Experiencers Stories

Experiencer story, by White Lynx

This is a brief introduction to some of my experience with the Sasquatch People.

6 years ago, I was starting to experiment with mediation after losing weight and still being bothered by social anxiety.

I figured it should quiet my mind. I had a little experience with it in karate, but that’s it.

During a mediation I saw a Sasquatch in 5D in my living room, in the middle of the city.

This made me want to understand what this large shimmering outline was doing in my home.

I researched several articles, books and videos until I came across a youtube video. Published by Fir and Cedar, detailing Mike Paterson’s experiences with the Sasquatch.
It hit home in a way I couldn’t quite explain.

I went about my daily life researching and meditating .

All of a sudden I got the urge to go on the online classifieds and see what was to rent just for fun, as I didn’t have any immediate plans to move.

I saw a house that just spoke to me.
It was too far, too expensive, and totally unfeasible, but I went for it against everyone’s best advice. I didn’t even have a car and was going to move into the middle of nowhere!

I took this house a stack of realtor cards on the counter. It was empty for 5 years before I took possession . It was absolutely beautiful, but very very rural .

My experiences began almost immediately upon taking the house.

Loud bangs knocks mimics and many out of place things happened with alarming frequency, but I never once felt in danger.

They initiated me, first with the knocks and small glyphs. They would leave down my well traveled path I walked everyday. I would feel like I was learning a lesson or receiving a personal message from each glyph they would leave. I gifted a few things and mentioned: ”I am in your home, my house is yours, take what you want”.

We showed each other’s family mutual respect for the next 3 months and still do.
We basically lived together and still kind of do. We have mutual respect for each other.
They ended up following me back to the small town I moved to, coming by in whisp or sparkle form. We again invited and welcomed our home as theirs.

We’ve never tricked, harassed, shot at, bothered or disrespected them.

I still have many many interactions and I have gone though many beautiful experiences due to them helping me realize my full potential and how to live from my heart space.
I’ll share more but all with time, as they have taught me.

Baby steps… Be the light to see the light.

White Lynx

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