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Experiencer story, by Brian Bland from BC

My personal experience has lead me to the conclusion that glyphs, “if they are for you” are telepathic in nature, and customized according to your understanding of them. They may have a standard meaning for the Sasquatch people across the board, but if they are for you they will be customized to the individual (You). To me this is a fact, at least in regards to the way they work with me. That said they will also interpret “through glyphs” what they see us doing. One of the finest examples of this happened to Sue and I when we were camping in a special spot.

A few years back Sue and i camped out in an amazing area where I have had many wonderful experiences. When Arrrie granted me my request and paid me a visit, it was at this exact place. This particular spot is a learning center for young ones, myself included.

As darkness blanketed the sky Sue and i huddled together in front of our tent, just prior to turning in for the night. Fire was not allowed, so we sat there on this comfortable late summer night soaking in the vibe. “Did you hear that Sue remarked?” I am not the most proficient in the hearing department and suffer some deficiencies and i did not hear it. What she described was obvious heavy breathing in the bushes, immediately to our left, mere yards away. “I think it’s Forsh she remarked.

The next morning i immediately noticed a beautiful glyph that was constructed by a tree, mere yards away and directly in front of our tent. I am meticulous in checking the surrounding area before retiring, and this was definitely not there the previous night. It was obvious that the creator of said glyph had used the tree for partial cover as he made it. What it depicted was exactly the scene that had unfolded the previous night. Even Sue who has always been the voice of reason and “eliminate the obvious” was blown away. It was the king of no brainers in both our minds.

What we saw was two people in a tent (two small peeled sticks) and someone watching us immediately to our left (larger peeled stick). If you notice the size even seems to be to scale as the watcher outside is much bigger. His location would jell perfectly with Sue’s recollection of where she heard the breathing as well, just to our left. The tent itself is pretty obvious i think. The friendship/welcome X on the roof is pretty much standard with many of their personal messages to me. Sue remarked, “They even seem to know how to construct a tent” as she pointed out the tent pegs below the floor.

My point in sharing this and other experiences is to point out the loving nature of these amazing humans, and the connection we have to them and to everything. I care not about evidence, except as a tool for learning, and i think given the closed nature of most minds on this planet the Sasquatch people will remain a “myth” and that is probably a good thing. Their people “know”, and were planting seeds.

There is a multitude of reasons why the Forest people and other entities contact their people, but that is for another post. I feel their presence daily, through their particular energy signatures, and i know they watch over us. My amazing rescue in the Oregon woods is testament to that. Show them your heart freely, because they will see it regardless, and treat them and their/our home with respect. What you show them they will return in kind, and 10 fold. Were not chasing monsters, we have already found them, it’s us, but there’s hope. Love and Light.

In the fall of 2016 i went on a hike to visit my forest friends. My destination took me to a less traveled path, above my regular one, to a trail that snaked adventurously through the mossy carpeted forest, and gradually climbed to an elevation of perhaps 4000 feet. I recall the day as being comfortable and sunny.

After a few hours perched in an ideal vantage point overlooking a pristine lake, block mountains and 360 degrees of solid green i started to head back. While i was there i was hearing the usual “did i hear that stuff” along with their energy which never lies.

A short time along on my return route i picked up a rock and fired it squarely at a near by tree. The hollow thunk sound was full, and particularly pleasing. Literally within a few brief moments i got a response. A rock hitting a tree, or what sounded like one, and it was as loud as mine but not quite up to snuff quality wise, and i told him as much. My exact words escape me but i stated that “it is not everyday i get to kick a Sasquatch persons butt but that is exactly what happened here.” (pretty sure i said the A word instead of butt). The gauntlet had been laid down.

I returned to the same location two days later and decided to have a nap in the rich, lush, emerald moss. This was my place to think, to connect, to rejuvenate and find peace.

I awoke maybe 2 hours later and sat there for a few moments, before shouldering my backpack in preparation for the return hike. I picked up a nice round stone and fired it directly at a tree, wondering if my playful friend was up to the challenge. He certainly was as he returned my volley immediately. The sad truth of the mater was that he had also upped his game. Brought his A game so to speak.

