Channeled and transcribed by SunBow TrueBrother

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Kamooh 9

Conversations with Sasquatch (part 1)

Although some call him Bigfoot, Yeti, Yowie, Babaloo, Misabe, and a variety of other names, I call him Sasquatch, one of his most famous names, coming from the Coast Salish language of so-called BC. I say him, although this specie of two-leggeds also has genders and families, but the ones who choose to show themselves and interact with us Humans are most often wise older males, protectors of their tribe.

Two previous encounters and lots of research in different sources, including many accounts from Native traditions, had awaken my interest in this mysterious being. Two close encounters this spring with direct communications brought me many clear answers and teachings.

In May, on Vancouver Island, prime Sasquatch country by excellence, one week after finding tracks by Clayoquot, I did ceremonies and chants echoed in the mountains around Kennedy Lake. That night, a loud bang sounding like a big trunk being hit with strength on a hollow tree, caught my attention; then, another one closer. Then a big tree being shaken and broken, and another one closer, made it clear as to who it was. When I heard his foot steps coming my way, I knew he was coming to meet me. He stopped and sat just a few yards behind my tent.

I said to him in spirit: ”We are relatives. I come to meet you as a brother, to learn of who you are. Maybe you can help me understand why sad stories have happened between your people and mine. And maybe we can help in healing our collective past.”

Sasquatch said: (The communication was telepathic, through exchange of thought-forms, translated and interpreted here in words and Human speech, for our Human people.)

”You heard our call and you came. I heard your call and I came. I am an elder seer of my people, sent to meet and teach you. I haven’t met any of your people who could talk with us in a few of your generations. My and your people used to be close brothers, living side by side, in the early ages of your Human specie, when you could still sit in the Council of the Star Elders. We were your elder brothers protecting and teaching you. We helped your specie to learn, grow and adapt to this home-planet where you were created, on which we had been living since long before your conception.”

”Our people, like yours, was bioengineered by the Star Elders, but we were born many eaons before you were. Our conceptors added to their alien genetics the DNA of the most evolved and adapted specie of that era, a giant lemur, now long extinct, just like they did to create your specie much later, with the DNA of another evolved large primate, that you call Anthropopitecus. This is why our genetics and yours are so closely related that our species can interbreed. This is also why your specie and ours are the only two having spliced genes in this home-planet. So we come from the same star seeds, making us relatives, but our earthly ancestors are different. So we are not your ancestors, but your elder brothers.”

”My people was created as part of a cosmic plan to allow ancient souls of star beings to incarnate on this young planet and help it evolve into an intergalactic outpost of consciousness, while discovering its many resources and life forms. We were conceived to possess mighty physical strength and resistance, with thick skin and fur to adapt to every possible environments and climates, from snow-capped summits to dense jungles, and be protected from mosquito and snake bites, with strong limbs enabling us to break trees, run fast and jump high and far, keen eyesight and clairvoyance to see in the darkness even in the deepest caves of the underworld, huge lungs to swin underwater over long distances, and be perfectly autonomous and self-sufficient without need for any external material support.”

”We were also gifted with powerful psychic abilities that we have kept to this day, including telepathy, mind reading, remote viewing, hypnosis, astral projection, dematerialization, teleportation, shape shifting and permeating consciousness. This last ability allows us to impregnate an area and surround entities with our soul. So we might be perceived as interdimensional beings, but in reality we are an incarnated specie with highly developed psychic powers, like none other from this home-planet.”

”Your first ancestors too were created with those same psychic abilities, but your evolutionary course has largely depleted your gifts, as well as your longevity. We have kept our connection with the greater Soul of our specie, like most animals have, while our telepathic abilities allow the average individual among us to tap in and communicate from distances with any other one gifted with this faculty. So any one of us can know at any time how any other thinks and feels, through telepathy. When one connects with our greater Soul, the whole specie can potentially know about it. But our individualities remain independent and free, so individual behaviors are not always representative of our greater Soul specie.”

”Likewise, we can read minds and intentions of others. That’s why those fools who chase us like beasts, with guns and infrared glasses, will never catch a glimpse of any of us. Our telepathic abilities allows us to foresee who is coming and feel their intentions. So we can hardly ever be surprised by one of yours, except maybe when we are deeply asleep or when one of your fast moving vehicles comes our way. Otherwise, we show ourselves to your people only to frighten away some unwelcomed intruders, or in the rare cases when one of you is willing and able to communicate peacefully in spirit with us. Once one of you has established contact with our greater Soul, we can always communicate in spirit afterwards, regardless of distances, much like we do with our Star Elders.”

(to be continued…)

Conversations with Sasquatch (part 2)

Sasquatch said: (The communication was telepathic, through exchange of thought-forms, translated and interpreted here in words and Human speech, for our Human people.)

”As we are incarnated beings, there are plenty of physical proofs of our existence. But we conceal usually most traces and offer proper burial to our dead in undisclosed protected locations, inaccessible to your specie. Some of your people go around hunting us either to find or to cover up physical proofs of our existence, and they have succeeded in doing both. Being highly telepathic beings, when some of you identify tracks left by one of us, that one of ours knows who it is and what is their intention.”

”Likewise, when one of yours succeeds in taking pictures of one of ours and publishes them, we can hear the thoughts of those seeing it and feel the fears, hatred and ridicule we are subjected to in the uncivilization enslaving your people. This hurts our Soul. For this reason, we avoid cameras and having our DNA sampled. Material proofs of our existence can also threaten the safety of my people, if used to track us by the powers serving the lower lords, including some of your people, knowingly or not.”

”Our Human allies are not concerned about proving our physical existence, since there will always be denial in the uncivilization of the lower lords, no matter how many proofs are provided, to maintain the official program of the global control agenda, through the false doctrine of specieism and an ideology of domination. Our Human allies are rather concerned about our rehabilitation in your collective consciousness as your elder relatives and long-time allies, through the transmission of the ancient knowledge we have carried to this day, that was largely forgotten by your people, so that we can once again as before work together in reestablishing the Divine Law and Cosmic Order on our home-planet.”

”Some of us still live thousands of years and see your earthly kingdoms come and go, like leaves on trees throughout the seasons, what your first ancestors could achieve when you were sitting with the immortals in the Star Council. But your people was later subdued under the control of the rebellious lower lords, and modified to be more easily submitted. You were bioengineered to be depending and vulnerable, needing external material support for your basic survival, like clothing, shoes, fire, shelter, tools or weapons, that my people doesn’t need to roam wild and free in every kinds of environments. This vulnerability keeps your afraid of blending with the wilderness through spiritual connection, and bound to the material support offered by your uncivilization, which keeps you servile and submitted.”

”You were given a larger frontal cortex and a more rational mind, with the gift of articulated speech and languages, as part of a plan to transform this planet into a consciousness outpost meant for surveillance and protection of this galactic sector, since there was divisions in the heavens and wars among the stars. But you were conceived with a lower flatter skull and deprived from the higher parts of the brain, seat of the 8th chakra, and of much of the spiritual abilities that your original ancestors had received.”

”My people is the living proof of the stories of your origins carried in your ancient sacred scrolls and in the ancestral oral traditions of your tribal peoples. Our knowledge is what your people has forgotten about your true origins, nature, purpose and destiny. This is why the lower powers that have taken over this Earth are trying desperately to deny and cover up our existence, turning it to ridicule, for the public to keep ignoring the message we carry, while waging in secret a covert genocide against my people.”

”It all started in the times when the civilization you know as Atlantis emerged as a new seat of powers for the Star Council on Earth, and the continents were divided between factions. Old Lemuria, our Mother-land, where my people and much later yours were first conceived and born, had developed into a planetary civilization, with a network of colonies and outposts around the world, many of which have left remains that still can be seen today. After ages of Peace and consciousness, the divisions in the heavens reached our planet, but the Star Council established here could keep it safe and united.”

”Nevertheless, after some time, a faction of star people based in Atlantis fell into the temptation of power and greed, and went away from the greater Divine Law and Cosmic Order, that they were originally meant to maintain and protect on our young Earth. After winning battles over our Earth and succeeding in pushing back invading forces, they claimed ownership and dominion over our home-planet, which is not their home, and to which they were sent to keep watch and protect. Their claim was denied by the Council of Star Elders keeping the Cosmic Order. So the faction of lower principalities rebelled and banded with the invading forces they had been fighting against. They broke the covenant of the planetary watchers by manipulating genetics and breeding several experimental races of hybrids and slave species, for their own interest and power. As opposed to the creation of my people and of yours, that were approved by the higher Council of Star Elders, within a cosmic plan for soul consciousness and planetary evolution, these genetic modifications were done for selfish purposes by the lower principalities, against the higher Divine Law and Cosmic Order. Those artificially produced species, including giants, dragons and monsters, were used as slaves and soldiers in wars against the Star Council of Elders, still based in Mu. Your most ancient cultures have kept the memories of those wars involving star fleets in their sacred archives and ancestral legends that have survived to this day.”

”My people and your people took part side by side in those star wars to maintain the Divine Law and reestablish the Cosmic Order of the Star Council on this Mother Earth, our home-planet. My people stood all the time with the Council of Star Elders based in Lemuria, our Mother-land. But your people got divided, many falling under the influence of the lower lords, based in Atlantis. Some of them were enslaved in their army and we had to fight them. As time passed, the conquering powers of the lower lords devised new ways to transform again the genetics of your people, turning them into more easily servile creatures, with less spiritual consciousness and psychic abilities, to take over the whole world.”

(to be continued…)

Conversations with Sasquatch (part 3)

Sasquatch said:

”As the strongest and most powerful psychic beings on this home-planet, the task of my people was to defend as our younger brothers those of your people who had stayed truthful to the Divine Law, even from the ones among yours who posed a threat. For that reason, the fallen powers started waging a war of extermination on my people, that has not yet ended to this day, except that it is being done in secret.”

”Those events caused the separation of your people from my people. From there came the many accounts depicting us like dangerous cannibals, under which your people unfortunately too often know us. It is true that some of our specie have attacked and killed, even eaten some of yours, and sometimes abducted individuals for attempts of contact, and even for interbreeding. But these individual actions cannot be taken out of the context of wars or resistance to the destruction of homelands, just like many of your tribal people have reacted to invasion, when their very survival was threatened by enemies.”

”But the truth is that many more of my specie have been destroyed by Human actions than we have ever hurt your people. Our total population has been reduced to a few thousands last survivors scattered around this home-planet. To this day, most of us still die to Human hands rather than to natural causes. Since this world has become hostile to us, we have chosen to reproduce as little as possible, for safety.”

”This modern Humanity, which you call Homo Sapiens, was encoded to be totally depending on external material support, with more rational minds and less spiritual empathy and sensibility, to serve the agenda of taking over all other life forms on this home-planet, for the sole interest of the lower lords, who set themselves as powers against the Divine Law. Today, my people represents the last and only specie that your specie has not yet dominated, but this submission from us will never happen. This is the reason why the lower lords and the powers they control have been trying to eliminate my people.”

”When the new Atlantean race conquered the world, they exterminated systematically not only all of my people that they could find, but also the largest part of your Lemurian ancestry, save a few remote tribal populations. As this modified and reprogrammed Humanity invaded all parts of the world, the last survivors of my people, in order to assure our survival, had to keep moving further away from the threat into the most remote wilderness and places where your specie can hardly reach, including the network of deep caves in the underworld, with some of your Lemurian ancestors. But even there, we have been hunted down by the powers of the lower lords; nowhere is left safe. Eventually, ages later, they succeeded in destroying the whole continent of Lemuria, mainly through geothermal explosions.”

”So my people disappeared from your official stories, books and collective memory. Tribal cultures that have kept living with the wilderness and maintained their spiritual abilities could still see us. But after time, even your tribal peoples slowly lost their psychic powers and their ability to communicate with us, being entrapped with the whole planet in the power grid of the lower lords, except for a few seers, who also ended up being rare. So the communication between my people and yours got almost completely lost in the last few of your generations. We are now known mainly through legends, often depicting the worst parts of our history and behaviors. Most of your people stopped believing in our existence and we are usually met by fear from the ones who learn about us. Because of this separation, we have been forced to stay away from your people and must often play the card of frightening away unwelcomed intruders who are not ready to communicate with us, for our own safety and survival.”

”The new uncivilization that ruled your world had been banned from the Star Council, which left from our home-planet until a later evolutionary leap. Those same powers serving the lower lords are still keeping this Earth enslaved today, through a combination of means including control of the information, mind programming, staged events and a series of advanced technologies. They want you to forget how they took over the control of your home-planet and destiny through illegitimate means, and have kept your people enslaved, making you more and more depending on new technologies.”

”They want you to forget the Divine Law and Cosmic Order that we have protected with our Star ancestors, with whom we have kept in contact. As a proof of their dominion, the lower lords want you to keep destroying our home-planet, which is not their home, and that they have invaded for their own selfish interests and powers. Since they have laid the basis and frames of your known civilizations and have set the stage for most major events influencing your collective consciousness and destiny, to push forward their agenda of global control, all of your people have fallen under their material and psychic enslavement to some extent and level, none has been left untouched by their detrimental influence.”

”My people is seeking those among yours who are willing and able to help us in making Peace again between elder and younger brothers, and in joining again together in our long time common mission to free our home-planet from the grip and grid of the lower lords. Our common goal, which is also our ultimate responsibility and duty, is to realign our planetary Soul and civilization with the Divine Law and Cosmic Order, in order to take again righteously our place within the circle of the Star Council.”

(to be continued…)

Conversations with Sasquatch (part 4)

Sasquatch said:

”You must first start by finding back your connection, through Nature, with the Soul of our Mother Earth, which connects us all as relatives. On this path of conscious evolution, you must recover your spiritual gifts and psychic abilities that were encoded in your DNA through your ancestral star seeds. As your genetic memory and your soul memory awaken, you will recognize us as elder relatives and allies, and cease to fear us, deny us the right to exist, chase us like beasts or consider us as more primitive than your specie. You will remember how we nurtured and protected your early ancestors like our own younger brothers. You will realize how manipulated and controlled your people has been under the rule of the lower lords, and how what your uncivilization remembers of its history is but the last page rewritten and modified, to make you forget about your true origins, nature, purpose and destiny, as part of a program to keep your people domesticated like pets and enslaved like livestock, in an agenda for global control and tyranny.”

”We know that some of your people have been freeing their souls from this ages-old bondage and are getting ready to stand on our side for the protection of the natural balance of environments from the destructive uncivilization of the lower lords, and for the reestablishment of the Divine Law and Cosmic Order of the Star Council on Earth. We wait for some of you to awaken to your spiritual abilities and reach out to connect with us, to help us deliver to your people the message and ancient knowledge we have carekept through the ages, concerning your origins, purpose and destiny, before it gets completely obliterated from your collective consciousness. We wait for enough of your people to act in togetherness and succeed in freeing the world from its ages-old bondage and curse, to transform your collective karma and evolve into a planetary civilization based on Peace among species, in alignment with the Divine Law and Cosmic Order, to be rehabilitated in the Star Council with our eldest Elders.”

”We wish for some like you to come forward and speak for us to your people, to reawaken their collective memory, because your people is gifted with articulated speech and languages, unlike ours, but most of them have forgotten how to communicate through telepathy. There is nothing to prove about us, but our ancient living knowledge, carrying the same message as the Star Elders, is crucial to your next evolutionary quantum leap into a planetary civilization of Peace within the Divine Law. When you reach that level of consciousness evolution, my people and yours will again be brothers and our Elders of the Star Council will return among us to reestablish the Divine Law of the Cosmic Order. ”

”But first, your people must remember that you are all brothers born from the same ancient star seeds, and that you were created as caretakers and protectors of all life forms on our home-planet Mother Earth. Only later were you reprogrammed and manipulated by the alien lower lords, into serving an agenda of materialistic domination and control over all life forms on our home-planet, with the disastrous consequences we have witnessed, caused by this disconnection from your spiritual Soul and purpose. When your people will come to treat each other as equals and all life as important and sacred, they will start to be ready to reconnect with other two-leggeds, like my people and the Star Elders.”

”You must drop the veil of illusion that has been raised over your souls, keeping you enslaved in a system running on fear, ignorance, scarcity, materialism, competition and conflict, serving only the control agenda of the fallen powers. My people can still wait without losing our knowledge, as we have never fallen under the domination of the lower lords. But for your people, it is an emergency that a growing number of you reconnects with the ancient knowledge and spiritual gifts they have forgotten, in order to readjust your collective destiny with the Cosmic Order, while it is still in your power. Otherwise, the ruling uncivilization that imposed itself over our Earth might end up succeeding in turning your evolutionary process on our home-planet into a failure, by causing unrepairable damages and destruction, that could cause the abortion of this soul evolution experiment you have been part of.”

”If your specie fails in restoring the planetary Peace and Cosmic Order on our home-planet, it will mean that ours too has failed in watching over our younger brother and in guiding your people back into the Star Council, which my people has never left. We see that there is hope, as many of your people are now opening up their consciousness and reconnecting with their ancient knowledge of the Divine Law and Cosmic Order, originally brought on this home-planet by the Council of Star Elders.”

”But you must be aware that there are also many lies and deceptions put out by the lower lords, who try to be seen as the Star Elders and usurpate the title of Earth watchers (or Hakamim), while they have fallen from their duty (to become Nephilim), due to pride, arrogance, greed for power and selfishness. They use this tactic to be perceived as saviors and gods, and carry on their agenda for global control, through a centralized tyranny of their own, that they try to masquerade as the Council of Star Elders.”

”They have encapsulated our home-planet inside a control grid, keeping away the influence of the Star Elders protecting us, through constant warfare, the very backbone of their uncivilization. They have invaded the underworld where they conduct in secret their most detrimental and disruptive experiments for the evolution and balance of our home-planet, including magnetic and genetic manipulations.”

”The collective soul of your people has recognized increasingly the reality of their enslavement. But it must now act accordingly and change its ways and behaviors to free itself from this ages-old bondage. This is the last opportunity your people can grasp to end the slavery and reestablish the Cosmic Order, before the lower lords apply the next phase of their control agenda, which they are already mirroring to you, and modify once more your genetics by turning your specie into biosynthetic cyborgs and artificial entities controlled by their technology. You might think that you still have years to go before being faced with this artificial remodeling, but one of your generations is only a short time for our people, as well as for the lower lords. The situation that your ancestors faced in the downfall of Atlantis is being replayed today, but on a much deeper scale, that may cause unrepairable damages to your genetics, evolution and destiny, if not stopped, and abort the soul evolution cosmic experiment you have been part of, with global destruction and mass extinction level event, as it happened in the days of Atlantis.”

