Experiencers Stories

Experiencer story by Kim Knutson, from Ontario

By Kim Knutson

I was a young teen, camping in Nothern Ontario. I got lost from the main group. The guides lost track of where me and another camper were. We had stumbled upon wolf cubs and I was concerned for the Mama, so we quickly backed out to leave. But it was strange, as dusk was coming and the cubs followed as if they had been frightened. I and the other young woman heard footsteps. It was strange, not loud like when someone rushes by you, there was pressured sounds.

I was under a tree brush and I saw a hairy, tall, like giant, with soft dark eyes, that was staring as I stared backed. I said with my mind: ”It is okay, I’m not here to harm or scare you; we are just lost trying to find our way back to camp”. I did not hear anything back, just a knowing, strange knowing: ”You will be okay”, I felt in my head. Their eyes have a pulling or mesmerizing feeling and I, at that moment, ran back. At the same time, I tripped over a log to my advantage, as I saw an arm that was reaching for me, saw a hand trying to grab me. Then in distance I heard whistles from the guides and the yelling of my friend who had lost where I was. As fast as I had seen this Sasquatch, it was gone. I dont know how long this was, it seemed to go on forever.

I did not feel he was aggressive, more fearful and cautious, wanting to see. Maybe the grab, as I depicted, was a way of giving a hand to me. I know though in my heart from that, at least for me, they make scary noises, sudden movements, but I did not sense aggression. As if they could sense you like remote viewing, as if you were under a microscope, for sure in energy and seeing way…

Talking is recalling it more, and their smell is very distinct. There is much more and I will share I do get that, as I said above, I said with mind that I was not here to scare or harm and I knew it was received.

kim 2015

Photo: Kim when we first met in person on her first visit for ceremony, April 2015.

Note: Kim is a long time friend and admin on our FB community One United Nation for the Great Earth Peace. She wrote the above account during the winter 2015.

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