Experiencers Stories

Experiencer story, by Brian Bland, from BC

By Brian Bland

Brian Bland


Exciting new doors and connection have been happening since i have been playing my new drum in the woods. That’s 10X fold when i am playing with my good friend and mentor. Thunder Hawk. A few weeks back we even had a 3rd drummer joining in, deep in a favorite spot. It was a magical day of high energy, connection and invitation’s extended. At the conclusion of this particular day we were greeted with these two offerings, the feather and the glyph, with the invitation extended. Feeling truly humbled and blessed.

Brian Bland 4


We are making deeper connections with the Sasquatch people and the possibilities are exciting. Here are before and after pictures. #1 is from from a week or so ago and Thunder Hawk and i made it as a gift of garlic, garnished with cheezies! Mostly for color of course! When we were making the offering we both felt that amazing loving energy that cannot be described unless you have felt it personally. We returned the next day but our gift was untouched however today it was changed dramaticaly in a fashion i have come to recognize as their handiwork. All the cheezies and garlic were gone and replaced with hand picked fern tops as seen in pic #2. To the right was an obvious glyph (pic #4) and 4 large rocks meaning 4 were there.


I have been thinking of friends and connections of late and how the Sasquatch people bring their people together.

A few years back my GF Susan Funkhouser was on a camping trip with some new people she had just been introduced to. Lisa Devereaux Krouze and her hit it off immediately and Lisa shared a picture with Sue that puzzled her. I am not entirely privy to what Lisa thought about it but Sue recognized it for what it was (glyph) and suggested she show me.

Sue sent it to me and although i had never seen one quite like it it was obvious to me it was their handiwork. The very next day i went to the woods and got the call to go to a specific place. In a very short time, a matter of minutes i came upon a glyph and knew immediately what i was looking at. It was virtually identical to Lisa’s. When she saw it she knew, it was her eureka moment, her it’s all real moment.

Perhaps a year later Susan and i were visiting Lisa and Shaun Phay at their home in OR and we went for a walk in their back field. Shortly into the short jaunt we came upon a spectacular glyph, peeled and bright, that was placed directly mid path. It was the 3rd in the series of 3 but there was a difference with this one. It was signed with an A the signature of Arrrie my clan leader. It was spectacular confirmation of how they establish connections. I have posted all 3 pictures in sequence.

Brian Bland 3

8 thoughts on “Experiencer story, by Brian Bland, from BC”

  1. Listening to you on Coast to Coast am with Connie Willis. Loving the pictures, now I know better what to be on the watch for. Amazing detail, more obvious than I would have imagined ! Wish you had more time to explain them all !!!

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  2. Those religious institutions such like the Smithsonian would consider my speaking of ‘Big Foot’/Sasquatch in the video referenced in my other comment as ‘racist.’ While on the other hand or polar opposite, I would consider with a heavy weight that, their ridicule or cover-up of them—along with The Giants of old—as extremely ‘racist.’
    After all, why can’t a being such as Sasquatch be higher than Man, as Man at this point in Time seems more degenerated than our hairy friends?

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  3. I find your examples of Sasquatch leaving symbols with sticks to be reminiscent of ancient cuneiform writing no mere coincidence. Interestingly the study of differing language (linguistics) has always been an independent proof of how nationalities have been related in pre-history. Gematria is considered a higher form of communication than mere individual languages. By communicating with a higher life form, we will be able to never allow the start of World War IV: The Space War. Even by discussing it we will be preventing it. On the other hand, ThePowersThatBe and their Smithsonian & other religious war bent-ons [warmongers] might consider us who study Sasquatch as ‘the other side in this War.’ We can use these comparisons to also gain an understanding of WW III, II, I and all bankers wars [as to who are indeed the ‘terrorists’]. We can learn a great deal from our hairy friends; which is why I point out they are less degenerated than present Mankind. As long as people see them as hairy apes, we learn nothing!

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    1. I might add, ‘crop circles’ are also a form of gematria. As long as all crop circles are the creation of “Doug and Dave” they remain ‘nothing to study’ but mere works of drunks & college kids. This is not to say, all crop circles are ‘creations’ of higher life forms, nor are all Sasquatches equal… nor men & women… nor ‘persons’/corporate-hood supporters/banksters/Globalists!

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