The Sasquatch Message to Humanity, Book 3, excerpts by Leigh Kerr

Text by Leigh Kerr. Post by Kelly Lapseritis

The following is an excerpt from Leigh Kerr‘s chapter in The Sasquatch Message to Humanity Book 3 which will be published soon. This message was received when Leigh sat with a beautiful female Yowie (Sasquatch) called Tunnika who was hiding in the bush in Australia. She allowed Leigh to capture her image by photograph for this book after asking her permission.Leigh played her drum for the local clan, offered tobacco, burned sage, and did vocal toning before asking Tunnika if she would like to offer any messages for the Sasquatch Message to Humanity Book Three. She was met with the following response:


Message from Tunnika:
“We are happy to connect and that you reached out to us. It has been a long time waiting for human connection. We often observe the people wandering here but we keep to ourselves as the people don’t even know of us or about us. We are open to you as we see your truth in wanting to be a support that we can communicate through and link to the right people who wish to share at this time.”

“Many of my people around the world will come into communication via different human people. The world is changing. In the past, the Yowie was with the indigenous people many, many years ago. Through different events that happened long ago, there was distrust and misunderstanding that set a precedence amongst the Yowies and the indigenous. In some spiritual matters we have different views, and there was indifference to matters of the land. Since that time, there is a barrier of distrust between the Yowies and the indigenous peoples to this day.”

“It is time to come together as we are growing on an evolutionary path and the time is good to build the bridge to come to understanding and create balance to the lineage. We now seek good karmic balance as we are in a time of great transitions unfolding.”

“We must strengthen the foundations first before we plant bigger seeds with humanity. So we want to strengthen and balance the ways of the indigenous people to the yowie people. This is why we connect you to more of the indigenous people, this is not a coincidence for you (me).”

“Some of those will not understand why or how we connect to people because we work in different ways than man. We can be near you in many different ways, more than you could imagine, and that is certainly what we do. This is how we know what happens with your worldly affairs. Many more people are opening their hearts and their minds and will receive us. It will occur gradually at first, and then it will become more noticeable and more well-received. We will do things that will allow you to sense us around you and we will catch you by surprise, like the time Armaridge visited you in the early hours of the morning and surprised you with his gift of hair in your bathroom, and the other times when Kamooh appeared close to your face when you were sleeping. How did I know this? Because we are at one with each other and have omnipresence. We are in sequence with other sasquatch collectively.”

“It is not a coincidence that when you talk about the information you are writing from us, you hear the sound of the drum, your drum, the one that you play for us when you visit to take down messages. It is us knowing what you are doing and calling you to come and receive more messages. We understand that man has concept of Time, however we can break all barriers of time and interact before things have occurred as the hearing of the drum you heard today while writing these messages for the book. We are letting you know that we want you to come back and receive more messages.”

“On the understanding of “being one,” we are in alliance with our star families, brothers and sisters from other realms from eons ago. It is the human that has to overcome the EGO in thinking that he is above all other creatures of Creator’s design. It is the humans that we are waiting for and have been waiting for thousands of years to advance in spiritual matters and realize that we are really all one and all equals. There is little time left as the cycles are and have been changing on great evolutionary proportions. As our star families along with the Masters that have been guiding humans to help them along, and for those that choose to listen, they are the overseers of the great masterplan from the Great Brotherhood of all. It is the Ancient Ones with many thousands of years of knowledge that are now coming forward to help humanity shift forward and thus, this is why humans see us more and more today. We select who we telepath to as not all are ready for our communication.”

“Consciousness is now shifting in leaps and bounds for what was a slow start. Before the beginning of a new era, the consciousness is expanding, ready to transmute the higher vibrational energies which will take us to the highest levels. My clan’s people will be coming out of the woods so to speak, as we are working with humans to help expand your awareness to shift your frequencies. To accept us, one needs to think outside of patterns and programs of their material world and expand their own consciousness to vulnerabilities, and then comes acceptance and understanding. This at first can and has caused some hysteria or disbelief for the narrow minded, but in time, they too will come to understand if they hold trust.”

“We have contact with the souls of many of the Sasquatch communicators. As before, they came to the earthly realm in this incarnation and were told of the work to help humanity. We have been watching and waiting since their earthly childhoods along with the star families that are here to assist and help. They will be a part of the whole cosmic shift in this part of the universe. This is one reason we are bridging with the indigenous of the lands as we must be in perfect balance of energies to transition from the old energies to the new energies. Past issues and karma must be resolved. It affects all living things, therefore all negative must run its course to completion and come to pass. Man has choice and free will and will need to accept or chose love and peace that reside with the universal laws of truth or they will reside in fear and darkness.”

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This chapter is an excerpt from the third book in the The Sasquatch Message to Humanity series, written by Leigh Kerr. The entire first two books written by SunBôw (Jean Letellier) and the third book by various authors are also published and for sale at Kewaunee and Kelly Lapseritis’ website here:


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  1. Thank you Leigh, l feel from the messages you received from Tunnika greatly of the worth that will be the coming together. Connecting here in Australia with the Yowie forest people is another great step forward….
    Thank you Tunnika….

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