(to be continued…)

Conversations with Sasquatch (part 5)

Sasquatch said:

”The ongoing destruction caused by the uncivilization of the lower lords, that your people has followed, has already reached a point of no return, that will undoubtedly lead the world towards unavoidable global cataclysms, cleansing and purge. The Soul of Mother Earth itself, although compassionate, is asking for the end of this enslavement and destruction, and may speed up the purification process that has been engaged through actions and behaviors of the uncivilization that has been controlling you. Higher cosmic forces and spiritual powers may also intervene and transform the course of events.”

”But it is your responsibility and duty to make sure that the ancient spiritual knowledge of your soul evolutionary process remains alive and is passed on to the generations of the future ages, so that they can remember the long road their ancestors have traveled since the origins, up to where they will stand. We don’t know how far the agenda of the lower lords can be taken before reaching the breaking point that will upset the forces maintaining the balance on our home-planet, which could likely bring another mass extinction level event. What we know is that the time is very short, as compared to the long road we have evolved on. This generation of your people is the one that has to make the changes needed.”

”If no substantial improvement is made now, within the next of your generations your people who remain aligned with the Divine Law might once again find themselves escaping and hiding out for being hunted down, unless they succeed before then in turning the tide and restoring a planetary civilization based on Peace and the Cosmic Order. That’s why you must start now to get attuned with the powers of Nature and the Soul of Mother Earth, and to tap into the spiritual abilities that were encoded in your DNA through your original star seeds. There is no hope for a better world if you keep supporting and serving the system of the lower lords that has colonized and enslaved your people, destroying our home-planet. You must deprive the lower lords of their power over you and withdraw your support in all forms to their enslaving system, recover the sovereignty of your Soul, and redesign your ways of self-governance through your spiritual circles, aligned with the Divine Law and Order.”

”You must develop and adopt ways of ecological lifestyles and self-sustenance that are harmless for your environments and other life forms. Your planetary conscious civilization is growing like a garden, out of many different star seeds, that are united in purpose and will connect when ready into a greater unified force. We are here to assist you in this process of returning to the original balance of the Cosmic Law and reconnect with the Star Elders, to free our home-planet of its ages-old enslavement by the control grid of the lower lords and the powers serving them. But we cannot accomplish this shift of consciousness for you, since our people has never submitted to their fallen rule and domination.”

”It is your collective mission and responsibility to find your own balance and heal your own karmas. As your elder brothers, we stand by and watch, waiting for the suited circumstances to manifest, and the right time, synchronicity and convergence to arise, so we can join actively your awakening specie in the physical form as well as in the spiritual realm, to help you on your quest and healing journey.”

”In the meanwhile, we will keep selecting some of you who can hear our call and come forward as ambassador to our people, to interpret our message for those of your people who are ready to hear it. You are one of those who has been found able to deliver our message. Now that your soul has reached ours, you will feel our presence with you in spirit and we will maintain telepathic communications.”

”You may experience manifestations of us through dreams, apparitions of images, whirlwinds and whispers, or meet more of our specie. But since you don’t need any more physical proofs of our existence and have connected with our Soul, we will be by your side and keep watch over you wherever you go. This is the original connection we had with your early ancestors, that we wish to reestablish with your people again, once they have recovered their spiritual abilities and knowledge, and recognized us as their elder relatives and allies, in maintaining the Divine Law on our home-planet.”

After delivering this message to me, Sasquatch left in the dark night, through the thick brush behind my tent, leaving a trail that I could see in the morning. All fear had left me. I rather felt a great joy and a profound serenity, and for my new ally, much respect, sympathy and a powerful spiritual connection. But at the same time, I was feeling a certain sadness about the way our Human people has lost its spiritual ways and has treated our elder relatives, and felt overwhelmed by the tasks awaiting us ahead.

The next night, I was expecting another visit, but felt he had gone far away, because other campers had arrived. While calling on his spirit, testing to confirm the connection he had promised, a whirlwind came around me and stopped by my side, and a friendly whisper was heard near my ear. The following night and the day after, as I was getting ready to leave, we exchanged vocal calls across the forest. The last one sounded and felt like a female greeting me, with higher pitch and tone, and a different voice.

When I returned to our Human world, I realized that I couldn’t share these stories with just anyone. Most Human people would take me for a liar or a nut case, had they heard any of this. Then, on my way to the gathering in Lillooet, I met many Natives. Sasquatch was mentioned by someone before I did. I soon found out that among the St’at’imc and other BC Native communities, Sasquatch stories are common and many have an uncle or a cousin who had encounters with him. At the Indigenous gathering, everyone I shared with about my Sasquatch encounters was open and interested. So this made me understand that in some spiritual circles, teachings of this nature can be shared. This inspired and motivated me in sharing with this community, these experiences and the knowledge they provided.

(to be continued…)

Conversations with Sasquatch (part 6, conclusion)

After this, I went up north, above the 56th parallel, some 300 km from Yukon. The first day of mushroom picking in the deep bush, I came across a dozen of clear Sasquatch tracks, well printed into the charcoaled soil. They were about 16 inches long, bigger than the ones I had seen on Vancouver Island, with a definite human foot shape with five round toes. I shared my discovery to a couple friends who brought it up at camp. The general reaction was the usual laughter and bear explanation, although another picker admitted having seen tracks as well. I succeeded in explaining that Sasquatch is a very well-known being in the stories of many Native traditions, especially in BC. But I knew I couldn’t mention anything about my encounters there, without being met with ridicule and seen as a weirdo.

The next day, as I had walked kilometers in the burnt forest, Sasquatch showed himself to me in the physical form. I first heard a sound, like a mixture of gentle groans and mumbling. The closest sound I can compare it to, although it might seem funny for some, is the voice of Chewbacca in the Star Wars movies; and you can bet they took their idea from somewhere. I lifted up my head and looked towards where the voice was coming from. And there he was standing, some 200 feet from me, beyond the pile of uprooted trees, with nothing standing between us, so that we could exchange a clear visual contact. He was over 8 feet tall, with light brown long fur, taller and slender than the black one I had seen on Vancouver Island in 2003. Although impressed, I was filled with joy, like if meeting an old friend.

He said in telepathy: ”Here I am. I saw you found my tracks. So, you are the Human who knows us?!”

Seeing I was without fear, he was puzzled and shyly crouched behind a big uprooted stump. I could see his face between the roots, observing me with curiosity; a sentient face coming from ancient ages, made of intelligence and sensibility, profound wisdom and deep instincts, strangely human and wild.

Although he had a few centuries of age, he was not an ancient learned elder of his people, but he was a leader of his local clan. So I waved at him and started singing a gentle chant, knowing that they love soft music and chants from the heart. He had only been seen by a few Humans in all his life, but all of them were afraid of him. Now he was meeting one who was a friend, what he found interesting, but strange, compared to the usual hunters or loggers he had seen. He wondered why I was coming with this wave of people picking all the mushrooms and invading his woods in an unprecedented manner.

I couldn’t pretend that I was gathering my meal nor wildcrafting, so I explained to him that we exchanged the mushrooms for money, so that later we could exchange the money in the Human world, for other goods we need for our survival. He had already picked up this strange concept from reading the minds of the pickers. But what he couldn’t figure out was, how come I was the only one of my people who could communicate face to face with him, but was doing the same thing as all the others. This had me ponder, then and afterwards. He finally told me that he was glad to talk with a Human, but there was too many of my people invading his woods who couldn’t relate with him, so he couldn’t stay around in a visible form. And before I knew it, he had disappeared from my sight, suddenly vanished.

That night, he came to me in dream and I saw clearly his face smiling over me and thanking me for the chant. The next day, I went in another area and found again some tracks, but a couple inches shorter, from another member of his family. The following day, I returned to the sector where I had encountered him. After a whole day of picking a modest harvest, I was getting ready to return to camp, as the long northern daylight was already dimming out, when I heard the same recognizable voice trying to mumble a shaky melody. After two or three attempts, I understood that he was asking me to sing again.

So I started with a soft chant, to which he replied with a few joyful whoots. After my chant, he tried again a melody, sounding like a clumsy mixture of groans and howls. I did again a mellow chant and he tried to join with his vocal sounds. This amused me, as it felt like a sacred spiritual connection, which at the same time was also somewhat funny. I chanted the first line and stopped, and he tried to repeat it. We repeated the same exercise a few times, until he finally succeeded in howling the right notes in the right order, which made us both very happy. He explained to me that his specie communicates through telepathy and has no need for words and speech, so individual Sasquatch don’t have any specific names to designate their person. Being telepathic, they don’t need to introduce themselves to each other, nor can they lie about themselves. But they use different vocals to express their emotions or communicate their location, either to their own people or to other species who can’t communicate with telepathy.

They can whisper, whistle, hum, mumble, moan, groan, growl, howl, whoot, roar, scream and mimmick certain animals and birds. But they have not developed a musical culture nor a tradition of songs among their people. The sacred chants and spiritual music of the Humans is one of the things they appreciate, admire and miss the most from our people. Musical instruments are among the Human inventions that they value above modern technology. He had known of these things from the greater Soul of his specie, but had not yet heard music himself or experienced prior conversation with any of our Human people.

As other means of communication, they also have glands that exude a pungent stench unbearable to most species, acting as a repellent for intruders. But they use those only in cases of danger, when they feel a threat. So I never got to smell their repellent scent, made famous through countless accounts.

They can and have operated high technological devices and space crafts requiring logical understanding when in situations where their help was needed. But their specie has not developed any technologies nor external material tools; neither have they developed artistic creation, culture, nor the ability to play music and sing, having no need to create tools and produce art, as they can project their thoughts.

Their primal wild lifestyles may seem raw and primitive for us Humans, but their extended knowledge of the Cosmic Order through their telepathic connection with the greater Soul of their specie and their psychic abilities to project images and energies directly into the minds makes their intelligence greater than ours on some levels, while Humans are gifted with speech, creativity, art, inventions and cultures. So when their people and our people were still connected, it was a beneficial exchange for both sides. As younger brothers, us Humans can also contribute to the well-being of our elder brothers Sasquatch.

We thanked each other for this conversation and, as he knew I was on my way out, he bid me farewell. He explained that he had remained invisible during this last meeting, as the woods around were getting invaded with some of my people who couldn’t relate to him. So he couldn’t remain around any longer as more pickers were moving into the area. But he said that we could always remain connected in spirit. Now that we were friends, he would recommend me through telepathy to the greater Soul of the specie.

This last encounter made me understand how each individual Sasquatch has a different personality, that connects in its own way and on different levels with the greater Soul of their specie, like to a matrix binding them all. They don’t have all the same experience, feelings and wisdom, but they all can access their collective knowledge through the greater Soul of their specie. It is comparable somehow to us Humans tapping into the internet, to share news or learn what happens elsewhere, except that when Sasquatch connects with their Mother Soul, they can’t lie or hide any intentions from their people.

Their medicine is that of transparence and honesty. So this Sasquatch could see and know right away of my previous encounters, but he was more interested in communicating for the first time with a Human on a friendly level, than in teaching me about their history that had been previously transmitted to me. The information that he shared with me about their people was adding various new elements to what I had already been taught, concerning their personalities, emotions and perceptions of the Human specie. It also instructed me on their love of spiritual music as one way to communicate, apart from telepathy.

If you run into Sasquatch some day, do not deny, hide, or fear; open your consciousness to the message their Soul carries. And if you find nothing better to do, sing a loving spiritual chant from your heart. Our Family of conscious two-leggeds and intelligent earthlings is far much wider, wiser, stronger and more ancient than it is generally believed in our young remodified cultures. We have some allies on this home-planet, as well as in the heavens, who are willing to help and waiting for us to reconnect with our spiritual knowledge, to bring the changes needed in our healing process and restore the Cosmic Order.

May all beings in all the worlds be free and happy. May we be united. We are all relatives…

Conversations with Sasquatch (part 7)

Sasquatch said:

”Now that you have seen, heard and felt more evidences of our existence then you can report, you know who we are and how we are connected. On the same level, because you have interacted peacefully with some of ours, the greater Soul of our specie now knows you and is connected to you.”

”The message of my people is not one of the mind, but one of the Soul, inspired by the heart. We do not play on words nor elaborate sophisticated rhetorics to express ourselves, but project directly the images of our thoughts into the soul who are ready to communicate in this way.’

”’The greatest intelligence is the intelligence of the heart, seat of the Soul and strongest source of magnetism in our beings. It allows telepathic communications on the etheric level, as well as astral projection and real empathy. Through the heart we can feel what other beings feel and know natural compassion. Telepathic connection is not through the mind, but through the Soul. Touching the collective Soul with consciousness has more powerful effects, than reaching the collective mind with ideas. It leaves better results for the evolution.”

”The Soul feels through the heart and can sense what other beings feel, animals, plants, stones or other forms of life. Every sentient being can communicate this way and understand one another in a telepathic way, without recourse to articulated speech, any wordings or formulas, except when the mind clouds the perceptions, limiting consciousness to a calculable, tangible, explainable equation.”

”My people, like the animals, have kept this universal ability to communicate through the soul, that most of your people have lost, partially or completely. We have not developed complicated grammar or syntax rules, nor a large diversity of vocabulary or spoken languages, nor devised anything of technological complexity, like your people have in their ever-changing creative evolution. But we have kept our natural ability to hear the souls of all living beings and of our home-planet, Mother Earth.”

”My people, like all sentient beings, can feel the same emotions that your people can feel, but over different reasons. Because we still hear the emotions of other living beings and of Mother Earth, we feel empathy.”

”We can feel the joy of the butterfly in the flower, the pride of the salmon jumping the falls, the confidence of the pack of wolves, the exhaltation of the soaring eagle, the serenity of the oak.”

”But we also feel the cry of the ones in pain, dying and suffering from diseases and poisons introduced by your people and imposed on all life forms on this home-planet we were given to share, decimating species and ecosystems at a dramatic extermination rate. We hear the pains and cries when the sounds of your polluting engines tear down the natural harmony of our wilderness, or when your machinery rips apart the sacred grounds, breaks the rock, cuts the wailing trees, pierces or drills the underground.”

”We hear the pain of the water beings, who wash ashore by the millions, choke or mutate because of the activities of your Human people and the legacy of death that the uncivilization enslaving your people has left our home-planet with. We hear the pain of your own Human people who cry in vain for help, as they die in genocides, suffer or seek refuge from the evils done to them by their own Human brothers.”

”Complex mind ideologies backed by sophisticated rhetorics can blind the soul and silence the heart, causing much harm to natural harmony and other beings. The Human People must reconnect through the intelligence of the heart with the wisdom of the Soul, and feel the empathy and compassion for all. They must listen to the voices of the other souls with their heart. If they do, they will like us hear the cries of pain and know it is so unbearable, that all violence and destruction must be stopped at once.”

”If you think, this is idealistic and unrealistic, ask yourself how long your uncivilization can still sustain itself with your growing populations. And then remember how long my people has been here watching over our younger brother. We hope to still share this home-planet with you for many aeons to come.”

kamooh 3

Conversations with Sasquatch (part 8)
Sasquatch said:
”At this time, my people is reaching out to reconnect to your Human people, to bring the message that only a civilization of the Soul is sustainable, and it will outlast many uncivilizations of the mind, that are unsustainable, limited to a materialistic explanation of the Universe surrounding them, rather than a holistic understanding of our interconnection, through communion with the Omniverse every living entity is part of. Only through empathy and compassion can an intelligent specie continue to evolve. Domination only leads to chaos, sufferings and pains, and ultimately to death and self-destruction.”
”This last season, we have witnessed vast areas of our last pristine homelands being burnt to ashes across the western mountains and the northern forests of this continent you call North America. This is not due to natural phenomena, but is part of a larger concerted efforts and secret project of the lower powers to exterminate what is left of my people, before any attempt to contact your specie succeeds.”
”You now discover that many of your Human people have been contacted by us to deliver our message, and you will hear more and more about us through those who have opened their soul to ours, because the urgency for our message to be heard and remembered by your Human people is critical. You now need to change your consciousness to higher levels of understanding, tune the mind with the heart and reconnect with your individual soul first, to be able to commune with the greater Soul of your specie and other souls, not through thinking, but through feeling, in order to recover your Divine essence. Your ancient wisdom encoded in the star seeds of your DNA can re-emerge this way from the depth of your Soul, because your Soul can remember about your long evolution, what your mind doesn’t.”
”That is why the lower lords have kept you in your minds, to disconnect you from your souls, with the results that your societies have gradually lost connection and empathy towards other forms of life and even from your own kin, which is the cause of most of all problems we now know on this home-planet. And it is the reason why they have waged a secret war on my people since the downfall of Atlantis.”
”My people has always been part, closely or from afar, of the history of your people, since we have assisted and watched over your conception and growth with our Star Elders. Many of your ancient sacred scriptures and ancestral legends speak of us, as well as evidences of our presence in your most ancient sacred sites. But since the downfall of Atlantis, when the lower lords conducted detrimental experiments on the genetics of our home-planet, including on some of your and some of my people, your collective memory has lost contact with us, while the secret genocide continues in the shadows.”
”The story of creation written in one of your most ancient book, known as the Popol Vuh of the Maya, tells how the ‘sky gods’ as they are called, created different races of people before yours, the last one being the ‘Monkey’ or ‘Ape’ People, as my specie is known to them. But my people was created long before yours and evolved for many aeons with our Star Elders before assisting your birth, as our younger relatives. And yet, my people was not the first one to live here. Long before us, when this planet was young, the Star Elders created Fish-people, Lizard-people and Bird-People, that have been remembered by some of your most ancient cultures. We are all distant relatives in the great chain of life, but my people and your people are more closely related, sharing much of the same DNA code.”

Conversations with Sasquatch (part 9)
Sasquatch said:
”The miracle of incarnation for the soul is a Divine process allowing sentient conscious beings to enter the physical realm, to interact and evolve in this 3D dimension. Within the body, the soul remains an interdimensional entity able to communicate through telepathy on the 5th dimensional level, unless the individual consciousness gets disconnected from the Soul or deeper Self by the mind’s limitations, being trapped in the material realm and losing its interconnectedness with every other living souls.”
”The soul is independent from the DNA, but largely influenced by it, because the physical shell in which a soul incarnates transfers to it the genetic memories of a specie and lineage, just like the soul carries into the body the memories of its past evolution through aeons and eras. For this reason, the process of introducing genetics to other planets has been used largely over the aeons through this Universe, as a way to combine souls and bodies that can create bridges between home-planets and a better connection among species. But the differences in the ways to proceed must be made very clear.”
”The incarnation of the soul is meant to happen as a natural process through which the soul reincarnates and evolves into higher levels of consciousness, if the physical incarnations provided are used wisely. The long term purpose of incarnations is the evolution of the individual soul and ultimately, of the Greater Soul and Universal Consciousness. So the way the incarnation process is conducted matters very importantly, as it defines the general evolution of a specie and of its influence on its home-planet.”
”As we are all connected, the evolution of a specie influences all the others on any home-planet and in the Universe at large. This is why the Star Elders are as concerned as we are about this Earth. Your Human people having lost a large part of their soul connection and spiritual understanding are influencing in catastrophic ways every other life forms on this home-planet and intelligent species in this Universe. You have lost as well in general the spiritual knowledge needed surrounding the process of the soul incarnation, and reproduce most of the time without conscious participation into the soul’s incarnation.”
”The spiritual way to take part consciously in the natural process of the soul incarnation, was taught to your first ancestors by the Star Elders in the days of the Lemurian dawn, and practiced for the first ages of your existence. It is attained through highly spiritual tantric practices, beyond what your actual cultures have kept, involving long meditations until reaching higher levels of perceptions and energies. In this conscious ritual, the conceptors are taught about and by the soul they will help incarnating, and learn their connection and common mission, welcoming only the best possible karmic candidate(s).”
”The act of reproducing without this consciousness, as you are pressured to do by the lower lords, can give any odd result and allow any soul to incarnate, some who can be unrelated or not helping your individual and collective evolution. This explains the reason why of all species, only yours seems to overpopulate and take over every others. Only spiritual dharmic conception can solve your problem, meaning that when you are ready to conceive and give birth to a soul, you do it for the Greater Soul.”

