest deed we could accomplish would not only be to free ourselves from the forces bonding us and them but also help them to be freed.

The messages I’m getting is that the only way to bring long lasting healing is to help those who need it the most with compassion. We might have to help them to be reintegrated in the Star Council as we are ourselves.

From what i learned in my last astral journey with the Star Elders, confirmed by other teachings shared, there were many races coming from the Orion region, some of the blue giants have kept helping us, while some fell under dark control. The best we can do as bridgers is not only to free ourselves from the fallen ones domination, but to also help them to heal and change their ways, which only can bring long lasting solutions and results.

We can’t heal ourselves by letting them behind since our karmas are related, we have to solve them together. Love is the greatest healing power and universal medicine. We all need help and guidance on our spiritual journey, sometimes we receive it from higher consciousness and other times we are asked to help and guide those in need. We might be asked to protect places and people or help cleansing energies, all through Creator’s Universal Love, for the best interest of all our relations… ..

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  1. Thanks for this beautifully worded message. When you speak of ascending in the Dharmic way do is it a general reference to ascending in the cosmic order established by the Creator or is it a specific reference to the Eight Fold Path as described by the Buddha. Perhaps they are related.

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