Sasquatch Multidimensional Shamanism, Chapter 1: Origins, by SunBôw

Chapter One – Origins

Let us start with the origins. Without the memory of its origins, a species is like a tree without roots. We need to remember our origins to understand who we are and the purpose of our long term evolution. This is why today, Humanity is so confused and lost, because of the loss of knowledge of its origins, that has been caused gradually through internal decadence, due to outside influences from some non-Human intelligent entities who have enslaved Humankind, erasing traces and memories of the past.

That some entities, incarnated or not, are malevolent and evil, is not a matter of debate among shamans. It is rather often their lot to deal with those disturbing energies, to face, neutralize or repell them. Spiritualists and healers know that their work involves protecting, preventing and curing many evils. They are aware of their role as spiritual warriors, defenders of justice, in the great cosmic psychic war. For them, there is no question whether threatening or dangerous entities exist or not: it is a known fact.

Likewise, the Council of Star Elders, presided by the Eldest Elders, is acting in permanence to maintain the Cosmic Order with Peace and balance, by activating and mentoring the development of worlds, which includes at times interventions, to neutralize or expel destructive powers threatening evolution. Destructive forces are also part of the natural law and cosmic balance of this limited plane of duality. Yet, spiritual wisdom, with the virtuous way of dharma, is to protect and promote life and its evolution. This is because creation has a purpose, it is part of a greater divine plan, for all consiousness to ascend.

Everything that has a beginning in linear space-time must also have an end; it is the nature of existence. This is precisely why this physical dimension has been created, for the souls who had lost their original purity and innocence of the Oneness Consciousness, and separated themselves into individual egos, with their own free will and destiny, to be able to exist and evolve through mortality and reincarnation. Through this long evolution process, they learn to find their way back to the Oneness Consciousness.

For this reason and purpose, the Star Elders Council has been appointed since its creation aeon ago, to watch over the development of worlds, by favoring the evolution of biodiversity and of consciousness. The evolution of worlds is a long term process extending over billions of years, which requires constant vigilance and regular interventions, to keep the karmic balance between physical and spiritual realms. We explained in the previous books, especially in the first one, how the Star Elders develop the worlds. We will not repeat here in the details, but will revise the greater picture of this whole evolution process.

It starts when a young planet emerges from its star and condenses into a mass, with its own Soul entity. Within its womb, the newly born home-planet carries a reservoir of souls in gestation, in deep lethargy. This early gazeous phase of creation, unsuited for bilogical life, can only offer shelter to astral bodies. The consciousness level is comparable to that of a deep sleep, with occasional episodes in dream state. It is similar to the state of an embryo that does not have a soul attached, but is visited by one at times. During this first phase, Star Elders only hover and watch without intervening, as souls slowly emerge.

When gazes cool off and condense into a liquid form, biological evolution can start, since water is life. Young souls can then start to take physical bodies, in very rudimentary and simple life forms, at first. The level of consciousness of those life forms is comparable to that of a fetus, that can from time to time host a soul in a lethargic state, which gradually starts using its body and react to outside stimuli, yet they are without self-awareness, floating in a dream time, unable to perceive what is around them.

This is how the Star Elders planted some of those life forms and appointed gardeners: the Elementals. The initial cell theory lacks the understanding of the spiritual intelligent intervention from Star Elders. The whole plan of the evolution of creation emanates from the Great Spirit Creator or Universal Consciousness, yet it is carried in the different planes, through a wide diversity of cosmic co-creators. The Panspermia theory suggests that DNA travels through the cosmos on asteroids, meteors or comets. The problem is that very rare biological organisms can survive through long distance travels in space.

The spreading of DNA through the universe involves the participation of intelligent star faring species. DNA codes can also be transfered or seeded as electromagnetic information traveling on waves or rays. In other words, DNA codes are messages that can be transmitted throughout space, as data and signals. So, to implant an initial cell on a young home-planet offering a suitable environment for biological life, Star Elders can virtually transfer any DNA codes from any location in the universe, to any given planet.

The initial cell is not a random accident of Nature, it is an act of co-creation, as part of a cosmic plan. The initial cell is not either an isolated unique appearance, it is rather a massive manifestation of life. The spontaneous generation of life, reproduced in laboratories, proves that genetic codes travel beyond the physical plane on waves carrying them through space and walls, into sterilized hermetic enclosures, where primitive life forms can suddenly appear, without any contact with another outside environment.

This explains how biological life proceeds from consciousness, why it manifests suddenly in a world, and how it travels through the cosmos in its most primitive forms, with the help of the most evolved. The young souls incarnating in primitive bodies will have billions of years to evolve into higher forms. Knowing that this is how life was seeded on their own planets aeons ago, Star Elders carry on this way.