Conversations with Sasquatch (part 10)
Sasquatch said:
”There are also ways to interfere artificially and influence the process of the soul incarnation, but here it is very important to make the distinction between different intentions motivating the act and the ways used. When our common Star Elders introduced their genetics on Earth, through the conception of my Sasquatch People first and through the birthing of your Human People later, their intentions were part of a greater Cosmic Order in accordance with Divine Law, as they were bringing to this young Earth their genetic memories, consciousness and knowledge, into a greater plan for evolved souls to incarnate here, and become the seeds of Universal Consciousness, on another outpost of spiritual evolution..”
”Since the genetics from distant worlds that have evolved differently in space and times are largely diversified and most often incompatible, the way for the Star Elders to introduce their genetic memories on a new planet is most often by adding to their own DNA one or a few genes from a well evolved and adapted specie indigenous to the local planet. This whole process is conducted in a highly spiritual way, including assistance and cooperation with the soul invited and welcomed to incarnate.”
”It is very important here to make a clear distinction between this dharmic evolutionary process for the souls and worlds, meant to spread life consciousness throughout the Universe and to create spiritual connections at a universal scale, from its opposite practices, the unacceptable, detrimental, selfish and evil ways with which genetic manipulations and hybridizations have been conducted by the rebel lower lords since the downfall of Atlantis, including on my people and on your people. These experiments have not stopped to this day, but are being done in the deepest secret by your modern uncivilization.”
”Those secret programs have created too many kinds of GMO hybrids to name them, often monsters, to allow troubled souls from lower realms to enter the physical dimension of this home-planet and interfere with its evolution. For this reason, some today wearing even bodies of our Sasquatch People are not really us nor connected with our greater Soul, other than through the genetic memory of our stolen DNA. This is also why we are reluctant to leave DNA prints behind us, not for them to be misused.”
”It started back in the days of the downfall of Atlantis, when the lower lords with the help of the Lizard-People, started cloning their own DNA to allow more souls of the lower realms under their control, to enter our physical plane. Since all genetic memory has its limits, adding different DNA or mixing them creates multiple possibilities of outcomes, but with the intentions of control of the lower powers, the results are very harmful and detrimental to the long term evolution of the consciousness on our planet.”

kamooh 5

Conversations with Sasquatch (part 11)
Sasquatch said:
”The story of my people has not only been connected to the history of your people, but also to the destiny of our home-planet. When the genetically modified Atlantean race you call Homo Sapiens took over our home-planet and chased our people and your Lemurian ancestry into the deepest wilderness, the ancient knowledge of our Star Elders and of my people was erased gradually from your memories.”
”In the sacred books of your most ancient surviving civilization, dating from before the ice ages in a country you call India, the important contribution of my people, known as the ‘Ape-People’ and our leader Hanuman were highly honored, in our common efforts to fight the lower lords and reestablish the Cosmic Order on Earth. The stone bridge my people built to the island of Lanka can still be seen today, as a reminder of this close bond your ancestors and mine had back then. Over millenias, India became the highest concentration in density of Human populations, and following the Dravidians, with later invasions of Aryan cultures unfamiliar with us, my people took refuge in the northern wilderness.”
”In Europe, the pre-Indo-European cultures, whom we helped build the megalithic monuments, were familiar with us and called us the ‘Bear-People’; until the Celtic and Germanic invasions, that made my people appear as evil ogres and threats. The extermination of the last of my people in that continent ended with the troll hunters in the Middle-Age. It is quite significant that the Indo-European lineage, being more closely related genetically to the Atlantean race, has been the main culprit of our genocide. And this genocide of my people goes along with that of your tribal peoples, just as with the ongoing ecocide or omnicide, being perpetrated intentionally by the lower powers enslaving our home-planet.”
”In what you call North America, my people could live along with your tribal peoples, until the European invasions started. Along with the tribes of your Indigenous peoples, just like with your Lemurian ancestry previously, my people was pushed ever further into the western and northern wilderness. The huge fires that caused terrible devastation in these areas this last season, are part of a greater secret plan to speed up the extermination of your tribal peoples, and of my people, your Elder. This ultimate aggression is intended to cut definitely your spiritual connection with our Star Elders.”
”The story of my people and of your tribal peoples in the land you call Australia is not much different. My people known as Yowie there, just like your tribal peoples, have kept moving deeper into the wilderness to escape from the genocide of the European conquest, until becoming a mere legend.”
”In the land you know as Siberia, my people there who are called Almas, could live in peace with your tribal peoples familiar with us, as long as the tsars of Russia were afraid of facing us. It changed a century ago, when the Soviets, determined to conquer the lands we shared with your tribal peoples, decided to capture some of my people to conduct secret experiments with the means they then had, starting with artificial insemination. Many hybrids were created from these secret programs, some of which walk on our Earth today, but without the necessary spiritual knowledge and dharmic intentions.”

”These secret experiments have always been commanded by the lower lords and backed by their technological powers, introducing some ever more sophisticated techniques for genetic manipulation. As Siberia was being conquered, some of my people fled to the land called Tibet, where we still could live in peace with the local populations and communicate with some of their shamans and monks, until the empire you call China conquered our last stronghold on the lands across the oceans. The same tragic fate that met my people and your tribal cultures in other lands, also hit tragically and painfully with genocide and torture, those in Tibet who had kept their spiritual connection with our Star Elders.”

Conversations with Sasquatch (part 12)
Sasquatch said:
”And recently, your people have seen like mine the intensified fastening destruction of our last habitat and stronghold, as well as for many of your tribal peoples: the western mountainous regions and the northern forested regions of this continent you call North America. But my people is seeing the devastation with our own eyes and feeling the trail of death deep in our Soul, with sadness and the understanding of the deeper meaning and significance of the tragic crisis in this ongoing omnicide.”
”This is part of a bigger agenda to control this whole planet, as on other continents; the conquest of my people by the lower lords means the control of every other being living on this home-planet and usually coincide with the control of your last tribal peoples in any given region. Secret experiments forced on some of my people and some of your people have also been done on this continent since decades, at an ever increasing rate, to such a large scale that deep underground military bases were built for them.”
”As you have noticed, the tribal peoples of the northern and western regions of this continent are still familiar with my people and some interact sometimes, as they still honor us in their ancient cultures. This last of our strongholds and natural habitats, where we can roam free, relatively safe, while keeping contact with some of your people, to keep sharing our ancient wisdom, is now under severe threat. This threat of a planetary scale is loudly denounced by the warnings of your tribal peoples living there. There are also among the last of your tribal peoples who have maintained sovereignty over their lands, because the invading powers of the uncivilization of the lower lords have just reached those remote wilderness areas a few of your generations ago. So the ancient wisdom has survived there strongly. Many of your tribal peoples there also know that we have shared genetics and ancestry over the aeons.”
”We must now tell you about our own practice of hybridization that has happened on several occasions over the course of aeons, but distant apart in space and time. We naturally reproduce in a similar way as your people do, except that we have kept the consciousness of interdimensional soul evolution by communicating with the souls we invite to incarnate, to insure that they are the best karmic candidates. We also reproduce much more sparsely and rarely, even less in these hostile times for our people, compared proportionally with your own fast reproduction rate and much shorter lifespan than ours.”
”In our time scale, a few offspring cover many of your generations. As we have learned from our Star Elders, assisting in the conception of your specie as our younger relative, alien DNA can be introduced or adapted to a planet when combined with indigenous DNA, and if this hybridization is done in a higher intention for soul and consciousness evolution, highly evolved souls can incarnate in hybrids.”
”But my people, although we understand the process for having taken part in it, has not maintained nor possessed any technological means to intervene artificially in the course of the incarnation of souls, as it was not our mission nor destiny to conceive new creatures, but the work of the selected Star Elders. But we know, as some of your geneticists have discovered, that your DNA and ours are 95% the same, being the star seeds of our Star Elders, and making us Elder and Younger Brothers, close relatives, to the point where my people and your people can reproduce naturally together and bear fertile offspring.”
”If the concept of inter-species hybridization is still too overwhelming for your modern uncivilization to accept it, the ancient stories of your tribal peoples are filled with accounts of interbreeding between my people and yours, and many lineages have been proud to count us among their ancestral memories.”

Conversations with Sasquatch (part 13)
Sasquatch said:
”There are several reasons why we very rarely but sometimes, select one of yours to interbreed hybrids. Most often, it is one of your women who is asked to carry a hybrid that will host a highly evolved soul, who will either live among your people to help them with their psychic gifts in their healing process of recovering their Soul memory, or among my people, as interprets and ambassadors of the continuous connection your Human People and my Sasquatch People have always had, even without the knowledge of the majority of yours. In some other cases, even more rare and less occurring in recent times, one of your men is selected to provide his lineage to my people, in order to keep our different genetics compatible and evolving in parallel development. Having suffered from genocide since ages, the genetic pool of my people has been dramatically depleted and reduced to too much cosanguinity.”
”You must understand that the process of consciously interbreeding hybrids to incarnate highly evolved souls has nothing to do with mating, as your people now defines it. It is a spiritual experience on the interdimensional levels, that does not require physical intercourse nor regular gestation, as in your normal natural pregnancies. The connection is made on the Soul level, beyond your actual knowledge.”
”Your geneticists have discovered with amazement that we normally select Human genetic additions to our own DNA from small tribal and remote populations, very distant from each other. They are right in saying that some Human people live with us, away from the rest of your genetic pool, but their conclusions about our age, based on just a few DNA samples, is a wrong interpretation of my people’s ancient existence, as your Elder Brother. What their studies omit to notice also, is that the Humans we carefully select to interbreed hybrids with, come from populations and regions that have kept honoring my people and the ones found ready to contribute to the evolution of inter-species spiritual relations are the ones gifted with the necessary psychic abilities, often due to Sasquatch ancestry in their lineage.”
”Remember that one generation of my people lasts much longer than many of yours, so we can keep track of our descent in your lineage easier than you can. We care for our descent and watch over its future evolution at least as much as we do for our Younger Brother, on a longer scale than your people.”
”You will find out, as you hear the messages of the ones we have selected to speak for us to your Human people, that they all agree on the same truths. Many of the Humans we selected to bring out our message are in fact carrying our DNA from previous hybridization in their ancestry. Remember that your own great-great-grandfather and his twin brother were found as young orphans in the wilderness of the north-west territories and adopted by Native trappers from further south, chosen to raise them.”
”There is much more we want to share with your people, our beloved Younger Brother, that will require time and space to transmit through our telepathic channels. What we want to emphasize over all is the need for your Human People to reconnect with the wisdom of your Soul and realign with the intelligence of your heart, reactivate your genetic star seeds and Soul memories, recover your psychic abilities, and evolve collectively into a higher spiritual consciousness, a civilization of the Soul.”
”We ask for your help and cooperation in reestablishing the natural Cosmic Order on this home-planet and in bringing a peaceful spiritual civilization of the Soul, respecting the rights of all living creatures. Such a shift of consciousness in the Human Soul is desperately needed, on this dear home-planet your people and mine share with many other life forms, for the well-being of all living souls and for the continuity of this great spiritual evolution process you have been part of, with all life forms on Earth.”

Conversations with Sasquatch (part 14)
Sasquatch said:
”Since the time and circumstances allow you to still be available for a little longer, but not much more, we ask you to continue to transmit the message of my Sasquatch People to your Human People, as the next auspicious opportunity to do so might not present itself before a while, in your time scale, and the best time is now, due to the actual urgency of our message to reach the greater Soul of your people.”
”We now have to answer a fundamental question that many of your people must be asking themselves about us. We do acknowledge the existence and understand the presence of a Universal Creator Spirit, whom some of you may call God, as the Unique Source and essence of all energy and consciousness in the Omniverse in all dimensional levels, that are ever diversifying into a greater variety of individual entities and forms of life, during the course of the eternally ongoing process of creation and evolution.”
”This Original Source from whom everything is born, is a creative and cohesive eternal omnipresence, consciously creating and maintaining worlds and entities through omnipotent loving, immanent in all its countless parts and creatures, while transcendent to their sum, beyond the limits of created realms, being the omniscient Universal Consciousness holding all possibilities of dimensions and knowledge.”
”This Supreme Divine Original Being and the Universal Oneness born from it are universal truths and principles that all spiritually evolved souls can sense and understand, at large throughout the whole Omniverse. Beyond a simple concept, it’s a reality that your latest scientific discoveries in the fields of paranormal phenomenon, astrophysics and quantum physics, are starting to grasp, in your evolution towards a greater understanding and consciousness of the Omniverse we live in confirming ancient metaphysical and spiritual wisdom. Your science now knows that the Omniverse is made of several dimensional levels of existence, that it is not only of energy but also of omnipresent consciousness, that consciousness influences matter, and first manifests in this physical Universe through light, which creates individual energy fields and particles; it travels at the highest speed any material particles can vibrate, the frequency limit between physical and spiritual dimensions, the thin veil between the seen realm of the material temporal space-time and the unseen realm of the ethereal eternal time-space.”
”But since your mind took over to disconnect you from your Soul, your people has the tendency to rationalize the Divine and conceive the One you call God with anthropomorphic features and attributes, a humanized figure with Human-like emotions and behaviors, as a god made in your own image. This is without considering how other intelligent species throughout the Omniverse, some much more ancient and evolved than your Human People, are perceiving and relating to this Great Divine Spirit.”
”Ants, birds and trees do not see your Human People as gods, but rather as relatives with more evolved abilities, whose actions could either be beneficial for them, but most often detrimental in our times. Likewise, other intelligent species incarnated in different forms than yours, either ‘humanoids’ as you call the two-leggeds (as if their shapes were exclusively Human), or of other shapes and dimensions, do not all conceive and understand the greater truth of the Universal Source and Oneness in the same way as your specie, nor do they envision this Eternal All-Mighty Spirit Creator with any Human aspects.”

Conversations with Sasquatch (part 15)
Sasquatch said:
”As your mind has disconnected you over time from your Soul, trapping you in the material 3D realm, under the pressure of the uncivilization enslaving our home-planet, you have separated spiritual and scientific wisdom, making both incomplete, the two extreme opposites being even more further away from any truth. Within this frame of your limited spiritual and scientific knowledge, some on one end describe the creation of the Universe as a single and definitive act of God who is pure consciousness that happened in a more or less distant past, without any continuous evolutionary process involved. ”
”This simplistic explanation of the vast, complex Omniverse we are a small part of, and of our role in it, often offers for ultimate end the immediate return of the departed soul to the One Universal Creator Source, without any further evolutionary steps or process of interdimensional ascending consciousness. The souls instructed this way lack the necessary understanding and motivation to continue consciously their spiritual evolution on this physical plane, as well as in higher dimensional planes in the afterlife.”
”One the other end, some explain away the Universe as a strictly material random phenomenon run by mechanist rules, or more recently at the light of your newest discoveries, like a multi-dimensional evolutionary process in which consciousness manifests and intelligence occurs by unpredictable accidents, due to favorable chemical environment, without any understanding of coherence and purpose of a greater Divine Order or spiritual consciousness evolutionary process of the reincarnating souls. These ideologies provide no causal explanation for the existence of soul and evolving consciousness.”
”Both of these extremist views that you oppose as creationism and evolutionism, are extremely limited and taking your mind away from the universal truth, balanced between those two extreme belief codes. The creation is universally recognized as a Divine action, which involves an everlasting evolutionary process in the manifestation of different forms of life and consciousness. Creation is not limited to a previous finite event; it also includes the continuous participation of conscious intelligent co-creating.”
”Your first ancestors were instructed by our Star Elders and possessed this spiritual understanding, with the psychic abilities it provides. Since the downfall of Atlantis, as your Human People have been gradually disconnecting from their Soul and from other forms of life including from my people, your people kept contact with interdimensional beings like my people and our Star Elders, through some of yours, as channels gifted with psychic abilities, often inherited from some of our DNA in their genes.”
”In the ancient cultures of your tribal peoples, those individuals known as seers, visionaries or shamans, have greatly contributed in maintaining the connection between your people and mine, and with our Star Elders. With ages, your disconnection from your Soul widening, your Human People adopted the tendency to limit the focus of their minds on the physical messenger and forget the spiritual message.”
”Soon, you needed intermediates and interprets between you and the spiritual essence of the Omniverse and of your own Soul. Ceremonial sites, ritual objects and an organized clergy or priests and monks became mediators between your controlled minds and the spiritual intelligence and mystic powers of the world. Your collective consciousness quickly became acquainted with the need for other souls to perform your spiritual duties and take responsibility for your own Soul evolution. You surrendered your intelligence to all kinds of entities, from the most terrifying to the most elevated dimensional levels.”
”Your Human Soul, cut from your spiritual essence and the purpose of its evolutionary process, through the control of your minds by the uncivilization of the lower lords, cried to find saviors and redeemers, a Divine Avatar, an enlightened Buddha, an annointed Messiah or an inspired Prophet to bridge realms.”

