By Kalia Diya



Joyous Greetings! We are the Pleiadians. We are so pleased and honored to be here with you today.

We have been celebrating with you across the globe and across all galaxies for the great shift that has just occurred. And by “just”, we mean over a very short period of time in the last week.

There were many initiations and much excitement for all of you who have faithfully and humbly served Creator and the Love of All That Is. We honor each of you for your own personal work that you have done in your own lives, coming through your struggles, through all of your emotions, through tests, and also through the joy.

So as we honor you, we would love to see you honor each other; those you know and those you don’t know. For we have seen unity be magnified across all peoples, through the energetic grids of Mother Gaia. This greatly excites us, for it means that we can communicate more closely with you now. So allow yourselves to remove any blockages of the mind that would say you cannot communicate telepathically with us and other star families and with each other.

New gateways and new portals have been opened for this gift to be used once again by all. And so we bless you with new higher frequencies and new connections and new technology that would allow you to do this. We would encourage you greatly to practice telepathic communication with each other and with us, for we are open to that communication from you. So send us little heart messages when you think of us, or send little heart messages when you think of others. Send your brothers and sisters heart messages when you think of them, and when you think of them, they are also thinking of you! See? You are already practicing telepathy!

We would encourage you to continue to practice telepathy with each other, as we have seen some of you already do. Practice setting aside a time to connect with each other, and then send each other heart thoughts, and see what you get! See what matches! And if it doesn’t match, don’t worry. You are connecting through your heart centers, so a connection has been made whether or not you see the same thing, or feel the same thing or hear the same thing.

We would encourage you to keep practicing, for the more you practice, the better you get, because telepathy is indeed real and is the way of universal communication. This is the way it always has been and you are no longer shut off from it.

And those of the animal kingdoms and the Elementals would like to begin to practice with you as well. So when you find yourself out in nature, send loving heart thoughts to the trees, to the flowers, to the birds, to the wind and the water. See what happens. Again, the more you practice, the better you become and the more this will become a reality and a part of your lives.

For we are all working together toward a New Earth, towards new governments, new communities, towards prosperity and peace for all. You will no longer need wifi, or cell phone towers or land lines. All is being created brand new for the highest and best good of all.

We would like to remind you once again to always connect to Creator and to Love.

Honor yourselves and your processes of this Ascension, wherever you might be in that process, and to know that you are exactly where you need to be. There is no right or wrong way, no quick way or slow way. There just is a Way. And each of you are finding that in your own hearts by staying connected to Love and to Creator. So allow all else to fall away, and just BE.

We leave you with this beautiful song and the greatest of blessings and love.

Message from a collaborative union with the High Grid Pleiadians, Kalia‘s Higher Self & Kalia Diya

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