SCENIC’s first month report

After our first month, our website has received over 6500 views by more than 1900 visitors from 47 countries, and got 160 likes and 30 comments. We have 46 subscribers.

We have posted 98 articles, including 34 experiencers stories that we received and published. Many thanks to all who contribute in the great disclosure.

Please, submit your Sasquatch stories, experiences or articles by clicking on this link:

Thanks to all who have shown interest and support. SCENIC is a global collective network bringing in the open true Sasquatch knowledge. Please, join us in the active disclosure of information about Sasquatch and other non-Human intelligent beings, by sharing your knowledge and experiences. Help us in disclosing valid information about Sasquatch, share our website in your networks, use the share buttons under each post to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or other medias, like, rate, comment on our posts, donate.

Many thanks to our 11 donors who have contributed a total of $400 CAD to our fundraiser ($260 CAD through GoFundMe and $140 CA through Paypal).

To support our work with donations:

On GoFundMe:

On Paypal:

Thanks and blessings to all our relations, and those who support disclosure of the truth.

Thanks to our Sasquatch Elders and other Star Elders for their guidance and Love…

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