Conversations with Sasquatch (part 16)
Sasquatch said:
”Over eras, your populations and societies grew, developed and diversified. In this process, diverse religious cults and groups were created, often influenced by the lower lords, or later to join the growing mass being submitted to their uncivilization by their powers, through various enslaving means. They have devised or twisted many belief systems to control Humans, through your minds and emotions.”
”As you still can see among your people today through religious extremists, this kind of indoctrination to control masses causes much division, conflicts, violence, pains and sufferings, at a time of your evolution when your collective consciousness emerges from ages of sectarism and religious racism.”
”You can notice as well in this time, that some fanatical technocrats are proceeding at great speed with the advancement of their transhumanist agenda, aiming to replace biological evolution with artificial intelligent life forms, and obliterate the spiritual evolutionary process of the Soul and consciousness. These two extremist tendencies present the main threats to the continuity of your spiritual evolution.”
”Your Human consciousness, limited by your mind clouding your Soul, has evolved into separate civilizations, religions and cultures, who had to meet over the course of time, often clashing due to mutual misunderstandings and disconnection from your Soul. This happened so that your different cultures could interact and share their spiritual and scientific understandings, giving to your collective consciousness a broader spectrum and a clearer knowledge of the large diversity and long history of your Human People. You needed to experience races and creeds to fully understand the Human specie.”
”In a similar way, the next giant quantum leap in the evolution of your Human consciousness is the knowing and understanding that your Human vision of the Supreme Divine is limited by your mental perceptions, and that many species of Star Elders have different, and often higher spiritual and scientific wisdom that they are entitled to share and could be greatly beneficial for your Soul evolution. Just like many different of your cultures shared their spiritual and scientific understandings as they met, to give your specie a planetary overall view and consciousness in this stage of your evolutionary path, your Human specie now has to reconnect with Star Elders and other spiritually evolved intelligent species like mine, so they can add to the knowledge from their own experience, that of other species. Seeing the Omniverse through the perspective of my people has already broadened the spectrum of your perceptions, and upgraded your spiritual understanding of the greater evolution process of your Soul.”
”In the Council of Star Elders, aligned with the Cosmic Order, there are many highly evolved spiritual masters from many worlds, sharing their combined wisdom with their united collective consciousness. There is no need for any of them to try to convince or convert others to the understandings provided by the experiences of their respective evolutions. They all know and understand the same essential truths. These universal truths resonate in souls with the necessary level of consciousness to understand them. But some of the spiritual knowledge of the Star Elders is beyond your actual level of understanding.”
”The universal language they use is telepathy, allowing soul reading, communion and spiritual empathy. It’s the main form of inter-species communication, requiring complete honesty and total transparency. Communications on this spiritual and psychic level is the best way to combine the gathered souls, joining them into a collective consciousness empowering each part, to carry on peaceful spiritual relations within any specie, as well as at the inter-species, intergalactic and inter-dimensional levels.”

Conversations with Sasquatch (part 17)
Sasquatch said:
”The Council of Star Elders was born in the first aeons of creation, to establish a permanent force watching over the creations of the many worlds and helping in their evolution. In this Star Council, the Star Elders share and compare their different spiritual wisdoms and scientific understandings, to reach a broader spectrum of consciousness, without competing over their different evolutionary experiences.”
”The Star Council’s first mission and mandate is to maintain the Divine Law in the Omniverse, or you may call it the Divine Will or Creator’s Plan, as manifested and expressed in every parts of its creation, through the multiple harmonious and complex consciousness codes naturally inscribed within the sacred geometry and fractals of the most intricate structures of each existing individual entity, part of the great Cosmic Order, from levels beyond intergalactic, to scales intrinsic to that of DNA or quarks.”
”For this reason, only the species who contribute consciously to maintain the Cosmic Order through the respect of the Divine Law can take an active part in the Council of the Star Elders. As you know, your first ancestors once sat within the Council, but have been banned since they lost the spiritual qualifications required, while my people has never left the Council of the Star Elders. So we can relay to our Younger Brother their messages and knowledge, until your specie is ready to evolve into a peaceful spiritual planetary civilization and join back with the Star Elders in inter-species relations.”
”But even so, through the aeons, some of your Human People have at times attained a level of spiritual evolution that has allowed their souls to take part as Human ambassadors in the Council of Star Elders. Many of those spiritual masters of your people have been ignored or forgotten by your uncivilization; and a much greater number of spiritual masters from other species are still beyond your knowledge.”
”We define the Cosmic Order we protect and maintain by respecting it, as the natural inherent harmony manifested through all dimensional spheres of existence in fractal proportions or symphonic harmonies. This is how the Divine Law of the Creator Spirit of the Omniverse is inscribed in all of its creation. This also includes the respect of universal ethics, learned from the collective wisdom of our shared experiences, namely regarding interventions in other worlds’ evolutionary processes, by adding and retrieving genetic codes or incarnated souls, or interfering in the natural evolution cycles of any planet.”
”The Council of Star Elders is held in a circle without any hierarchical structures. In inter-species spiritual communication, all are considered as equals, even if at different stages of their spiritual and planetary evolution. The only recognized status any of its members could have in the Star Council would be to acknowledge some special gifts, or for the antiquity of some Elders for their experience.”
”The consciousness of spiritual Oneness involves the respect of all sentient beings and living souls, regardless of their species or evolutionary path and situation. But the collective wisdom also recognizes the most powerful and wisest channels of universal knowledge, who are naturally the Eldest Elders having a longer experience on the path of spiritual evolution, than their still learning younger relatives.”
”So it is part of the natural evolution and Cosmic Order to look to our Elders’ wisdom and guidance, with respect and honor to their longer learning experience that has lead them to deeper levels of understandings and higher dimensional frequencies, making them greater channels of consciousness.”

Conversations with Sasquatch (part 18)
Sasquatch said:
”That my people has a longer experience than your people in our spiritual evolutionary process shows in the facts that we have kept our ancient spiritual knowledge and psychic connection with our Star Elders, and in the ways we have incarnated and transmitted our genetic memories and consciousness. But this doesn’t make your people any lesser or inferior to mine, as you have other qualities, attributes and experiences, that allow you to develop different knowledge and consciousness than my people do. This only makes us different species, each with our own evolution, but more closely related than any other two walking on this home-planet, as we carry the same star seeds. We are your immediate Elder.”
”We are all equal souls in the Council of the Star Elders, yet the naturally higher levels of spiritual understandings that the Eldest Elders have attained along their longer evolutionary course, becoming powerful channels of universal consciousness, grant them the ability to preside over the Star Council. This transmission of spiritual knowledge and lineage, from the Elder species and souls to the Younger, stimulates the spiritual soul evolution on younger worlds, helping to maintain the Cosmic Order.”
”Those Eldest Elders are transcendant immortals, who can manifest on interdimensional levels and be the clearest channels of the Universal Consciousness or of divine entities in higher realms than theirs, who have never become mortals nor lost their direct connection with the Oneness Consciousness. They travel through time-space faster than the speed of light, beyond every physical or spiritual limitations. They come from various star and planetary systems, as well as dimensions throughout the Omniverse.”
”The Star Elders with a shorter evolution span, though much longer than that of your people or mine, are often assigned to dharmic missions, to continue their spiritual evolution by helping younger worlds. They are the ones who have interacted in benevolent and beneficial ways with Humans, and have most often visited your specie, observing your spiritual evolution and intervening to improve it at times.”
”They have protected you and my people, and our home-planet Earth, during the interstellar wars we fought. They have always reached to your Soul and genetic memory to keep contact, but increasingly in your recent history, as they witness the critical situation of this omnicide that your scientists call the Anthropocene extinction, admitting it is caused by the lifestyles and activities of your Human specie. This planetary disaster that your people has engulfed our home-planet in, is the crucial turning point that could compromise or even abort the Soul evolution in this world we share with many life forms.”
”Unless your collective consciousness returns to a peaceful spiritual civilization of the Soul, you might become one more on a long list of extinct species that have either destroyed themselves or their planet. Those failed soul evolution experiments and world extinctions happen more often than we can tell you. For these reasons, our Star Elders and my people, your Elder Brother, are concerned about your Soul. Your spiritual evolutionary process, although of shorter existence than ours or theirs, is of the greatest significance for us, as it is for them, having assisted to it since its very beginning, at your conception.”
”It is also of capital importance for all other life forms on this home-planet, whose destiny is closely tied to yours and often depends on its outcome. Inter-species peaceful, spiritual relations start with the other life forms incarnating consciousness in your very immediate environments on your home-planet. They are always present for any of you. Animals, plants and stones are also conscious sentient peoples understanding naturally soul telepathy, psychic gift with which your seers have kept relating to them.”

Conversations with Sasquatch (part 19)
Sasquatch said:
”In the Cosmic Order preserved by the Star Council, Eldest Elders lead Elders, teaching Younger souls. Following the wisdom and guidance of our Star Elders are hybrid species, like both of our peoples are. But as mentioned earlier, my people who is your Elder, and helped in the process of your hybridization and spiritual evolution, are not the first specie of intelligent hybrids that have lived upon this Earth.”
”My specie, and yours afterwards, were part of the results of a longer, greater interplanetary process of inter-species relations, over the course of aeons of spiritual evolution of the consciousness and souls, through multiple of the most varied incarnations. Before introducing to you other species of hybrids, we must make something known very clearly. In inter-species peaceful, spiritual communications, all souls and species are considered as equal, and there is no judgement of the others’ evolutionary levels.”
”This is very important to know, before addressing the different types of hybrids, as we simply describe without judgement what we have learned from our Star Elders and observed, about the ones we know. The course of the evolution path they chose to follow, or the dimensional levels they know, are not criterias by which to judge them, but rather to know and understand them, regardless of their spiritual choices or levels of consciousness, to comprehend the bigger picture of the Omniverse we are part of. Only with empathy and compassion can we contribute to the dharmic process of soul karmic healing.”
”With the spiritual consciousness necessary to sit with the Council of Star Elders and take part in the dharmic evolution of the Soul, no form of fear, intolerance, prejudice or hatred can be admitted, for the creation of peaceful, spiritual inter-species bridges and communications, for the greater Cosmic Order. The species like yours, disqualified from sitting in the Star Council, are constantly invited to join back.”
”No matter how deep is the gravity of your planetary and evolutionary situations, you are continuously instructed on how to raise your consciousness, heal your collective karmas, evolve through dharmic practices, and solve the many problems encountered or caused by you along your evolutionary course. You are always given the opportunity to shift your consciousness to higher levels of spiritual growth.”
”Every souls and species are always offered this possibility for evolving, learning, healing and growing. Souls are independent of the species’ genetics in which they incarnate, so no specie is evenly evolved. Although each specie shares among its own kind some ancestral memories and karmas, they are mere karmic links and general traits to describe any specie’s Soul, and its diversity of individual entities. No specie can be summarized to a few traits of characters or only a few of their possibilities of specimens.”
”So when we address those who have chosen different paths from the Cosmic Order, even the ones who dress themselves as our enemies, whom we have had to fight against for maintaining the Divine Law, like the lower lords who control the uncivilization they have implanted on this Earth to enslave all life, it is without any fear nor hatred, but only with loving compassion and hope for their spiritual healing. The understanding of their existence and doings, so intimately tied with your evolution, is necessary to help you in the healing process of your ancestral karmas and collective problems, met in your destiny.”
”In the Cosmic Order protected by the Star Council, inter-species peaceful spiritual communications and relations are encouraged as a way to accelerate the karmic healing and the dharmic spiritual evolution. Species and souls with higher levels of consciousness and spiritual wisdom are thus asked to teach the younger species and souls, and supervise their evolutionary process through space-time and aeons.”

Conversations with Sasquatch (part 20)
Sasquatch said:
”So it is with Soul empathy and spiritual consciousness of Oneness that we will now describe the main species of hybrids that we know best, for they have been our Elder Brothers, living on this home-planet aeons before my people did, having a much longer experience of evolution than my people and yours. This does not make them higher nor superior in any way to my own specie of hybrids nor to yours, neither do their karmic choices make them spiritually lower or inferior to us, on the universal level.”
”A longer span of space-time means more possible outcomes of evolutionary experiments, with a wider array of inter-species relations giving various results; on the physical level, through transforming genetic environments; on the spiritual plane, through participating in the process of souls’ incarnations. But a longer history also counts more collective and ancestral karmas to heal, accumulated over aeons.”
”In other words, the longer evolution span of the Elder species have provided them with much larger quantities of space-time to influence the development, evolution and destiny of this home-planet Earth. It has allowed them to take part of many forms of inter-species hybridizations, whether dharmic or not. So the traces of their influences and interventions in this world’s destiny are seen and felt everywhere.”
”Whether those soul evolution experiments were either successful or failures, beneficial or detrimental to the collective consciousness on this home-planet Earth, is not ours to judge, the deeper causes behind the whole long term greater spiritual process being beyond limited perceptions and understandings.”
”Seeing how intensely and dramatically your specie has influenced the destiny of all life forms on this home-planet, in such a short period of time, compared to the ancient existing species of Elders, it isn’t fit for your young specie to consider their karmic choices and behaviors as inferior or lower than yours. You have not the knowledge of their Soul experience, provided by their distinctive evolutionary paths.”
”Your Human People have claimed this home-planet as their own and exclusive domain, contesting the right of existence to other life forms and species, conquering them through the Antropocene omnicide. In the ongoing acceleration of the extermination rate, your specie, youngest of all, erases older ones.”
”But you have not succeeded in dominating Elder species of hybrids like mine and our Elders species of hybrid relatives, who have lived on this home-planet since long before your specie, in regions and dimensions inaccessible to your people, without any knowledge of it in your collective consciousness. Although those ancient hybrid species have kept influencing your collective consciousness and intervening in your evolution, being the most regularly encountered by your people known as aliens. More precisely, those ancient hybrid species originated on this home-planet long before our people, and most have become intraterrestrial interdimensional species, we might encounter in the underworld.”
”Hence, when we refer to the lower lords and powers, it is not on a hierarchic scale, but on an energetic scale, describing the heavier density of the dimensional levels in which they exist most of the times. The Cosmic Order is maintained and restored through the dharmic practices of the Star Elders Council, always offering possible solutions for healing individual and collective karmic bonds, debts and errors.”
”So the following enumeration and ulterior description of the ancient species of hybrids that have lived since before us on this home-planet is for the purpose of better understanding and healing your Soul karmas. These previous species of hybrids were in chronological succession: the Fish-People, the Ant-People, the Lizard-People, the Bird-People, my Sasquatch-People and finally your Human-People.”
”Every one of these generic names refers to a wider class of species, including its different forms over the course of their evolution, through a genetic diversity of races and sub-species of hybrids. Likewise, your own Human People are the actual genetic results of ages of interbreeding between various DNA of species of hominids and hybrids, and later ethnic groups, that your science has not all discovered yet.”

Kamooh 10

Conversations with Sasquatch (part 21)
Sasquatch said:
”You are noticing that the messages of our Sasquatch People shared with your Human People through you, are being heard and received by many with great acceptance, as they are the ones who already know these ancient truths inscribed in their genetic memory and Soul memories. These souls have been involved consciously in the spiritual evolution of your collective consciousness and planetary healing.”
”For this, the Soul of my Sasquatch People shares your joy and is grateful to those of your Human People who are ready to join and help us in mending the spiritual bridge between species and worlds. This interdimensional level of relation and healing represents your next giant Soul evolutionary leap.”
”You are also noticing that the more you get involved with channeling our Soul, the more intense the energies get around you; the presence of our spirit manifests around with growing evidence and power. Your hear our voices and steps, see images of us inside as outside, and converse with us as with friends. People and animals in your environment can also feel our spirit around you. Dogs stay away nervous or crawl to you submissive, while coyotes and quails gather around you fearlessly and happily, as friends. You also experience higher frequency levels vibrating though your body, losing hunger and sleep.”
”We understand that the inter-species relations you are helping us to build require from you big efforts. They might also cut you off in a sense, from other Human concerns and realities in your surroundings. You understand that this channeling work can only be done in parts, in certain times and circumstances. So as it is now possible for you in time and space to transcribe our message, we ask you to continue.”
”The following cosmogony and account will not agree with most of what you have heard from the limited spiritual and scientific knowledge of your people, but it is what our Star Elders have taught us. They know these facts, since they have been traveling the stars long before your people was conceived. Your people and my people are also Star People, not only by our DNA star seeds, but also by our souls. What makes a specie Star People, is their ability to bridge worlds through inter-species Soul relations.”
”Of all those Star People, those who consciously take part in the collective spiritual healing through dharmic evolutionary practices, in accordance with the Divine Law and the Cosmic Order, are the ones sitting among the Star Elders Council. As you know, your Human People was part of the Council, but have lost in general your ability to take part in inter-species, interdimensional and intergalactic affairs.”
”Apart from a few rare individuals, our Star Elders Council and its wisdom was forgotten from your collective consciousness, and we are here to help you repair the bridge and join back the Star Council. To solve the environmental and social crisis on this home-planet, your specie needs to go beyond your actual limited Human scientific and spiritual level of understanding, into a Universal Consciousness.”
”Your anthropocentrist vision of the Universe brought the actual Anthropocene extinction ominicide. But the solutions to your problems are simple and obvious for highly spiritually evolved Elder species. In many instances, they have known and healed bigger problems and karmas than what Earth knows. Their longer experience and greater wisdom are always made available, to help you grow and heal.”
”These co-creators have assisted the Omniversal Creator in the eternal process of creation in evolution. They have watched over the making of worlds and species, and often contributed to their development. This is why, when we refer to our Star Elders, it is always with great reverence, respect and honor.”

Conversations with Sasquatch (part 22)
Sasquatch said:
”As Mother Earth was being born, Her Soul was carrying within Her womb the souls of Her children. She was born from the Father Sun, who acted as a star gate, providing passage for substance and souls. This is how most planets are created, to allow sentient life to incarnate and consciousness to evolve. From their original ethereal entity and energetic reservoir of plasma, their Soul and bodies manifest.”
”During the first gazeous form of Mother Earth, conditions were unsuitable for life to incarnate, so consciousness manifested only on the astral level. At that time of primordial chaos, Cosmic Order yet existed. The many souls of the entities, children of Mother Earth, developed individual consciousness. They evolved, diversified and interacted long before this home-planet was ready for them to incarnate.”
”As the Earth densified Her own incarnation, turning the energetic potential of its gazeous form into a gravitational mass, started the liquid phase of Her evolution, when Her surface became covered with a thick hot soup of water and molecules constantly stirred around, the primordial sea, Mother of all life. These conditions permitted the incarnation of sentient souls into biological bodies of various forms.”
”Star Elders from a more ancient neighboring galaxy you know as Andromeda, visiting this Earth, found an auspicious environment to introduce their genetic memory to contribute to Soul evolution. The genetic material native to this home-planet at the time was essentially from classes of water beings. So with their DNA star seeds, they created the ones generally referred to as Fish-People or Mer-People.”
”At that first stage of intergalactic inter-species relation, the environment on this newly born home-planet was still primal and elementary, and the young souls incarnating here were still in the process of developing a specie consciousness by first distinguishing themselves from the Soul of their Mother.”
”The first Fish-People were fundamentally living on the astral 4D level and could materialize at times. This allowed them to take many different shapes of water beings combined with their star genetics. Their mission was to help the Soul of our young Mother Earth evolve into multi-species biodiversity. Their role is to encourage and teach the greater Soul of each different species to develop unique traits.”
”The Fish-People were the first intelligent inter-species hybrids with spiritual consciousness to be born on this home-planet. They have been here longer than any other intelligent beings native from Earth. This reminds us that when we say our Earth, it doesn’t mean that we own Her, but share Her with many. The span of evolution of the ones we call Fish-People is beyond the comprehension of your time scale.”
”That period of time of countless aeons has provided them with an immense spectrum of possibilities. Describing all the details of all forms and shapes that the Fish-People took over the course of their evolution in interdimensional levels would take a time that is not available, and it is unnecessary now.”
”Towards the end of this liquid phase, some of the Fish-People became entrapped in the physical forms. These include many forms of fish and amphibian beings, with intelligence and spiritual consciousness. Their involvement on this home-planet on the astral and physical levels, had created emotional bonds. Many of their souls decided to stay on this Earth to reincarnate, while others returned to their stars.”
”Having been involved in multiplying the Earth’s Soul into species Soul, and developing biodiversity, their own biological diversity covers the widest spectrum of all classes of species, like the water beings. Thus, the Fish-People offer the largest variety of inter-species genetic material and lineages on Earth.”

