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Dreams of Star Beings and ships, by Kalia Diya

By Kalia Diya

My first “dream” like this was last year. I dreamed of being on a spaceship with my star family. The next time I was lucid dreaming, or meditating, connecting to the group of our galactic family that I’ve most recently worked with in other lifetimes (the Pleiadians). They took me to their ship, where I was made most welcome, and it really just felt like coming home. I was invited to sit at a large, circular very glossy white table with a council of beings dressed in white. I was also given information about the ship, about my own mission, and I was able to take in some the details and floor plan of the pristine ship, but what I took away from that meeting was something I’ve implemented in my life here since. And that is what I’ll share.

They showed me a sleep chamber, a single unit (one of many) that housed ambient light and noise that could be adjusted, with the perfect temperature. I was shown that I could ask to be put into the hyberbaric chamber within the sleep chamber whenever my physical body here gets exhausted. I now ask for that occasionally with gratitude. I can say that when I wake up after having requested the sleep chamber, no matter how few hours I’ve actually slept, that I feel great. My light body is actually there receiving deep sleep.

They have also shown me that this can be done for healing. They had a medical team of doctors, nurses and other therapists that were quietly working in the medical or scientific section of the ship. I was told that I can ask to go there in my sleep state as well to receive healing or just to relax and receive galactic therapy. I often refer to it as the “spa chamber” because I feel pampered and refreshed after having been in there.

Since this experience, I have been invited to other ships, including Andromedan and Arcturian. I find them all to be incredibly high-tech, filled with amazing beautiful beings who are here to assist humanity in bringing in the highest vibration possible to Mother Earth and her children.

I know you will understand all of this account, SunBow, and I hope that this sharing may help open others hearts to the understanding that the Universe(s) are far more vast than we know (we are clearing the fog from our memories), that we have more than one body, and that we are all connected to Creator, to love and to all that is if we so choose to make that connection once again. Blessings, brother.

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