Even now when they bless me with interaction of the physical or audible type it feels totally surreal. In 2012 when Randy Brisson and i heard them talking loudly in their language for an extended period of time, it literally felt like i had entered another dimension, and it still does in varying degrees to this day. Perhaps at times like these we meet somewhere in between and i say this with some forethought.

In any event my young friend was up for the challenge, he had not taken his schooling lightly, and he was hellbent for redemption. He was in marvelous form and our epic contest lasted a good five to ten minutes by my reckoning, bearing in mind that time does strange things at times like these. In any event it was not a brief contest, but the result was resounding. I finished 2nd.

My young friends volleys sounded as loud as mine, and seemed very close, and his expertise was beyond reproach. We were two friends playing and laughing, and enjoying each others company immensely. His double and triple ricochets were truly wonderous, and i got to laughing and throwing the odd compliment and good natured jab his way. “Come on out, were friends, you know me. It’s time we meet.”

I was looking down the sparsely, tree dotted slope towards the tree line in hopes of seeing my buddy, but he remained illusive. I thought there was a great chance he might come out and say hello in the flesh, but as suddenly as it started it abruptly ended. I got my answer why fifteen minutes later.

One of the things we have observed about them can be practically applied to our understanding. When they interact with us audibly/physically (rock tossing/tree knocking ect), for a brief or sustained period of time and then everything suddenly goes quiet we know that people are coming. Happens like clockwork, and that was what happened here. Fifteen minutes later two young ladies approached me from a rugged, isolated trail, that curled down serpent like from the mountain high above. “Did you hear anything unusual” i asked? They had not, and i did not elaborate.

I think for me personally the best way to connect with them is with a consistent respect and trust built over time. I have felt them enter me with their energy body or intention, and scan me so to speak. They know us and our heart, and our intentions are laid bare before them.

On one memorable occasion Randy and i could feel their energy all around us, and we were also getting strong scents. We had introduced ourselves officially on a previous trip, and it felt like the entire clan was gathered around us. I am of the belief that if you are known to one clan they will all know you, and the introduction was simply a respectful courtesy that i would extend to anyone as a guest in their home. One strong individual entered me/us and it felt like a light switch was turned on. We call it being scanned and i believe they are checking your energy signature closer. Odder than heck but that was what it felt like. His energy was beyond strong and i asked him to tone it down a bit, which he did. I felt like i was going to be sick to my stomach, it was that strong.

Be consistent and true, heartfelt, respectful and soul driven. This is my way, and it works for me. My young rock throwing pal and i are much closer now and he is the one i feel the strongest of late. It’s a relationship in the works and i treasure it. Were friends and i talk to him as i would any friend, and treat him as such. Love and Light.

4 thoughts on “Experiencer story, by Brian Bland from BC”

  1. I love your stories. I must get into the woods with a drum. At this time I’m feeling very close to the Forest People. They’re in my life daily now; in my home in spirit form, gently poking my foot in the night. Or touching my back. It’s either them or I have friendly ghosts.
    I agree about the glyphs. A very complex one was left for me a week ago. Today I finally got some insight about it’s meaning and it is very personal. Maybe someday I’ll have enough courage to tell this story.
    Thank you for your great contributions. Love and light to you Brian.

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  2. Thank you so much for these wonderful shares from these lovely beings who I can sense so well are filled with such wisdom and love. Now that our fear filters are lifting and we are behaving as one with all living things life is fun again and full of adventure!!

    When I first awakened my consciousness and my kundalini arose within, I could see all these elves and little forest people sitting in my trees laughing and talking. I was not sure if these were past life memories or just awakening to a higher vibration of life all around us that we have been unable to perceive until now as the veil slowly lifts yay!!

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    1. Thanks for your comment and for sharing your experience Cheri. Indeed, it can be past life memories, as we used to be more in touch with the spirit world. It can also be a sign that our consciousness is reawakening to higher frequencies and realms, which is required for our evolution. Blessings on your quest…

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