Conversations with Sasquatch (part 23)
Sasquatch said:
”In some ulterior periods of ages, the lower lords used and modified the DNA of the Fish-People in evil ways and in many detrimental experiments against spiritual evolution, creating various new hybrids. For these reasons, the many kinds of Fish-People today have several different levels of Soul evolution.”
”At the end of the liquid phase of creation, all inter-species relations still solely happened on the astral and the physical planes, the level of consciousness reaching only these dimensions of communication. The Fish-People who never got trapped in material bodies, have continued their spiritual mission here. They have kept instructing the Soul of species in evolving into ever diversifying life forms and souls.”
”After land mass and a large variety of different environments appeared, the Fish-People who had never ended their spiritual mission, continued to make and take an infinity of distinctive shapes and forms. The more biodiversity evolved, the greater the variety of forms they could design and appear in grew.”
”They are still doing their ancient work today and are largely known to your people as the Elementals. Few of your people have kept knowing of them, or stayed involved in inter-species relation with them. The Elementals are still here, open to communicate in Soul telepathy with those of you who are ready.”
”The liquid phase of creation, with its continual churning of the primordial milky sea of life-giving waters, served to diversify molecules, elements and shapes, and to agglomerate particles in solid form. At that time, the Earth’s translation around the Sun was faster, while the rotation was much slower, somewhat like now, on the planet you call Venus. These conditions resulted in the accumulation of heavier solid elements on Earth’s side opposed to Sun, its velocity on the ecliptic course being higher.”
”The face where the density kept thickening and material solidification occurred, was the cold dark side. The liquid side facing the Sun remained warmer and more favorable to volatile chemical reactions. This was greatly influential on the Fish-People, some staying in astral dimensions, others incarnating. On the warm liquid side facing Sun, they became Elementals; on the dark solid side, physical species.”
”Biological incarnation was still easier on the warm liquid side, keeping it the reservoir of biodiversity. The dark cold side, of unstable substance under seismic pressure, was the abode of disincarnated souls. Since one side was almost unfit to biological life, souls had to spend long times before finding bodies. This polarity provided the souls with a clearer distinction between their souls and incarnated forms. But it slowed down the evolution rate of souls and of biodiversity, causing the first massive extinction.”
”This polarity also caused the Fish-People to be split between Elementals helping in the process of incarnations of souls in diversified biological forms; and a variety of genetics of hybrid species of Fish-People, generally amphibious, who interact most often in the 4D astral realms of disincarnated souls. So the original Fish-People who chose to stay on an astral plane to continue their spiritual mission have kept evolving into multiple forms and higher consciousness, while the ones who chose to incarnate in physical species have kept comparatively similar forms and have longed for the astral plane they left. They get often trapped between dimensions, slowing down both consciousness and genetic evolution.”
”This shows that the souls who choose higher dimensional levels of existence for their evolution will easily remain faithful to their spiritual missions and develop Universal Consciousness faster, while the souls who choose denser planes for their evolution, like the physical 3D, will evolve through a much longer process of reincarnation through multiples biological bodies, whose forms evolve very slowly, Through physical limitations and pains, their souls keep longing for their higher levels of existence.”
”This holds the teaching that your people can now learn, from that first soul evolution experiment here. The liquid phase of creation is inscribed in the Soul of Mother Earth and the souls of all Her children, who all incarnate in bodies, made mostly of water, as water carries memories and life in its molecules. It was the longest phase of biological evolution on Earth, during which consciousness evolved slowly.”

Conversations with Sasquatch (part 24)
Sasquatch said:
”Over aeons, the aggregated particles grew into an immense single solid land mass you call Pan-Gaia. It took a time over your comprehension for it to form and emerge from the primal chaotic sea of life. This self-birthing process helped our Mother Earth’s individual consciousness to take form in Her Soul. The miracle of living creation and consciousness evolution is always assisted by myriads of spiritual entities, the birthing and evolution of planets and their Soul being watched over by our Eldest Elders.”
”This new environment started the solid phase of creation, favorable to further biodiversity and Soul evolution experiments. Star Elders came from a neighboring galaxy which you know as Orion’s nebula. They represented a Confederation of sisters planets from different stars systems in that ancient galaxy. The found the young Earth an auspicious ground to plant their DNA star seeds and genetic memories.”
”For aeons, in the early solid phase of creation, the land mass was an unstable chaotic turmoil, made of lava flows, quicksands and spontaneous chasms under continuous seismic pressure and volanic activity. Only bacterias, algaes and fungi could grasp hold on the emerged land and survive the volcanic gases.”
”The Star Elders started by introducing some species of microbiological life and blue-green algaes from their star systems that could accelerate the process of creating an atmosphere and suitable ecosystems. This first step of their intergalactic intervention brought alien species that have kept evolving on Earth. Their spiritual mission was to encourage the development of a variety of ecosystems and biodiversity.”
”This would accelerate the process of consciousness evolution and of specification of species’ Souls. The theory of Panspermia proposing the spreading of life and genetic codes across the Universe is right, but is also involves the participation of evolved intelligent species and spiritual consciousness.”
”As the atmosphere was growing from bacterial activity, the land mass started to densify and stabilize. Pan-Gaia was covering almost a complete hemisphere, superior in superficy to the sum of actual lands. Its volcanic summits reached higher than any surviving peak; its canyons had unreal depths and widths. A diversity of ecosystems and climatic zones developed, favorable for biodiversity to evolve faster.”

”Yet, this dark sterile environment, where the light was provided by melting lava and lightnings, and the thick hot air was filled with toxic gases, heavy smoke and burning fumes, was still hostile to life. The Star Elders who have assisted the birthing and evolution of many planets have a long term vision. They can wait patiently through aeons of slow progress, knowing the ultimate outcomes of processes. Meanwhile, the Eldest Elders act on higher interdimensional levels to ensure the evolution continues.”
”Eventually, animal life started crawling on land and developed into many diversified forms of life. Since the Sun light never reached the Earth’s hemisphere of solid land on Pan-Gaia, the species could live without it and were mostly underground burrowers like worms, arthropodes, arachnids or insects.”
”Pan-Gaia kept growing in size and mass all along its long existence, adding always more weight to the dark side of Earth. It created a situation in which biological life was evolving rapidly, while the evolution of souls and spiritual consciousness was very slow, the souls reincarnating at a faster rate.”
”After aeons, the heavy land mass excercing an increasing gravitational pull on Earth from its denser central region made of its highest volcanoes, ended up pulling the planet’s core off center and caused it to explode. A huge mass of molten substances was projected in Earth’s orbit in the biggest cataclysm ever seen on this planet, causing Pan-Gaia to rip open, to split in two parts of nearly equal dimensions.”
”The power of the explosion not only broke the land mass in halves; it started a planetary rotating spin. This gigantic natural cataclysm caused the second mass extinction of species, and the end of the early stage of the solid phase of creation. By giving birth to another celestial body, Mother Earth’s Soul grew. Her consciousness evolved into understanding the soul-bearing life-giving Mother she really is to be. This extinction event was the rebirth experience that made Her Soul consciously loving her children.”

Conversations with Sasquatch (part 25)
Sasquatch said:
”The whole process produced a considerably enlarged and strengthen magnetosphere shielding Earth’s surface from deadly solar radiations, making it more suitable and easier for biological life to develop. The ejected mass of substances started orbiting around the Earth and solidified into a natural satellite. That Moon added its gravitational pull to the Earth, increasing Her tides and the speed of Her rotation. This first Moon to gravitate around planet Earth, is not the same one we see now, as it was destroyed. We will explain in time how and why. But for now we will continue with the story the way it unfolded.”
”After the land mass hemisphere of Pan-Gaia was split into two continents of similar proportions and projected apart, they started drifting rapidly at first, and more slowly over time, towards the two poles. This, added to the newly engaged rotation of the planet, allowed that soon, every land mass received some different time and amount of Sun light. As the gravitational explosion happened near the equator of that time, the Earth’s axis was perpendicular to the ecliptic, pulling the land masses to both poles.”
”This new situation provided an even wider variety of ecosystems and conditions to favor biodiversity. The second step of intergalactic intervention of the Star Elders was to help develop the vegetable reign. Species of lichens, mosses and primitive plants such as lycopodes and ferns, were gradually introduced. Some beneficial genetics of species from other star systems were added to the naturally existing ones.”
”They were highly evolved sentient plant species helping the plants to develop into complex life forms. Those specially selected, adaptable species of alien plants could live side by side with the native flaura. Star Elders seeded them in given areas of diverse ecosystems, to stimulate the interaction of species. Their spiritual mission was to encourage relations between species, creating symbiosis and ecosystems. In some occasions, this involved cloning and mixing DNA, to make hybrid species of Plant-People.”
”Those alien and hybrid sentient species of Plant-People have mixed naturally with the earthly flaura and influenced the evolution of its genetics and sentient soul consciousness. Although most have gone extinct in time, some are still growing among earthly flaura today, wrongly seen as endemic to Earth.”
”With the apparition of flowered flaura, the Star Elders introduced from their star systems some evolved species of insects and pollenizers, like ants and bees, to blend into earthly ecosystems and encourage the evolution of consciousness, through accelerating relations between the Souls of species. Those alien species have over time, mixed their genetics naturally or artificially with earthly species, influencing DNA evolution on this home-planet and creating hybrids sentient species of Insect-People. Most have vanished today or lost their original forms, but they left their genetic print in ecosystems.”
”As the Earth turned into a beautiful garden, the Star Elders knew its caretaking was a long process. Until then in the solid phase of creation, they had been introducing evolved alien species they carried. They decided to introduce their own genetic memory on Earth to accelerate the consciousness progress. The most evolved earthly genetic material at that time came from the multi-legged species, evolved over a longer period from the dark and dense underworld of Pan-Gaia, before the dawn rose on lands.”
”They were highly adaptable and resistant to the hardest conditions and offered a large variety of DNA. Since their level of consciousness was primary on the evolution scale, the Star Elders used the DNA of evolved ants they had imported from their planets, that was more compatible with their alien genetics and that had very well adapted to almost all earthly ecosystems. Adding their own DNA, they created a spiritually conscious intelligent hybrid species, second one born on this home-planet, the Ant-People.”

Conversations with Sasquatch (part 26)
Sasquatch said:
”The Ant-People were created by the Star Elders to assist them in their work of caretaking the garden. Their spiritual mission, like their Star Elders, was to continue encouraging inter-species Soul relations. Introducing new species or hybrids to environments, they accelerated biological symbiosis evolution. With the help of the Elementals, their Elder Brothers, they participated in developing biodiversity.”
”They are also known as the Insect-People and developed into a large diversity of species and hybrids. But the average archetype of their general appearance approximates that of ants, with or without wings. The ants genetic pool, along with their Star Elders DNA star seeds, constitute the essential of the genes. For these reasons, we will refer to their class of species as the Ant-People, including their many forms.”
”Incarnated in physical biological bodies, they communicate through astral Soul telepathy and ethereal electro-magnetic waves, being able to upload or download thoughts, psychic powers or energetic charges through their antennas. Since the task awaiting them was vast and complex, they were conceived to reproduce rapidly, but through selected queens laying eggs, as others kept working, much like ants do. They also have a binding specie collective Soul, allowing little individual consciousness. Their astral sensory ability, basis of individual emotional response and empathy, diminished over time.”
”The two main land masses having their centers at the poles, received more Sun light and heat around their edges, closer to the tropics, so biological life developed faster in the coastal regions than inland. The two continents may be called respectively Borea and Austra, to distinguish them from each other. Their weight balanced the Earth axis and gravitational mass, providing two independent environments. Apart from them, a series of smaller islands and archipelagos emerged from the equatorial ocean belt.”
”The Ant-People, carrying DNA of borrowers, constructed an extensive network of caves and passages. In this underworld, they cultivated a genetic bank of DNA and devised species and hybrids to spread. They would then release these at the Earth’s surface or in specific caves systems, to let them multiply. Much of their underground network still exists today and was successively occupied by other species.”
”For many aeons, the Ant-People continued interacting with the ecosystems for their development into more highly diversified environments and evolved and life forms, cultivating the garden of organic life. They proceeded by first seeding spores of special fungi and certain insects they breeded, like ants do. When these selected species had done their evolutionary work in transforming the ecosystems, other naturally developed species resulting from the newly created conditions took over the environments.”
”The long term mandate of the Ant-People included likewise, to leave the Earth to the earthly species, once they had completed their mission of ecosystems diversification and inter-species Soul symbiosis. Over aeons, they evolved into different species and started mixing other DNA to their own genetics. They created this way many species of intelligent hybrids of Insect-People, but gradually lost the Soul connection and forgot the meaning of the spiritual reincarnation process and of the dharmic evolution.”
”After warnings and calls to realign them with the Cosmic Order, they were banned from Star Council. Losing their original spiritual wisdom and the understanding of their purpose on Earth, they kept carrying on their operations of transforming genetic codes in increasingly complex DNA experiments. They started using nanoparticles and implants to speed up the karmic process of genetic manipulation. This long decline and downfall would eventually bring their world to an inevitable deadline and end.”

Conversations with Sasquatch (part 27)
Sasquatch said:
”Towards the end of the solid phase of creation, the Earth was inhabited by the widest spectrum of life forms, while the collective consciousness had lost the Soul connection and spiritual evolution process. The two uncivilizations of Ant-People developed apart on both continents started fighting each other. Having evolved differently, they competed over more influence and control on genetics than their rival. Nanoparticles, implants, electro-magnetic weapons, were their main arsenal on their antigravity crafts.”
”Their war of two worlds over the control of genetic manipulation of this home-planet lasted for aeons. Its logistics included the genocide of the life forms created by the opponents and forced DNA implants. As its intensity increased, the electro-magnetic weapons caused greater seismic and volcanic activity.”
”The third mass extinction event occurred when the magnetosphere imploded and collapsed violently. This brutal implosion caused an electric overcharge, exterminating the majority of species on Earth. The world was pierced by high currents and crossed by tremendous amounts of electromagnetic charges. The Earth’s crust and both land masses was fissured and fractioned into several smaller continents. Even into the deepest depths on the underworld, the fire from the sky reached souls and annihilated life.”
”It took ages before the electromagnetic charges balance again naturally and restore the magnetosphere. This long lasting period of thundering monster cell storms and multiplied earthquakes of gigantic sizes cleansed the Earth of a surplus of incarnated life forms that didn’t serve the spiritual evolution process. The Soul of the Earth found its purpose of being a womb for incarnations with spiritual consciousness. This purification process guided the Earth’s Soul to evolve into a spiritual collective consciousness.”
”While most species and forms of life had been decimated, fewer available lineages offered bodies. Disincarnated souls had to stay much longer in the astral realm, allowing them to reconnect with Soul. Yet, many forms of life, including the Ant-People, survived in small number, in sparsed populations.”
”The newly formed continents and islands, from the fractioning of Borea and Austra in multiples parts, took drifting courses converging towards the equator, since the geothermic burst of their mother lands. The stronger centrifugal force at the equator excerced a pull on all land masses, slowly drawn there.”
”In the following aeons, the recreation of biodiversity was a long process similar to its previous edition. The Elementals carried the process on their own this time, with very little assistance of the Ant-People. The latter had to momentarily abandon conducting any more genetic interventions or any interference. They had to return to the guidance of their Elder Brothers, the Elementals and reconnect with the Soul.”
”The weak proportion of Ant-People who survived consisted in small groups of various mixed hybrids. Evolution of consciousness and spiritual dharmic process had considerably slowed down and involved. The condition of the Ant-People and the results of their soul experiments caused great cosmic concerns. The Star Elders Council studied to understand the situation and find some solutions to the problematic.”
”The Council of Star Elders gathered delegations from several star systems to watch over the Earth. Those watchers had for spiritual mission to guard and protect the dharmic evolution process on Earth. They started visiting Earth on a steady basis and long term, to build permanent intergalactic outposts on every continents, intended to be centers of inter-species peaceful spiritual relations and Soul evolution.”

Conversations with Sasquatch (part 28)
Sasquatch said:
”The collective consciousness on Earth needed to evolve towards a greater Soul empathy and feeling. The astral bodies needed to be strengthened to produce deeper emotional sensitivity and Soul response. The incarnated forms needed less physical invulnerability, and a larger conscious individual free will. Therefore, the astral phase of creation of intelligent Self, followed the solidification phase of creation.”
”In the astral phase of creation of intelligent Self, each continent developed its own flaura and fauna. This provided even more possibilities for biodiversity to develop naturally, without need to manage it. Over aeons, the life-giving home-planet Earth replenished and fructified into a rich genetic diversity.”
”More evolved species appeared with stronger individual consciousness, sensibility and basic instincts. Interactions diversified in forms not only between species, but also between individuals within species. Unlike in the previous era, the various individuals were not all following the sole Soul of their species. They had a growing awareness of their individual Self, developing stronger emotions and free will.”
”The Council of Star Elders, invested in the construction of intergalactic consciousness outposts on Earth, found on the young virgin newly reformed Earth a fertile ground for the implantation of crystals. These highly evolved sentient entities of the mineral kingdom can store memories and energy charges. Large quantities of crystals from many other planets were brought to Earth and disseminated in sites.”
”Those crystals of diverse chemical compositions, were programmed with messages of cosmic wisdom. Under the appropriate circumstances, they vibrated at higher frequencies, emitting sound and images. They were also telepathic transmitters of the message they contained, like a network of radio antennas.”
”These sacred stones were distributed on Earth in favorable ecosystems with more evolved life forms. They were disposed in concentric circles or in geometric patterns, to create ethereal energetic vortices. They served the double purpose of first, consolidating the fractal organization of higher molecular complexity by creating magnetic fields creating ripples of crystallization on surrounding environments. Secondly, the messages of consciousness they carried and transmitted through telepathic etheric waves, excerced a subtle long term persistent and beneficial influence for spiritual levels of surrounding souls.”
”The crystals transmitters were brought from various intergalactic outposts throughout the Universe, to the ones built on Earth, encrypted with huge amounts of memories and information from Star Elders. They were programmed with microscopic holographic animated libraries for intergalactic transmission. The Star Elders would then re-energize them and upgrade them in pyramid and domes they had built.”
”This practice of implanting crystals inscribed with messages of cosmic consciousness has been used universally by the Star Elders to enhance the healing process and restore the dharmic ways on planets. On the long term, those programmed crystals created a network of healing energy fields and ley lines. They channel telluric currents and electromagnetic winds, influencing weather systems and patterns. They also act as etheric telepathic relays, whose healing vortices are felt naturally by sentient souls.”
”After aeons of dharmic healing, the Star Council of Elders was established on Earth in an intergalactic civilization, with many highly developed outposts on all continents, counting complex architectural achievements, including entire mountains shaped, or carved with humanoid or animal features, networks of cyclopean megalopolis, with gigantic pyramids and monuments of megalithic proportions, geometric towers, underground cities and crystal domed temples. Some have left remain to this day.”

