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Names for Sasquatch in Native American languages

In a previous post, we provided lists of names for Sasquatch or hairy humanoids from cultures around the world. The following lists give names in Native American languages.

If you are aware of others, please let us know so we may add them. Peace to all…

Yi’ dyi’tay Nehalem/Tillamook Indian “Wild Man”
Sasahevas Halkomelem Language
Salish Indian
“Wild Man of the Woods”
Xi’lgo Nehalem/Tillamook Indian “Wild Woman”
Sc’wen’ey’ti Spokane Indian “Tall Burnt Hair””
Skanicum Colville Indians “Stick Indians”
Choanito Wenatchee Indian “Night People”
Ste ye mah Yakama Indian “Spirit hidden by woods”
Seatco Yakama/Klickitat/Puyallup “Stick Indian”
Seat ka Yakama Indian Not Available
See’atco Coast Salish Indian “One who runs and hides”
Tsiatko Puyallup/Nisqually Indian “Wild Indians”
Steta’l Puyallup/Nisqually Indian “Spirt Spear”
Seeahtkch Clallam Indian Not Available
Qui yihahs Yakama/Klickitat Indian “The Five Brothers”
Skookum Chinook Indian “Evil God of the Woods”
At’at’ahila Chinookan Indian Not Available
Omah Yurok Indian Not Available
Oh Mah Hoopa Indian “Boss of the Woods”
Bukwas Kwakwaka’wakw Indian “Wildman of the Woods”
Tsonaqua Kwakwaka’wakw Indian “Wild Woman of the Woods”
Tah tah kle’ ah Yakama/Shasta Indian “Owl Woman Monster”
Sne nah Okanogan Indian “Owl Woman”
Rugaru Turtle Mt Ojibway Not Available
Qah lin me Yakama/Klickitat Indian Not Available
Windago Eastern Athabascan Indian “Wicked Cannibal”
Wetiko Cree Indian Not Available
Chiye tanka Lakota (West)/Sioux Indian “Big Elder Brother”
Chiha tanka Dakota (East)/Sioux Indian “Big Elder Brother”
Matlose Nootka Indian Not Available
Neginla eh Alutiiq/Yukon Indian “Wood Man”
Nantiinaq Kenai Peninsula Indian Not Available
Nant’ina Dena’ina Indian Not Available
Urayuli SW Alaskan Eskimo Not Available
Get’qun Lake Lliamna Indian Not Available
Kushtaka Tlingit Indian “Otter Man”
A hoo la huk Yup’ik Indian Not Available
Gilyuk Nelchina Plateau Indian “Big Man with little hat”
lariyin Hare Indian “Bushman”
So’yoko Hopi Indian Not Available
Ot ne yar heh Iroquois Indian “Stonish Giant”
Ge no sqwa Iroquois/Seneca Indian “Stone Giants”
Ge no’sgwa Seneca Indian “Stone Coats”
Miitiipi Kawaiisu Indian “Bad luck or disaster”
Yahyahaas Modoc Indian Not Available
Tso apittse Shoshone Indian “Cannibal Giant”
Toylona Taos Indian “Big Person”
Atahsaia Zuni Indian “The Cannibal Demon”
Boqs Bella Coola Indian “Bush Man”
Goo tee khl Chilkat Indian Not Available
Loo poo oi’yes Miwuk Indian Not Available
Kala’litabiqw Skagit Valley Indian Not Available
Madukarahat Karok Indian “Giant”
Nun Yunu Wi Cherokee Indian “The Stone Man”
Kecleh-Kudleh Cherokee Indian “Hairy Savage”
Esti Capcaki Seminole Indian “Tall Man”
Mesingw Lenni Lenape Indian “The Mask Being”
Misinghalikun Lenni Lenape Indian “Living Solid Face”
Wsinkhoalican Lenni Lenape Indian “The Game Keeper”
Saskets Salishan/Sahaptin Indian “The Giant”
Not Available Coeur d’Alene/Spokane Indian “The Tree Men”
Not Available Oglala Lakota Sioux Indian “The Big Man”
Yayaya-ash Klamath Indian “The Frightener”
Manabai’wok Menomini Indian “The Giants”
Nu’numic Owens Valley Paiute “The Giant”
Tse’nahaha Mono Lake Paiute “Giant”
Gogit Haida Indians “Not Available”
Tsadjatko Quinault Indians “Giants”
Hecaitomixw Quinault Indians “Dangerous Being”
Skukum Quinault Indians “Devil of the Forest”
Not Available Twana Indians “Stick Indians”
Slalakums Upper Stalo Indians “The Unknown”
Na’in Gwich’in Indians “Brushman”
El-Ish-kas Makah Indians “Not Available”
“Not Available” Tshimshian Indians “Cannibal”
Iktomi Plains Indians “The Trickster “
Yé’iitsoh Navajo Indians “Big God “

Native American legends are rich in Bigfoot content. There can’t be any creature walking this Earth that the Native Americans hadn’t encountered at least once in a while . Think about it , these people lived as one with the Earth 24/7 365 days a year . Even the most “outdoorsy” of we “civilized” people can only claim a few weeks (or days or hours in most cases) a year of really being in the bush . Below are some of the names that Native Americans had for Bigfoot.

