Experiencers Stories

Experiencer story, by Judith

I love these stories. Thanks to all who make this possible.

I have another experience that was amazing and heartwarming. I had starting leaving gifts of apples, or feathers and played around with leaving rock circles or stick patterns. The rocks were always bumped out of line, the apples taken, and sometimes small rocks were left for me.

One day I went out to a muddy gifting site and found a scratch in the mud. It seemed so insignificant but I looked closer and saw finger pads about the same size as my own at the starting point of the scratch. I decided to cast it just for fun, thinking it was probably human. When I rinsed it I saw the scratches went deep into the mud and clearly there were very thick squared off fingernails on this person. Certainly not human like me.

It felt like a signature. Of course I still have it and treasure it. This young Forest Person really feels like a friend, and I am very honored that his mama allowed him to interact with me on multiple occasions.

I hope to find him and his mom again someday. They haven’t come to play for over a year. I think that small family has moved away and another less playful clan is in the area. They make themselves known in other ways.

In fact, just as an aside, I’ve been told that they like to watch “The Voice” on TV through the windows. A friend and very psychic Forest Person communicator tells me that they aren’t able to sing due to their throat anatomy, and they are fascinated with our singing abilities.

One evening after watching that program, with window shades wide open, I went out on our deck with my little dog. Just out side the room we had been in there was deep shadow under a pine tree. My dog was looking over there and wagging her tail.

They were there.

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