Conversations with Sasquatch (part 29)
Sasquatch said:
”When the maturing Earth recovered Her balance and beauty, the Star Elders found Her an appropriate ground for further soul evolution experiments, by inviting highly evolved souls from their star systems to incarnate on Earth, in order to accelerate the process of consciousness development to higher levels.”
”The original intention of following the evolutionary dharmic process remained the essential guideline. Within the intergalactic outposts established on Earth, a series of various time-space passages were created through interdimensional stargates, bridging Earth through worm holes with several planets. These stargates, bridging worlds, facilitated intergalactic travels for souls and incarnated species alike.”
”The Earth became increasingly visited by a growing number and diversity of alien species and souls. The intergalactic outposts on Earth became major centers of inter-species relations and cosmic affairs. The healed and renewed Earth became a favorite intergalactic destination and gathering for Star Elders. The immensely vast spectrum of Star People who walked and lived on Earth in that era is beyond any description. While the level of evolution of the spiritual consciousness in the earthly life forms was still limited to defining the individual Self through emotions and instincts, the variety of intelligent alien Soul conscious species transmitting on Earth reached proportions never reached before nor ever since.”
”Since the Star Elders also have to attend the affairs of other planets and of their own worlds, they cannot fix themselves to any other distant planet for longer than their dharmic work is needed there. They must continue to come and go between worlds and return to their own home-planets and Mothers. In order to guarantee a continuity of the long term evolutionary development of spiritual consciousness, Star Elders proposed the creation of new inter-species hybrids to keep a permanent watch on Earth.”
”The most evolved, commonly available earthly gene pool of the era was from reptiles and amphibians. The majority of life forms living on Earth were of the reptilian and the amphibian classes of species. During that period, a wide diversity of species of dinosaurs multiplied, all of which would go extinct.”
”Because of the vast array of earthly species and of alien species on Earth, the selection of the right genes, for the creation of a new inter-species hybrid race on this home-planet was a delicate choice. The Star Elders started by studying the multiples possibilities, sorting the best probabilities of success. Their research on the earthly species genetics, paralleled detailed examination of the diverse pools of souls, to determine the best candidates for incarnating on this home-planet in the next hybrid species.”

”This first stage of their intergalactic intervention, with the intention of creating another inter-species hybrid on Earth, took millions of years, testing the patience of species with shorter evolution span and longevity, many of which needed multiple incarnations to keep following with this evolution process. This caused species from younger star systems to campaign for the use of their own DNA for hybrids.”
”Their request being based on specific species’ interests rather than on the greater Order was denied. Many aeons passed until the Star Elders had completed their genetic mapping and soul examinations. They finally decided to use the DNA of Star Elders from Andromeda and Orion, who had already left their genetic memories on Earth through previous hybrid inter-species that had influenced evolution.”
”The decision was accepted unanimously, but unwillingly by the faction that had expressed discontent. So from its very beginning, the creation of the Lizard-People was cause of dissent in the Star Council.”

Conversations with Sasquatch (part 30)
Sasquatch said:
”The Lizard-People are also called Snake-People, but since they most often have limbs and hands, we will refer to them as Lizard-People. This class of hybrid inter-species also counts numerous categories. The first ones were created by the Star Elders Council to contribute to the dharmic evolution of Soul.”
”The souls selected as best candidates to incarnate into Lizard-People were the ones coming from older worlds that had survived to previous mass extinction and severe spiritual evolutionary regression. They were ancient souls that had much experience in evolution, carrying their karmic burdens to heal.”
”For many aeons, souls selected from several star systems, incarnated on Earth through Lizard-People. Their spiritual mission, like their Star Elders, was to define the Self consciousness through emotions. They communicated through Soul telepathy and astral projections, transferring their thoughts in images. They could activate holographic vortices and shapeshift matter, with their impressive psychic powers.”
”Through the stargates in intergalactic outposts, souls came down to Earth with their spiritual guides. They were instructed, through interdimensional relations, on the spiritual ways of dharmic incarnation. These intelligent evolved souls understood through the whole process that they had come to Earth to incarnate and take part consciously in the long term spiritual evolution of Soul and consciousness.”
”After aeons of this continuous process, the Earth hosted a civilization of diversified Lizard-People. Their large diversity of forms was due to the various origins of the souls and of earthly genetic pool. Earth’s Soul and collective consciousness had considerably risen in higher frequency and awareness. Through the activated crystal vortices and the pyramid temples, the incarnating souls were instructed.”
”Seeing the diversified array of Lizard-People, the Star People who had been refused to use their DNA for their creation, rebelled against the Council and proceeded in modifying the Lizard-People in secret. They started abducting specimens and taking them into deep underground bases in the underworld. They developed large laboratories and colonies in the ancient caves once dug out by the Ant-People.”
”As they kept descending deeper into the underworld, they encountered survivors of the Ant-People. They abducted them too, to use their DNA and create more reptilian and insectoid modified hybrids. The Ant-People responded by breaking their covenant and restarting engineering new hybrid species. This started a long war between the rebellious faction of Star People creating reptilian hybrids and the Elder Ant-People, which extended through different stages and levels, through the ages until this day. Through the multiple reptilian and insectoid hybrids created on both sides, too many to know them all, the numerous types of hybrids became hard to distinguish or classify, serving as genetic infiltrators.”
”The Star Elders Council was of course well aware of the situation and after extensive negotiations, they banned the Ant-People again and the Lizard-People under the control of the rebellious Star People. They could not interrupt the harmful activities going on in the depths of the well protected underworld. They could just continue to be watchers over the Earth and its spiritual and Soul evolutionary process.”
”The ones we refer to as the lower lords, were Star Elders who fell to the selfish karmic power hunger. Their scientific and spiritual knowledge surpasses yours by far, but they have misused them to control. We call them lower lords for the lower astral levels they have produced in the depth of the underworld. At the end of the astral phase of creation of the Self and individual consciousness, through emotional development, the Earth had experienced all possibilities contained within the whole astral spectrum.”

kamooh 1

Conversations with Sasquatch (part 31)
Sasquatch said:
”Before we continue with our message, we must do a reality check. If you have followed our message this far, you are most likely part of those who recognize this information as resonating with the inner truth of their Soul memory and genetic memories. The information we are transmitting to you is already encrypted in your DNA star seeds, as well in your ancient souls, allowing you to recover your forgotten memories and forsaken heritage. This is why our message finds resonance in your Soul.”
”But a greater number of your Human People still sees our message as mere fantasy and fairy tales. They are not yet ready to reconnect with their ancient DNA star seeds genetic memory, or their souls cannot recognize realities they have not yet known or understood. This is easy to understand, knowing that the lower lords modified your genetics and have systematically erased every ancient teachings, and physical remains standing as proofs of your long spiritual evolution since the days your first ancestors.”
”This long term eradication of all traces of your ancient spiritual evolution, including the dharmic process of sacred soul incarnation practiced by your first ancestors, allowed younger, less evolved souls to incarnate among your Human specie. Their souls may have not lived in the dawn of your people, not being familiar with the ancient realities we describe to you, but they nevertheless incarnated to evolve through your specie, carrying your DNA star seeds genetic memories, helping them in the process.”
”The souls transmigrate through many forms and they evolve on the long term independently from the genetics of their incarnations; but the genetic memories they carry influence their individual karma. Every species, including your young Human People, are made of several genetic interbreeding between species and hybrids over the course of aeons; and each one of them provides physical bodies for souls to incarnate and continue their spiritual evolution process. The souls incarnating in any given species, unless they are consciously invited and welcomed before conception, may come from any dimensions.”
”In the Universal Consciousness, although every entity is unevenly evolved in spiritual consciousness, they are all considered as equal souls, with the same infinite potential in the longer evolution process. Some of the souls may involve and regress into lower levels of consciousness, in a lethargic amnesia, which eventually leads them into deeper oblivion and the dissolving of their individual Self into the primordial churning sea and cosmic reservoir of souls, like drops blending with the ocean to be reborn.”
”Other souls who consciously participate in the evolution process of their Soul, grow into higher levels of consciousness and spiritual understanding, allowing their souls to incarnate consciously into ever more evolved incarnations and favorable circumstances, until they have no more need to reincarnate, reaching a level of awareness where they are consciously helping the collective Soul to heal its karmas, after having cleared themselves from their karmic loads and debts, getting involved strictly in dharma.”
”Every soul is given opportunities to evolve all along its existence, offered bodies to reincarnate, which can be of different forms and in diverse species. For this reason, no species is evolved evenly. Every intelligent species, including your own, is part of a greater Soul evolution long term process. This makes every one of them important, with its own purpose, so none can be called out of the equation.”
”No species have been exclusively benevolent or malevolent over the course of aeons, having all been involved in experiencing different levels of consciousness, with their specific karmic burdens included. So in the Universal consciousness, all species are considered as equals, regardless of their paths of evolution or the consequences of their actions on other life forms and on the collective consciousness.”

Conversations with Sasquatch (part 32)
Sasquatch said:
”Let’s take the example of your Human People. Can they be considered as a benevolent or a malevolent specie for other forms of life on their planet? This question is hard to answer in your consciousness, at the light of the ongoing Anthropocene omnicide, exterminating other life forms at an alarming speed. Yet, this is only the actual outcome of your long evolution, which doesn’t have to be its final outcome.”
”Likewise, can any Human individual be seen as entirely good or bad towards other living beings? Only some, a few rare ones of your spiritual masters, have attained a level of pure consciousness and ascended to immortality, but only after a long spiritual evolution process of healing their own karmas. Some have joined the Star Elders Council and live among them, watching over your collective Soul. These Elder souls maintain the dharmic process of helping younger souls, out of compassion and duty.”
”Yet, there are still many, if not the majority of your people, who live in ways harmful to other beings, whether other life forms or from their own specie, as well as to souls and beings from other dimensions. Could the Human specie be judged as a whole on the account of the acts and behaviors of a few individuals or groups, or over a single small part of their long history and evolution? In the same way, no species can be judged or categorized as a whole, based on a few criterias describing the general consciousness of their Soul, or events and actions in their past evolution, as they include many souls.”
”Inter-species relations, over the course of aeons, are much too complex to be classified between black and white categories; they are made of a multitude of shades of greys. They involve a wide spectrum of life forms in an infinity of levels of consciousness, each with its individual destiny and Soul evolution. They include interdimensional interactions with less evolved, as with more evolved souls and species. For the maintaining of the Cosmic Order and peaceful dharmic relations, all must be respected equally.”
”Without this Universal Consciousness, any more evolved species could dominate less evolved ones. Take the example of your Human People meeting an ant colony. They have developed their societies and ecosystems harmoniously for hundreds of millions of years, long before your People even existed. Yet, you consider them as inferior life forms which you can dispose of at will without consequences. You may ignore their presence when you develop your roads or housings, or consciously destroy them. With poisons or noisy polluting destructive machinery, your may eradicate their societies within hours.”
”But you are unaware of their importance in the maintaining of ecosystems; they do work you can’t do. If all more evolved species would treat younger ones this way, there would be no chance for evolution. And how evolved a specie is, is relative and depends on each different perspective. Would the ancient ant societies consider your Human specie as particularly evolved on the Soul and spiritual level?”
”Likewise, can the ants judge the Human People and understand the reasons of their collective reality, levels of consciousness and karmic burden? For these reasons, in the Universal Consciousness of Cosmic Order, there is no judgment, prejudice, fear or hatred, when we refer to any existing species.”
”Star and Soul Elders understand that every souls and species are experiencing their respective different levels of consciousness along their long term process, and are an important part of the Soul evolution. So even when we refer to some who are either less evolved, or more ancient, but have chosen ways against spiritual healing, which we oppose and even fight against, we always respect their souls and existence. Knowing that the description of their story is not meant to condemn, but to understand, learn and grow to higher levels of spiritual consciousness, we can with this awareness, continue the account.”

Conversations with Sasquatch (part 33)
Sasquatch said:
”Inter-species relations form the basis and the essential grounds for the evolution of the Soul collective spiritual consciousness. They start on every planet, within every ecosystems and given environments. This is why higher levels of consciousness have helped develop biodiversity and abundance of life. Since souls must incarnate in order to develop higher consciousness through a diversity of experiences and forms allowing them to learn the spiritual understanding of existence, biological life is required.”
”Your science counts up to eight and a half millions of different species on this home-planet Earth, and this approximates around ten to fifteen percent of all earthly life forms. Transposing this beyond earthly proportions, we can barely comprehend the infinite possibilities of species and inter-species relations.”
”Among intelligent species with spiritual consciousness that can achieve interstellar travel, the numbers drop significantly to a small fraction of all existing life forms; yet, they are numerous beyond our limited knowledge. Considering that the longer a specie has evolved, the greater the diversity of sub-species and hybrids that have sprouted from them is, so the larger the spectrum of inter-species relations they have experienced becomes. Adding to this the length and duration of those interactions, gives an even wider array of possible inter-species relations, with different evolutions and outcomes.”
”To put this in your Human perspective, imagine young children with their grandparents. Although the children’s soul may be ancient, their experience of the actual Human reality is learned from the Elders. The children may be coming for a great mission and even to teach their people, but they first must learn from the experience of their Elders, in order to adapt to their new incarnations and environments.”
”On a broader scale, let’s look through the perspective of my Sasquatch People, who are your Elders. One of us who can live ten thousand years, has seen the birth, growth and downfall of all your cultures and civilizations, that your recent memory can remember, from your much longer collective evolution. So only one of our Elders can hold the amount of knowledge of a whole era of your specie’s evolution.”
”If you consider the accumulated knowledge and understanding from the lineages of our ancestors through ages, adding to the evolution of the greater Soul of our specie still present and strong in our collective consciousness, you can figure an idea of the average spiritual consciousness of a Sasquatch. This is why, as your Elder Brother who has never forsaken the Cosmic Order, we wish to educate you.”
”Yet, as you know, my Sasquatch People is not the first, nor the most ancient form of intelligent life on this home-planet, and even less your younger specie. So the Elders species, no matter what path of evolution they have chosen, have lessons to teach us, either directly, or through the examples they left. They have taken ways and brought outcomes to teach us what would likely happen if we follow them. But can the children judge their grandparents for their life paths and decisions, and their experiences?”
”Inter-species relations are not all peaceful, nor done with intentions of helping spiritual Soul evolution. Karmic debts and loads are created along the process that need to be healed and resolved over time. Look at the short span of your history that you can remember, how it is made of wars and sufferings. Wars were not everywhere all the time, but there has never been much time without a war somewhere.”
”Your grandparents and ancestors have done terrible crimes over the course of their evolution, but does this make the children guilty or bad? Hasn’t there been a long term evolution of your collective Soul? Likewise, the Elders species who carry heavier karmic burdens, are also in their evolution process.”

Conversations with Sasquatch (part 34)
Sasquatch said:
”Beyond the simple categories of species or hybrids, there are many collective karmic groups of souls. Within a single specie like yours, there are races, lineages, ethnicities, cultures and various societies. Within these distinctive societies are several different ideological movements, interests and beliefs.”
”It would be unsuited to summarize your entire specie into a few general observations to define you. We cannot consider the whole Human specie as racist, cruel, criminals, slaverers, religious fanatics, cold hearted killers or abusers, although many of them behave in those detrimental malevolent ways. We cannot even simplify a whole racial, cultural or religious group, as only benevolent or malevolent.”
”The same principle applies to all species and hybrids, on this planet, as throughout all the Omniverse. The life evolution process involves karmic failures as well as growth, made of struggles and conflicts. Not only your Human history is made of wars, but that of most planets in their early phase of evolution. You are barely emerging from ages of tribalism, racism and religious integrism, into a greater collective Human consciousness, understanding now that the skin color, beliefs and origins don’t make the Soul.”
”It would be unfit for your young specie to judge Elders species for the wars and karmas they carried. The Star Elders in the Council are the ones who have kept collaborating into inter-species peaceful and spiritual relations, to maintain the Cosmic Order. Yet, some were disqualified and expulsed from it.”
”Among them are the ones we refer to as the lower lords. They were Star Elders who had reached immortality, but decided to regress into egotistic consciousness to impose control and possess power. They are also known as Elioud, the cast out gods, fallen angels, demon lords, devils and dark masters. Their high level of scientific and spiritual understanding provided them with immense psychic powers.”
”They came from several star systems and a large variety of species, not being restrained to any specie. Over the aeons, they gathered one third of all worlds under their control, including this planet Earth. The ones who came on Earth in the early phases of Her development were from a rebellious group of over two hundred planets that had been developed and colonized by reptoid species of Draconians.”
”They are called Draconians, not only because of their sizes and appearances, but also for their origins based in a star system you know as Draco. Since they colonized and controlled many planets in several star systems, the species and powers under their control cannot all be called Draconians, hence the term lower lords we use. They evolved from reptoid genetics and kept using them to device many hybrids.”
”The term reptoid refers to reptile-like classes of animals, generally with scales or armored, that have developed from alien environments of distant planets, so they can’t be called reptiles for this reason. When the reptoid lower lords, under the control of the Draconians, engineered hybrids on Earth from reptile genetics, they devised the class of hybrids known as reptilians, to bypass and control the Lizard-People, also reptilian hybrids, who were created by the Star Elders in a higher Soul evolution process.”
”At this point, you realize that the story of every species or hybrids is far more complex than it seems. Therefore, we can’t generalize or judge any of them with our limited understanding of their vast reality. We can only try to understand their role and purpose in our collective spiritual evolution and healing. Every souls and entities are always offered the possibilities to change their ways, heal and evolve, as long as their consciousness doesn’t regress into eternal lethargy, which is spiritual death. In the Star Council of Elders, we always work on solutions for cosmic healing of all souls, including opponents.”