Bukwas – Kwakwaka’wakw Indian
Tsonaqua – Kwakwaka’wakw Indian
Tornit – Inuit Indian
Nun Yunu Wi – Cherokee Indian
Kecleh-kudleh – Cherokee Indian
Gougou – Micmac Indian
Kokotshe – Tete-de-Boule Indian
Witiko – Tete-de-Boule Indian
Atshen – Tete-de-Boule Indian
Misinghalikun – Lenni Lenape Indian
Wsinkhoalican – Lenni Lenape Indian
Nu’numic – Owens Valley Paiute Indian
Tse’nahaha – Mono Lake Paiute Indian
Slalakums – Upper Stalo Indian
Iktomi – Plains Indian
Kashehotapalo – Choctaw Indian
Nalusa Falaya – Choctaw Indian
Windago – Athabascan Indian
Wetiko – Cree Indian
Sasq’ets (Sasquatch) – Salish Indian
Choanito – Wenatchee Indian
Tsiatko – Puyallup / Nisqually Indian
Steta’l – Puyallup / Nisqually Indian
Atahsaia – Zuni Indian
Madukarahat – Karok Indian
Chiye tanka – Lakota Sioux Indian
Chiha tanka – Dakota Sioux Indian
Kushtaka – Tlingit Indian
A hoo la hul – Yup’ik Indian
Esti Capcaki – Seminole Indian
Gogit – Haida Indian
Hecaitomixw – Quinault Indian
Skukum – Quinault Indian
Tsadjatko – Quinault Indian
Mesingw – Leni Lenape Indian
Na’in – Gwich’in Indian
Ye’iitsoh – Navajo Indian
Nantiinaq – Kenai Peninsula Indian
Urayuli – SW Alaskan Eskimo
Gilyuk – Nelchina Plateau Indian
So’yoko – Hopi Indian
Miitiipi – Kawaiisu Indian
Tso apittse – Shoshone Indian
Boqs – Bella Coola Indian
Loo poo oi’yes – Miwuk Indian
Yi’dy’tay – Nehalem / Tillamook Indian
Sasahevas – Halkomelem Indian
Sc’wen’ey’ti – Spokane Indian
Seatco – Yakama / Klickitat / Puyallup Indian
Ste ye mah – Yakama Indian
Seat ka – Yakama Indian
Skookum – Chinook Indian
See’atco – Salish Indian
Xi’lgo -Nehalem / Tillamook Indian
Rugaru – Ojibway Indian
Skanicum – Colville Indian
Seeahtkch – Clallam Indian
Omah – Yurok Indian
El-lsh-kas – Makah Indian
Saskets – Salishan / Sahaptin Indian
Manabai’wok – Menomini Indian
Yayaya-ash – Klamath Indian
Matlose – Nootka Indian
Iariyin – Hare Indian
Goo tee khi – Chilkat Indian
Kala’litabiqw – Skagit Indian
Yahyahaas – Modoc Indian
Toylona – Taos Indian
Get’qun – Lake Lliamna Indian
Nant’ina – Dema’ina Indian
Neginla eh – Alutiiq / Yukon Indian
Oh Mah – Hoopa Indian
Sne nah – Okanogan Indian
Qah lin me – Yakama / Klickitat Indian
Ge no’sgwa – Seneca Indian
Ge no sqwa – Iroquois / Seneca Indian
Ot ne yar heh – Iroquois Indian
Tah tah kle’ ah – Yakama / Shasta Indian
At’at’ahila – Chinookan Indian
Qui yihahs – Yakama / Klickitat Indian

Stenwyken, Stuanwauken – Okanagan

Souie Appoo – Similkameen

Sabe, Misabe, Kitchi Sabe – Anishnabe

2 thoughts on “Names for Sasquatch in Native American languages”

  1. I’m Mohawk of Brantford 6 Nations.

    Bigfoot/Sasquatch, has already been proven.
    Homo Sapiens Cognatus.
    Melba Ketchum Genome Project.
    Peer Reviewed And Classified (2013)

    We live on a flat stationary plane with a firmament above. Consistent with Ancient Hebrew Cosmology. It’s a closed system. “Outer Space” is water. I’m a Native American and I’m telling you the Bible is true.
    Big bang = Let there be light
    A rotating globe and evolution is pseudo science. Dinosaurs didn’t exist! The earth isn’t million or billions of years old. This is a lie to discredit the Bible. Mountainous plateaus like Devils Tower is a Giant petrified tree stump. Silicone based lifeform.
    Some mountains are Giants/Nephilim and various other Giant Creatures that were killed and fossilized in the great Flood.
    Geology is really Geo-Biology. Rock is bone, organ and iron is blood.

    I’ve seen the ocean of heaven seemingly suspended in the sky above with my own two eyes. Consistent with Ancient Hebrew Cosmology as I said. “Outer Space” is water. The stars were moving in different directions at different speeds as if alive or piloted like ships. Thousands of “U.f.o’s”. I watched this for hours. Canada Day. Victoria British Columbia. Canada. Beacon Hill. 3am. Under a full moon.
    Astronots pretend to go to space. It’s all done in studios and outdoor movie productions. Moon is Area 51.
    Mars is Devon island in Northern Canada. “Star People” are Angels.
    I believe Sasquatch is a Decendant of Esau from the Bible.

    I’ve also seen the flower of life all over my walls, ceiling and floor in my apartment. Why would I see the flower of life all over a man made construct? Because we are the Sims!

    Physicists say they found computer code embedded in the equations we use to describe the cosmos. Suggesting we more than likely live in a computer simulation.

    Atoms behave differently when being observed (Double Slit Experiment)

    Atoms are 99.99 % empty space. Therefore physical matter doesn’t actually exist on a subatomic level.

    My theory/hypothesis based on everything above…

    We live on a flat stationary plane with a firmament above within a virtual reality. Atoms are are projecting 3D images in a 4D realm.
    Our bodies are Avatars.

    Yeshua is Gods Avatar!

    “The great peace keeper”…”Bringer of peace” of Native Oral History.


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