In a similar manner, evolved and advanced genetic codes can be transmitted directly into the egg of a mother selected to carry star seed hybrid children, and fertilize it in the womb, without need for any physical intercourse or medical intervention, in a process of tantric alchemy or spiritual galvanoplasty. After a short period of gestation, in which the embryo develops from the mother’s genetics with the DNA implanted, it is often removed in similar interdimensional ways, to be hosted in a birthing mother. This is how Star Elders create evolved hybrids, to bridge species and worlds and fasten soul evolution.

By the end of this very long liquid phase of creation, water beings had developed in a vast diversity, some with attractive colors and beautiful shapes, which had some of the Elementals choose physical incarnation over the etheric state they had known, giving birth to the first intelligent incarnated species on this home-planet, known as the Fish-People or Mer-People, including a wide variety of categories. While this raised the consciousness level of incarnated beings, it lowered the frequency of star species. This is an example of how the evolution of worlds requires the maintaining of balance between planes.

After the first moon was born and the first land emerged, the solid phase started, with new ecosystems. The Star Elders could then seed species accelerating the development of ecosystems and biodiversity, bacterias, algae, corals, fungi, plants, and animal species, at that early stage mostly worms, arthropods, arachnids and insects, that help in the extended process of terraforming and creation of an atmosphere. The Elementals living on this home-planet kept gardening the biodiversity and helping its expansion. The Fish-People having chosen to start their incarnated evolution too early could not inhabit the lands.

At that point, the Star Elders decided to create a new hybrid of intelligent beings to speed up evolution. This practice occurs throughout the cosmos for the development of worlds into higher consciousness. Star Elders select the most advanced species on a young planet and introduce into its genetics their own DNA star seeds carrying spiritual intelligence, creating an avatar hybrid in which star souls are born. Thus were created the Insect-People, most often referred to as Ant-People, for their predominant genes. But over the aeons, other genetics like the mantis were used, so the Insect-People had various branches.

During this phase, the consciousness level was comparable to that of a newborn child, who is not all totally self-aware, depending so much on its queen-mother that it perceives her as part of itself, and all other members of the hive as her subjects, while having very little individual will and personality traits. Among those species, the queens are much more intelligent and advanced psychically than the others. She has a strong psychic hold over the other members of her group, herding them into a hive mentality. Hence, the Ant-People have little individuality, sharing the same genetics within a hive they all serve. They devised advanced technologies for space travel and weather control, but mostly for terraforming.

For aeons the Ant-People developed further the terraforming process and the cultivating of biodiversity. They built and carved mountains, dug canals and an extensive global network of caves, with passages and underground dwellings, that has survived to this day as the underworld, the abode of many beings. As we explained before, it became later the battle ground of a cosmic war with the reptilians invasion.

These latter were the next hybrid carrying star seeds, created on this home-planet, they later dominated. After the original mother-land of Pangaia was split, first in halves, then in multiple continents, creating a vast variety of ecosystems suitable for the development of a greater biodiversity, reptiles and saurians gradually became the most evolved species, whose earthly genetics were also combined with star seeds. The Lizard-People born of this new hybridization intervention diversified into many species and forms. They built giant pyramid complexes and intergallactic outposts, from which they spread on this Earth.

During that phase, the level of consciousness was like that of an infant, self-centered, competitive, emotionally driven, reactive, insecure, easily frightened, and depending on its tutors for its survival. But it is important to realize that in every period, high levels of spiritual consciousness were attained, because there was a great number of Star Elders on Earth at that time, while biological life was primal. When we mention a consciousness level, we refer to a very approximate average for an era or species. The whole process of evolution is to allow souls to advance into ever higher consciousness and healing.

The next class of intelligent hybrid species, following the Lizard-People, were called the Bird-People. While the previous hybrids were deeply active in the wide underworld, the Bird-People were highly involved in patrolling the skies and our solar system, for which they built large fleets of ships and later, a huge artificial planet as mother-ship, orbiting the outer solar system, that came to be known as Nibiru. They became mostly known as the Anunnaki, their Sumerian name meaning ”those from the heavens”.

They implanted in power places and energy vortices along the Earth’s natural electromagnetic grid a vast quantity of programmed crystals and free energy consciousness devices, acting as equalizers balancing energy currents, enhancers of magnetic fields, and transmitters of high frequency messages. This healing grid has subsisted in ley lines, with the sacred sanctuaries built along them for many ages. The consciousness level corresponded to that of an adolescent, sexually driven, experimenting passion, building self-esteem and pride, struggling to find its place in the social circle, and affirming its rights.