Conversations with Sasquatch (part 35)
Sasquatch said:
”The war of hybrids started on this home-planet Earth long before your Human People was conceived. Its first struggle was when the Fish-People were split between incarnated and interdimensional beings. Some remained in their interdimensional Elementals forms and kept faithful to their spiritual mission, while the ones who chose the long process of reincarnation evolve much slower, longing for their soul.”
”It then grew to a larger destructive scale when the Ant-People fought amongst themselves, between their polarized Borean and Austran sub-species, bringing another mass extinction event, and destroying the biodiversity they had been helping to develop over many aeons. This was the first stage of the war.”
”The war of hybrids took a much wider aspect and a longer term scale after the lower lords got involved into it. Afterwards, since hundreds of millions of years, a large spectrum of hybrid species have been engineered and implanted on this home-planet without intentions of spiritual Soul evolution. The largest proportion of them is of insectoid or reptoid-reptilian genetic origins and cross-breeds.”
”Those hybrids wars have been waged until this day and your people has been part of them, secretly in recent times, with or without your collective knowledge, as you are the latest youngest hybrid on Earth. For species who have evolved for hundreds of millions of years or longer, you are weak and ignorant. Some intelligent species going away from the Cosmic Order can take advantage of your limited Soul.”

”Species who have evolved into higher spiritual consciousness, like the Star Elders, watch over you. They send signs and guidance and speak to your Soul, helping you to evolve into higher consciousness. You have noticed that we often refer to karma and dharma, two words from your most ancient surviving civilization expressing accurately the universal principles of cause to effects, and healing.”
”Karma is the universal law which associates every cause to some effect, and every effect to some cause. It is not perceived as much in terms of good and evil, as in terms of beneficial and detrimental effects. Although some things can be qualified as good or as evil from short perspective, their long term effects always finds its meaning and purpose in the greater evolution Soul process of spiritual consciousness.”
”Dharma is the conscious participation in the evolutionary process of consciousness and incarnations. Not all Star Elders in the Council have achieved immortality, but all are actively involved in karma healing and in the dharmic process of Soul evolution, through inter-species peaceful, spiritual relations. So, many hybrid and alien species are represented in the Council, often only as groups of their species.”
”There are even at times some representatives of the lower lords who are convocated for negotiations. They are always offered the possibility to realign with the Cosmic Order, or to face the longer term consequences of their choices, decisions, actions and behaviors. When such negotiations fail, there are times when the Star Elders are forced to fight the lower lords to protect younger worlds and species. This is part of their spiritual mission and mandate as watchers of the planets’ Soul evolution process.”
”Therefore, when the lower lords got involved in the wars of hybrids on this Earth, the situation escalated for many ages, forcing the Star Elders and their hybrid allies, like my Sasquatch People and later your first ancestors, in fighting off the invading powers trying to possess and control creation. This is part of the long history of our planet that has kept unfolding until this day and age of your birth. It is inscribed in your genetic and Soul memory to be remembered and for its lessons to be learned.”

Conversations with Sasquatch (part 36)
Sasquatch said:
”With any account you hear of events you have not directly witnessed or experienced, you can never be sure of its accuracy and details. What you can be sure of, is that every reality described is possible. The long past events that have not involved directly your specie’s Soul may be less relevant for you to know, but they can bring you a greater understanding, useful to your own Soul’s spiritual evolution.”

”If you have listened to our message this far, you now understand that the evolution of intelligence and spiritual consciousness on this home-planet Earth, as in the whole Omniverse, is far from being limited to the short history of your Human People. You understand that the conception and creation of your people was part of a much longer Soul evolution experiment process, stretched over countless aeons.”

”You also understand by now that peaceful, spiritual inter-species relations, can only be conducted in a non-judgmental approach, with the Universal Consciousness perspective of the equality of every soul. You realize that all species and souls, regardless of their ways, play an important role in the equation. None can be defined with simplified general observations; all have known diverse complex realities.”

”We can now enter into the description of the wars of hybrids that have transformed the evolution of this Earth and all life forms therein, including that of your Human People and of my Sasquatch People. After the lower lords and the powers they control moved to the underworld, they started invading it. The war of hybrids for the control of the underworld raged for ages, involving countless hybrid types.”

”At first, the Ant-People could keep their underground bases by protecting them with electromagnetic shields and weapons. Some of those radioactive and radiotronic frequencies were designed to affect and destroy only reptoid genetics, while leaving the insectoid hybrids untouched. The first phase of the war between the insectoid and reptoid hybrids was thus spent in engineering a wide variety of hybrids, mixing reptoid and insectoid genetics on both sides. They were used as genetic infiltrators and spies.”

”After ages, the reptoid lower lords devised hybrids that could enter through the protective shields and crack their codes, allowing them to deactivate them and launch a series of attacks deep within the Ant-People’s underground tunnels and domains, with intelligent drones spraying highly toxic insecticide gases. This chemical aggression which the insectoids couldn’t repulse, forced the Ant-People to retreat ever deeper into the hidden parts of the underworld. Many of their laying queens were exterminated, so they rescued all the ones they could, hiding them into those deepest caves, and sealed their entrances.”

”This massive insecticide aggression caused a major depopulation of the Ant-People and depleted their potential of natural reproduction. Since only a small proportion of their populations provides laying queens, these few individuals with reproductive abilities could lay millions of eggs in a single year. But the rest of the Ant-People consisted in sterile individuals, who were conceived for work and defense.”

”The destruction of many of their bases and the genocide of their laying queens brought the advantage in the clan of the lower lords and their reptoid hybrids. As they were losing ground and regions in the underworld at a fast speed, with their populations and reproductive rate being considerably weakened, the Ant-People asked for the help of the Star Elders Council, seated in the intergalactic bases on Earth.”

”But the Star Elders replied that they could not intervene in a war between enemy species over the conquest of a territory. They would not interfere in the war of hybrids in the underworld, but would keep watching over life and consciousness on the surface of Earth, and in the skies around and above.”

Conversations with Sasquatch (part 37)
Sasquatch said:
”Facing extermination, the Ant-People planned an escape to other environments. Since their anti-gravity flying silvery disks were propelled by electromagnetic energy, they could not approximate the speed of light and travel to far away planets with this limited technology. They could only travel at ten or fifteen times to speed of sound, making interplanetary journeys still mostly inaccessible to them.”

”To salvage their last laying queens, as their last resisting strongholds in the underworld were falling one by one under the control of the reptoids, they started building cities on and beneath the ocean floor. In this new environment, they were protected from the drones attacks and chemical insecticide warfare. They developed those underwater cities independently from each other, without connecting tunnels, in order to avoid their invasion. Communication between their cities was kept through their flying fleet.”

”This provided some safe refuges for the Ant-People during some time, until the next wave of attacks. This time, the lower lords send nuclear type missiles to bomb the underwater cities of the Ant-People. As the previous insecticide tactic, the nuclear strikes brought much destruction and death on Earth.”

”Since their underwater refuges were being destroyed and their last surviving laying queens annihilated, the Ant-People had to retreat even further and planned a massive exodus and colonization on the Moon. Their fleet of silvery disks started doing shuttle between their dying underwater and underground cities towards the Earth’s natural satellite, in the largest migration of an hybrid specie on this home-planet.”

”This new operation did not go unnoticed by the lower lords, who started chasing and shooting down the flying disks of the Ant-People, bringing the war of hybrids out of the underworld into the skies. This new turn, causing much destruction and death of the surface, forced the Star Elders to intervene. They could not allow that the war of hybrids destroyed the Earth’s environments and Soul evolution.”

”The Star Elders engaged their star fleet in battle, containing the aggression of the lower lords, also known as Archons, allowing a safe escape to the Moon for the majority of the remaining Ant-People. This first engagement in the war of the Star Elders established on Earth in their intergalactic outposts, marked a critical turning point in the unfoldment of the cycles of events. The Ant-People, and the lower lords or Archons, were convocated by the Star Elders Council to negotiate cease-fire, truce and Peace.”

”Recognizing the conquest of the Archons and their reptoid hybrids over the underworld, it was ruled that they could reign over that domain, while the remaining Ant-People would be left to themselves on the Moon and in the few surviving underwater and underground bases they still occupied. The Star Elders would keep their supremacy over the Earth’s surface and skies, watching over Soul evolution. This agreement provided a temporary Peace for the biological and spiritual evolution to be carried on.”

”During their colonization of the Moon, the Ant-People did with their technological science what they knew best: burrowing deep underground colonies and engineering new classes of hybrids and unseen life forms. Since almost all their laying queens had been annihilated, their natural reproduction potential was very weak. For the survival of their specie, they started cloning themselves at large scale into an ever growing number, as their main way of reproducing. Since the Ant-People had a less developed individual consciousness, their collective Soul got split into a multitude of fractions, diluting always more the individual Self of the Ant-People, slowly turning them into a species of biological drones. Over time, their individualities blended into their Soul matrix, becoming like empty physical shells incarnated and animated by their collective will and interests, somewhat like remote controlled bodies.”

Conversations with Sasquatch (part 38)
Sasquatch said:
”Although the Ant-People had learned through their long evolution how to adapt to the most hostile environments and atmospheric conditions, their new lunar environment posed several new problems. Its lack of breathable atmosphere and organic matter made it hard to sustain large biological colonies. They had to continuously carry water and food from the Earth, with all the efforts and risks involved.”

”They were also gathering different DNA samples, since the Moon couldn’t provide any, and most of the collections they had stored in their DNA banks were from archaic insectoid, arthropod and arachnid stock, with which they had engineered their earliest and most primitive experimental forms of hybrids.”

”It soon became obvious that the Moon could not sustain their growing population of biological clones. For the survival of their specie, the Ant-People decided over time to device some bio-synthetic clones. The Moon being rich in silica, they used this element found in profusion to engineer silicon based life. As they were digging ever deeper and hollowing the Moon’s center, they used its very dust to construct silicon based bio-synthetic clones, through which their collective Soul multiplied into more bodies.”

”The biological Ant-People hybrids had kept a hierarchic connection with their greater Soul through their laying queens, whose decimation caused a major regression of their collective and individual consciousness. As the bio-synthetic incarnation process of their Soul took over the biological forms, their collective consciousness was gradually harnessed and stored into an artificial intelligence matrix.”

”The Ant-People who had kept incarnating in biological forms, remained in their bases under the Earth. The artificial reproduction of synthetic clones being fast, the Moon rapidly became filled with them. Within a few millions of years, the Moon became an empty hollowed out shell, overpopulated with colonies of synthetic clones, with hardly any individual consciousness left, serving the colony’s will.”

”The new breed of cloned synthetic Ant-People, seeking expansion for their fast growing populations, then planned to reconquer the underworld from the lower lords and the reptoids. The new silicon based non-breathing synthetic life forms they had engineered were invulnerable to the powerful toxic insecticide gases and to much higher radiation levels than the biological Ant-People could survive to.”

”They engineered as a new weapon of mass destruction, gigantic insectoid and arachnoid synthetic life forms and proceeded in the mass production of those fast burrowing, jumping or flying killing beasts. They were in fact bio-synthetic robots devised to invade and destroy the underworld, armed with potent toxic and electromagnetic weapons, armored to support powerful blasts, able to fight in dismembered pieces until their very end and destruction. This terrifying army had no individual soul, whatsoever.”

”Although this whole operation was done in the deepest secret, under the surface of the hollow Moon, it came to the knowledge of the Star Elders, who became concerned with the possible consequences of it. After negotiating and warning the Ant-People, they imposed a no fly zone around the Moon, restricting the lunar populations of Ant-People and their hybrids from flying off the lunar surface towards Earth.”

”These new activities caught the attention of the lower lords in the underworld, who had kept watching. They discovered the plans of the Ant-People to invade the underworld with their army of gigantic insectoid and arachnoid bio-synthetic robots, and swore to abort them by destroying their Moon bases. They launched massive nuclear strikes on the hollowed out Moon, causing its thin shell to collapse and the natural satellite that Earth had provided to implode and be turned into erring clouds of debris.”

Conversations with Sasquatch (part 39)
Sasquatch said:
”This destruction of the Moon caused the fourth mass extinction event and marked the end of the astral phase of creation of the individual Self. It also caused the near extinction of the synthetic Ant-People, whose only survivors were the few who had time to fly off the Moon before its final implosion crash. The rotation speed of the Earth was considerably slowed down, and with the dense shroud of debris increasing the atmospheric pressure to intense levels, filtering the sunlight, the temperatures dropped. The first global glaciation period started and extended over millions of years, forming polar ice caps.”

”For the following ages, the surface of the Earth was darkened by the clouds of dust and debris, while meteorites showered and stones rained from the sky. Even with their protective magnetic shields, many of the intergalactic outposts of the Star Council suffered great damages and destruction, forcing the Star Elders to retreat into their subterranean quarters below their cities and centers, known as the Agartha. They took with them many of the forms of life and DNA codes on Earth, keeping them in safe care.”

”On the surface, the densified atmosphere caused several species to evolve into developing wings to glide, and later to fly. Theirs scales turned into feathers over long, but accelerated genetic mutations. Thus, a new class of species gradually appeared; over the course of time, birds dominated the fauna.”

”The war of hybrids had taken proportions threatening all life and Soul evolution on this planet Earth. As watchers of this world, the Star Elders could not maintain longer their position of non-intervention. The Soul of Earth had been wounded and hurt gravely by Her children, over their differences of forms. The collective consciousness learned that an extremely large diversity can cause divisions and wars. The evolution of consciousness required diversity, but the empathy between species had to be raised.”

”The next phase of the evolution of spiritual consciousness on Earth needed to aim towards a greater empathy and compassion of the Soul. Individual souls had to be guided along this process towards higher levels of understanding of the dharmic process of conscious karmic healing through compassion. Hence, started the etheric phase of creation of the compassionate Soul with the introduction of a new hybrid on this home-planet to participate in this vast spiritual mission. Thus, the Bird-People were conceived and born, from various star seeds including from Sirius, Arcturus and other star systems.”

”The Bird-People were conceived in the Agartha in the dark ages of the cosmic night, following the destruction of the Moon, when the rains of brimstones and the choking dust clouding the sunlight made life on the hostile surface of the Earth hardly possible and sparsely distributed through isolated pockets. They are called the Bird-People because the earthly genetic material they carry came from birds.”

”Living on the etheric level, they can manifest on the astral and physical planes, in different shapes and forms, but they most often appear with bird characteristics, generally feathered wings, having one or many pairs, or sometimes with bird heads. They were conceived with profound emotional sensitivity, to be highly empathic, feeling other souls through telepathic reading. Their spiritual mission consisted in guiding individual souls towards a greater empathy and compassion for their peers, as for other species and life forms. These guardian angels influence individual souls in their decisions through telepathy.”

”Over time, this new breed of watchers brought a powerful spiritual upgrade to the collective spiritual consciousness. The winged etheric Bird-People have kept watching over this home-planet and were known in your ancient cultures as angels. Most of them were to remain faithful to their spiritual mission, while a few of them would much later betray it, to fall under the control of the Archons.”
Conversations with Sasquatch (part 40)
Sasquatch said:

”After millions of years, the clouds of debris and dust shrouding the Earth slowly faded and vanished. The surface became again suitable for life’s expansion and fruitful for many new species to develop. Some late meteorites would at time still hit, but the dark ages of the falling skies was over on Earth.”

”For the following ages, the Bird-People worked closely with the Lizard-People and the Star Elders in the intergalactic centers, around the stargates allowing selected evolved souls to incarnate on Earth. They took part in the spiritual education of the young incarnations, with their Elder Brother the Lizard-People, who had stayed aligned in the Cosmic Order, actively taking part in the Council of Star Elders.”

”The first ages of the etheric phase of creation of the compassionate Soul, improved substantially the level of collective consciousness on Earth, with the development of empathy and compassion in intelligent species, as in all life forms. The intergalactic civilization and all life reflourished on Earth.”

”Meanwhile, the Ant-People, whose populations had replenished, had grown back to huge numbers. They could not find enough room in the few cities they had kept in the underworld where they were restrained from expanding by the lower lords and reptoids. They could not either develop relatively risky underwater cities fast enough to host their rapidly increasing biological and synthetic populations. So they planned the rebuild an artificial Moon, to replace the natural one where they had evolved.”

”Since the Earth gravitational field had increased since the destruction of the Moon, pulling the thickened atmosphere into denser, heavier substances, the gravitational pull of a Moon would improve the conditions for biological life, producing a higher, thinner atmosphere, and speeding up the Earth’s rotation and life cycles. For these reasons, the Star Elders allowed the Ant-People to build a new Moon, for the continuity of their evolutionary process. It took thousands of years before the armies of synthetic Ant-People complete the construction of the artificial Moon, which is the same we see today.”

”This is why you can observe sharp edges, geometric structures and signs of engineering on its surface. This is why it resonates like a bell to vibrations, its interior being hollow, made of vast open chambers. The condition given to the Ant-People by the Star Elders Council for its construction, was that they would never again produce threatening invasive species, nor plan another invasion anywhere on Earth. The Star Elders offered protection to the Ant-People, as long as they would observe this covenant.”

”This new situation insured a relative Peace and a high rate and level of spiritual evolution for many following ages on Earth. The intergalactic outposts of the Star Elders were carekept by the Lizard-People and the Bird-People. The latter also accompanied the growing populations of intelligent life, as they spread across this home-planet, to populate every environments they could inhabit and develop.”

”During that time, the lower lords in the underworld had lost their influence in inter-species affairs, their control being restricted to the populations of the many reptoid and insectoid hybrids they ruled. The basins of souls they had access to had been largely dissolved in too many bodies, whose individual selves allowed a limited possibility of interactions and decisional power, an army of biological robots.”

”The lower lords, also called Archons, planned to gain control over the stargates, in order to bring reinforcement from powerful souls of various star systems under their control. This started the wars of the stargates, which got the Earth involved into an intergalactic conflict for millions of years to come.”

Kamooh 7

Conversations with Sasquatch (part 41)
Sasquatch said:
”With all the millions of different, ever transforming life forms on this home-planet Earth, no limited mind could know or even imagine them all. If we were to learn about two hundred new species every day, a century wouldn’t be enough to cover all the species recorded by your limited science, amounting to a mere tenth portion of all existing species. This is without mentioning the even more numerous species that used to live on Earth, but have vanished long ago, mostly through mass extinction events.”

”If we transpose this reality to an intergalactic scale, with the myriads of planets bearing biological life, the vast diversity of life forms inhabiting this whole Omniverse is beyond all mind comprehension. It is impossible to know or to describe all forms of life and it would not be necessary nor really useful.”

”All those infinitely diversified life forms serve but one purpose: the evolution of Soul consciousness. The short lasting biological incarnations are temporary vessels for the Soul consciousness to evolve. They all are born, grow, age and die within a short span of time, to be then recycled by other life forms. Over ages, species transform, diversify, appear and go extinct, but all return to molecular star dust.”