The Bird-People lived increasingly off planet in outer space, so a new intelligent hybrid was designed. Thus, the Mammal-People were conceived, from the genetics of the most advanced life form, which at that time on this home-planet, was a species of giant lemurs; hence, my Sasquatch People were born. We are the representatives of early adulthood in the evolution of consciousness on this home-planet, independent, autonomous, curious, eager to explore, learning responsibility, yet free from bondage.

Depending on when the creation of a new hybrid occurs along the course of evolution on any given planet, the available genetic stock largely vary; on some planets, feline or canine DNA have been used. Of course, every class of hybrid that has existed over millions of years has given birth to countless branches, forms, types of genetics or lineages too long to list, through interbreeding or DNA exchange. When those intelligent species reach the level of evolution of star faring civilizations, they can additionally keep evolving on different planets, into an ever wider diversity of sub-species and hybrids.

This is why all the Elder species that have preceded you on this home-planet Earth, the Elementals, the aquatic people, the insectoids, the reptoids, the avians, and the mammelians we, Sasquatch People, are, have evolved into vast varieties of genetic lineages, to a much greater extend than your Human People. Yet, your evolution, although only a few millions of years old and hence, just a tiny fraction of ours, is still itself extremely complex, with hundreds of additions of outer horizontal genes in various hominids. Your people and mine carry the same star seed, but your earthly ancestor was another evolved primate.

We covered this whole process in details in the first two books of The Sasquatch Message to Humanity. This very brief account of the evolution of consciousness on Earth is a reminder for you Soul memory. It is not so important, as it is practically impossible, to know all the intricate details about each species.

What really matters for your collective consciousness, is to understand that you are a very young species, living on this one small planet of the cosmos, following a long lineage of intelligent, spiritually conscious species that have had much more advanced civilizations than yours, barely emerging to light. So, Humans are not the first, most intelligent, most evolved, nor the most spiritually advanced species. Many Elder species like mine have preceded you, developed higher spiritual consciousness, greater ancient knowledge, and stronger psychic abilities, allowing us to teach you about interdimensionality.

Although intelligent life can incarnate in many forms, the most common standard model throughout the cosmos is the one you call ”humanoid”, a symetrical body with one head, two arms and a pair of legs. That this similarity exists on many faraway planets, distant by light years from each other, is not a mere coincidence, it is a proof that evolution of life and consciousness happens in parallel on many worlds. This indicates that we are related across the cosmos, we have ancestors and relatives in all the universe.

Homo Sapiens is but the latest edition of intelligent life, and in spite of his name meaning ”knower”, he is the most ignorant of the lineage, our Littlest Brother, who thinks himself to be on top of the evolutionary chain and a superior species entitled to dominate and even exterminate other life forms. This anthropocentrist mind has lead Humanity to separate itself from the great cosmic web of relatives. It has also trapped your collective consciousness into a materialistic paradigm clouding your perception and keeping you from knowing or understanding non-Human intelligence, and interdimensional beings.

Yet, Humanity is meant to represent the middle age adulthood of consciousness evolution on this Earth, obsessed with performance, production, possession and security, and knowledgeable yet not quite wise. But Humanity is barely reaching its own adulthood and needs to grow much more and gain in maturity, until it has enough courage to recognize us, Sasquatch, and star relatives, as brothers, and not monsters.

As your Elder Brothers, we have been watching you since your conception and have protected you in your youth; we now ask your Human People to open their heart and soul to the Oneness consciousness. To acknowledge the Oneness of all intelligent species, all life forms and all parallel dimensions, is the next quantum leap for your collective consciousness, the necessary step toward a better world for all. This holistic understanding can bring Peace to Earth and reconnect you with higher spiritual guidance. Let this be the priority of all spiritualists, healers, shamans and Light workers, to bring the cosmic shift.

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  1. Can we expect a book soon? Either Messages Three or this one Multidimensional Shamanism . . . I am currently writing my own book and have finished close to a hundred pages, much harder task than writing articles but I do enjoy your books, so am hoping you finish and publish soon!

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    1. Thanks for asking Daniel. Book 3 of the Sasquatch Message to Humanity, written by co-authors, is currently being edited by Kelly, to be published shortly. There is already enough material or close for Book 4.

      This new book I just started, Sasquatch Multidimensional Shamanism, is off series. I’ll publish chapters as they come and edit in book when ready. Thanks for your encouraging comments. Blessings on your writing works…


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