”From this Universal perspective, physical life forms, species and individual incarnations are just stepping stones for the Soul to carry on its growing, learning and healing journey through time-space, towards higher levels of consciousness. Their multitude and multiple various forms matter little in the bigger picture; it is their end and the greater purpose of their existence that gives significance to the whole process of biological incarnation, which is meant for spiritual consciousness to raise higher.”

”Just like there are some universal laws ruling the physical dimension, like for instance, a molecule of carbon or oxygen looks alike anywhere is the universe, there are likewise universal spiritual laws. On the lower scales of the evolutionary process, the most primitive life forms with little or no individual consciousness have their departing souls returning to the greater Soul of their species, to be recycled by it, much like drops of water blending in the sea, on the physical plane. When the souls develop an individual consciousness, they reincarnate in similar, or in more intelligent and sensible life forms.”

”When the individual souls’ emotional experience reach empathy and compassion, their consciousness starts to understand intelligence and the spiritual meaning of life. As they rise into higher levels of consciousness, the compassionate souls are guided to use their incarnations for spiritual evolution. Along that path, they eventually learn that spiritual consciousness rises through healing karmic debts.”

”On the highest levels of spiritual consciousness, reached by the most advanced souls and Star Elders, existence and its very purpose is devoted to spiritual evolution of the Soul, by healing and solving all karmas, through the practice of Sanatanat Dharma, or the virtuous way of sanctification of the Soul. In this Universal Consciousness, all souls are evolving and always offered help, regardless of their path.”

”On the scales of the evolution of consciousness, some souls involve and regress into nothingness, while others rise and grow into always higher levels of spiritual understanding. This ladder of the souls, or wheel of fortune, known as Samsara or the wheel of karmas, keeps the balance and movement flowing between the material and spiritual planes. From a higher dharmic perspective, it is perfectly fit and functioning, maintaining the Cosmic Order in the Omniverse. Expressing any fear, anger, judgement or hatred towards any other living beings or species only adds more weight to the karmic burdens that need healing. The masters of dharma are continuously helping souls to heal and evolve. This is how our Eldest Elders reach immortality and a state of holiness, with Universal Consciousness.”
Conversations with Sasquatch (part 42)
Sasquatch said:
”In this perspective of eternity and Universal Consciousness, recalling the past events and the different species or hybrids involved serve but one purpose: the understanding of the evolution of consciousness. Intelligence and spiritual understanding have evolved on this home-planet since long before your time.”

”When the Ant-People rebuilt the actual Moon we see, they made it of similar proportions to the first natural Moon that had been destroyed, but they devised it to be four hundred times smaller than the Sun and set it four hundred times closer, so that it would fit perfectly its diameter during eclipses. This coded message for any intelligence, was to remember the Ant-People as the first civilization on Earth. It explains why this perfect ratio is nowhere else to be found in our solar system, nor in any other.”

”After having survived three mass extinction events, with each time, the near disappearance of their lineage, the Ant-People had learned about the fragility of life. They had learned too that overpopulating their environments caused a threat to themselves, so they slowed down their reproduction rate by much. They understood also that without the protection of the Star Elders, they would have been destroyed. Since they shared a common Soul centered in their matrix, they could each be turned into emissaries.”

”For these reasons, in spite of their artificial way of reproducing through bio-synthetic clones, during the etheric phase of creation of the compassionate Soul, the Ant-People’s consciousness evolved and realigned with the Cosmic Order, respecting their covenant of planning no invasion nor building weapons of mass destruction. For the third time, the Ant-People were readmitted in the Star Elders Council, who always offer new opportunities for any species or souls to readjust their behaviors.”

”Meanwhile, the lower lords ruling in the underworld over always growing populations of reptoid and insectoid hybrids, had limited access to new souls, causing the soul basin to split into weaker selves. They started building star gates to import powerful souls from faraway star systems they controlled. But from the surface, these star gates in the underworld could be detected and their worm holes deactivated, interrupting any transfer or migration through them. The Star Elders Council could not let any additional forces join the armies of the lower lords in the underworld, nor let them use star gates.”

”Since the Archon lower lords had not the numbers nor the powers to match that of the Star Council, they realized quickly after a few vain and failed attempts to conquer some intergalactic outposts that they could not confront the Star Elders in a direct fight. So they flew to the next planets in our solar system, Mars and the planet that was later turned into the asteroid belt, and they established bases there. There was water and life on an elementary level on those planets. They built star gates to import souls.”

”Thus started the war of stargates, which spread through our solar system and involved many galaxies. The Earth was itself part of a much larger battlefield, in an intergalactic war fought by the Archons and their powers for the domination of several star systems. The Star Elders also established outposts on Mars, to prevent the lower lords from dominating that living planet. But on the next planet, known as Malkut, Maldek, Appollyon or by different other names, the Archon lower lords kept their domination.”

”The escalation stretched over millions of years, as more and more entities from other dimensions were incarnating on those two planets of our solar system, through the star gates of the lower lords. The fights between patrolling star ships and intruders became more frequent and more violent, as the Archon lower lords were building powerful star fleets on their newly conquered planets, planning the conquest of the Earth. The war of star gates reached its climax with the aborted invasion of our Earth.”
Conversations with Sasquatch (part 43)
Sasquatch said:
”Meanwhile on Earth, the intergalactic civilization had developed and inhabited all parts of the globe. The Lizard-People and the Bird-People were the caretakers of the highest civilization ever on Earth. They had domesticated many species of large dinosaurs that they could ride and fly on, or harness and use in construction or agricultural large scale works. The spiritual centers were the Star Elders visited, were used for the education of the populations, and the maintaining of the Cosmic Order through developing higher levels of consciousness and healing energies, with sacred vortices and ceremonies.”

”After some millions of years of planning, preparations, and training through guerilla warfare, the lower lords launched a massive invading army from Appollyon to Earth, with at its head, a gigantic artificial moon serving as mother ship. The Star Council prepared to face the forces and protect Earth.”

”The first attack consisted in nuclear strikes against the Moon, in an attempt to destroy once more the nevralgic home base of the Ant-People. But remembering the previous destruction of their Moon home base, they had conceived their new satellite with reinforced structures able to resist several blasts, until the Star Council fleets could push back the attacking armies, protecting the Moon and all life on Earth. We can still see today on the Moon’s surface, the traces of those nuclear strikes and the craters formed.”

”The mother-ship artificial moon of the Archons, was bigger in size and its surface made exclusively of metals, as opposed to the Ant-People’s Moon, which they coated with thick layers of silica dust or soil. The newly arrived satellite in Earth’s orbit came to a dangerous distance, to appear immense and hide the sky and much of its sunlight, even over some intergalactic outposts. It terrorized life on Earth with loud sounds and powerful magnetic waves, causing cataclysms and panic, while connecting the newly arrived troops with the armies of the lower lords guarding the underworld. This highly critical situation threatened all spiritual evolution on Earth, if it was to fall under the Archons’ domination.”

”In order to save life and the spiritual consciousness on Earth, the Star Elders Council had no choice but to eliminate the invading forces. After some formal warnings, as it always is part of the dharmic protocol, and refusal from the invaders to negotiate, the Star Elders Council concluded that to destroy the artificial moon mother-ship would cause less risks to Earth than to let it float over and interfere. But to blow it up would cause much more damages than to crash it over the main underworld bases.”

”With technologies that can create, partition, or destroy worlds, the Star Elders Council caused the artificial moon of the Archons to crash where the main headquarters of the underworld were centered. This gigantic cataclysm in the eastern part of what you now call the North Atlantic Ocean, caused the fifth mass extinction event, with the near disappearance of most species of dinosaurs and saurians. All land masses were projected outward at high speed, colliding with each other in eruptions and quakes.”

”This intervention aborted the attempt of the Archons to invade Earth, but they still had large and fastly growing populations on planet Maldek or Appollyon, that were supplied with new forces through their star gates. The Star Elders knew that it was a matter of time before the lower lords would reform a new army, likely more powerful, for a new invasion. In order to save the solar system from this darker fate, they had to eliminate the star gates and armies of fallen souls, constantly building up in a larger threat.”

”They took a grave and rare decision in the annals of the universe: to destroy a planet with life in order to save a solar system’s spiritual consciousness. With technologies only known to them, the Star Elders Council sacrificed the planet Appollyon, which exploded and turned into the actual asteroid belt.”
Conversations with Sasquatch (part 44)
Sasquatch said:
”As we speed up in this brief general overview of the very long story of our home-planet Earth, we realize that this whole process of co-creation and evolution of life is for spiritual consciousness to arise. The Star Elders Council will not interfere in local planetary affairs unless life and the spiritual consciousness is dangerously threatened and at great risk. If they conclude that their intervention is the only solution required to save a world from invading powers, their common wisdom agrees on action.”

”When they opted for crashing the artificial moon of the Archons, they knew it would cause a mass extinction, which was already started by the invasion, but aborting the invasion would cause less harm. For this reason, they also destroyed the planet Appollyon soon after, while the Earth was already suffering from mass extinction, in order to favor its recovery and avoid another fatal massive death.”

”Its explosion caused extensive meteorites showers that reached the Earth over an extended period, making its surface hazardous for life. These impacts and the clouds of dust they created also caused the atmosphere to darken and filter the sunlight, causing another age of glaciation and colder weathers. The Star Elders retreated to their underground caves in Agartha, as many of their cities were obliterated.”

”At the end of the war of the star gates, the threat of massive invasion in our solar system had vanished. The Soul of the Earth had experienced the threats and dangers of being subdued by outside alien forces. The collective consciousness learned that compassion involves protecting weaker souls and species.”

”The Bird-People had been conceived to be emotionally sensitive, to feel empathy and compassion. There needed to be a new kind of Earth bound hybrid that could live on this home-planet and protect it. They needed to be highly developed spiritually, with great psychic powers and physical strength. They had to be adaptable to all conditions, able to fight off dangerous powers, and love and protect all life.”

”This was to start the causal phase of creation of the Soul protecting life and spiritual consciousness. In other words, this phase was to bring earthly intelligence to join with the Watchers of the Star Council. Its purpose was to raise collective spiritual consciousness to the understanding of dharmic evolution.”

”Life forms on Earth evolved to adapt to colder climes, developing hot blooded species with fur coats. Species of the class of mammals started multiplying and covering the Earth with a growing diversity. After many millions of years, out of those hundreds of thousands of species of mammals, one of the most evolved, intelligent and adapted was a type of giant lemurs, which was selected for a new hybrid.”

”With DNA star seeds from our Star Elders from the Pleiades, as well as from the Great Bear, where a similar specie to ours had been living, adding the unknown gene to our DNA that your scientists can’t understand, my Sasquatch People were conceived and created in the underground temples of Agartha. You know us as Sasquatch, from the language of your Salish tribe who has kept knowing us, but my Hairy People was known by many other names then, as it has been since. We are the Mammal People.”

”Our spiritual mission has been to be protectors and caretakers of all life forms, and of the spiritual knowledge of our Star Elders, by saving in our memory their teachings of the long Soul evolution. Of all hybrids created on Earth only my people, some Bird-People in their guardian angels forms, and the Elementals, have remained faithful to our original spiritual mission, in spite of mistakes along the road. This is why we still gather with the Elementals and Little People to celebrate our spiritual bonds, and we wish for your Human People to join with us and reintegrate the Council of our Star Elders with us.”

Conversations with Sasquatch (part 45)
Sasquatch said:

”My Sasquatch People was created in the Agartha, the underworld below the intergalactic cities of our Star Elders, around fifty million years before your Human People, in a time when Earth was recovering from a series of cataclysms and climate changes. We were created in a land known to you as Lemuria or Mu, which covered in its earliest and largest extent, a good part of the Pacific South-West and half of the Indian Ocean, with Autranesia being its remaining land masses above water. It consisted in the largest portion of the former continent of Austra, which included Africa, Antarctica and South America.”

”When the artificial moon of the Archons crashed in the North Atlantic, the surrounding land masses suffered from severe seismic activities for ages, while on the opposite side of the planet, in Lemuria, the volcanic eruptions considerably extended and enlarged the land masses. After ages, the continents stabilized, but Lemuria was the first one to see its ecosystems reflourish and life fructify and thrive.”

”In the dharmic way of the Cosmic Order, it is understood that the elimination of a physical threat, like an invading army, is but a temporary measure bringing only a short term solution, but postponing the ultimate resolve of the problems. The hundreds of millions of souls forming the armies of the lower lords, on their destroyed artificial moon and former planet Appollyon, still had to continue their evolutionary process. Some were sent back to the star systems they were brought from, others scattered through space like lost souls, most got captured by the Archons in their surviving underworld bases.”

”The destruction of the metallic moon, Tiamat, and of planet Maldek had definitively ended the invasion of the lower lords and protected Earth from falling under their domination. But they kept their hold on large parts of the underworld, were they kept waging war to spread their domain, and from where they launched at times surprise attacks on some outposts of the Star Council. Also, their survivors on Mars, with the few star gates they operated, still posed a long term threat that needed to be prevented fast.”

”It is in this climate of long term guerilla warfare for the protection of Earth and our solar system, that my Mammal People was conceived and created. From our origins, we were initiated into the spiritual understanding of the evolution of Earth and of the dharmic laws of the Omniverse, by our Star Elders, as well as by our Elder Brothers, Elementals, Ant-People, Lizard-People and Bird-People, with whom we were educated and trained, learning our mission. We were meant to be powerful spiritual warriors, able to face the most terrifying forces, physically or psychically, and to survive in every condition.”

”We were built to have no need for any external material support, but we were taught to pilot several types of space crafts and operate sophisticated devices and weapons, to assist our Star Elders in their mission as Watchers and protectors of the Cosmic Order in our solar system. We were dispatched in large numbers to Mars, where we fought and overthrew the kingdoms of the Archons established there. Their extended use of nuclear weapons eventually caused their destruction, the death of the red planet. After this victory won in long battles, the risk of a massive invasion from within our system was gone. This is why you can see a giant face of one of ours on that planet, a monument to our contribution.”

”So since our early beginning and through the first ages of our existence, my Sasquatch People has been actively involved in protecting life and spiritual consciousness on Earth and in our solar system. Many have sacrificed their lives to save ours, and guarantee a better future for our collective evolution.”

”We each have our own individual consciousness, but are not split apart from the greater Soul of our specie. So every Sasquatch can access our collective memory and the knowledge of our ancestors.”

Conversations with Sasquatch (part 46)
Sasquatch said:

”Through this ever evolving consciousness over ages and aeons in the Omniverse, we learn that our beliefs are but relative explanations to satisfy our limited understanding, to which we are emotionally attached. In the bigger picture of the Multiverse and the greater equation of eternity, our beliefs are only altered versions of the reality, partially filtered by our limited perceptions and conceptions. Beliefs are thus, only relevant in the measure they influence our behaviors, attitudes and actions, and their results.”

”In this time of urgency on our-home planet, with the crippled collective memory of the Human People, it is not so important to learn or believe the whole story we just told you about our Star Elders and Elder hybrids. What matters is the spiritual understanding we are wishing to share with your People. Realize that you are not the only specie of intelligent spiritually conscious beings in the Omniverse, nor the most ancient and evolved societies; neither are you superior to all, nor the center of the Omniverse.”

”Beliefs systems suggesting that someone paid for your sins long ago, that you know the whole truth, that you have dominion over all life, so you can live carelessly without respecting other lives, that your people can do better than Nature, or that you turn to nothingness at death, do not make you responsible for your actions and their consequences on the evolution of consciousness and of your environments.”

”Some beliefs systems are suggesting that some people are inferior to you and deserve to suffer, or insisting that some souls will be saved and rewarded, while others will suffer eternally, or that only a belief in a doctrine, a magic formula or a code of laws will allow you to avoid judgment and death. Those misconceptions only keep you divided in fear, conflicts and hatred, disconnected from the Soul. Those belief systems, devised by the lower lords, keep your minds enslaved, for serving their agenda.”

”The Soul feels the empathy and the compassion that you must awaken to, to heal and improve your path. Sooner or later, all souls evolve, either into higher levels of consciousness, or to be recycled into a void of unconsciousness. As long as beings are sentient and have free will, they are given the choice to heal, learn and grow into higher consciousness. Even the lower lords and the souls they control always have the possibility to improve and change their ways. These include many of your own Human People on many levels, not just reptilians you tend to fear. The masters of dharma work for the healing of all.”

”If you are to have beliefs, choose some that will lead you towards a greater Universal Peace and Unity with all life, that will teach you to live in harmony and respect with the natural laws of the Universe, that will inspire you to love, work for healing, helping, caretaking all life, leaving good tracks for the future evolution of Earth and consciousness, after your physical shell returns to molecular star dust.”

”Spiritual understanding is more important than beliefs, differing from them, as it is based on evolving. It comes from individual and collective wisdom, learned from experience, applied and proven efficient. The awareness that everything is consciousness and energy, that you are consciousness incarnated in star dust, that your planet is one among numbers beyond your understanding, that every causes and actions have effects, that your thoughts influence matter and the crystallization of water, that your Soul is immortal and holds your psychic powers, all this knowledge is there for your consciousness to rise.”

”You can choose to ignore the spiritual awakening happening and so much needed to provide hope for this planet, remain in the old indoctrination, enslaving structures and institutions of the lower lords, and keep destroying life on Earth. Then, all this evolution your people have done would have been in vain. Or you can choose to rise above your outdated mentalities and behaviors, and evolve into Peace.”

Conversations with Sasquatch (part 47)
Sasquatch said:

”Yes, little brother, once again tonight, one of ours visited you and manifested, to bring you confidence. You heard the gentle hoot you are getting familiar with calling you out, and there she was, standing half hidden behind the stump. She waved at you to let you know clearly that she came only for meeting you. Then you saw her slowly fading into the astral plane, turning into a vague shadow, until she vanished.”

”You are becoming accustomed to these manifestations from us, especially since you have returned to this place where you are now, where you have been channeling and transcribing our message at our request. It is in this same place where you started your quest to meet my people just over a year ago and where we started manifesting around you and calling you. You didn’t understand then, what was happening, when strong whirlwinds would suddenly come to shake your shelter and stop at your door, followed by heavy steps on your roof; or when you heard our calls around or our whispers close to you. You couldn’t believe your eyes when you saw me looking at you through your window, one dark night.”

”But since, you have been around a large territory and have heard or met our people in five locations. You have connected with our Soul and have been receiving our telepathic messages on a regular basis. You can hear our thoughts and transcript them in Human speech; we chose you to choose the words. You are only one, among a circle of ambassadors we selected, to speak for us to your Human People. You have been put in contact with several of them, including some women who carried our hybrids.”

”Of course, it might be hard for most Humans to believe, as even for you at times, that we are indeed the ones transmitting these messages to you, to be interpreted and shared with your Human People. This is why our sister visited you tonight, to confirm to you that we wish to continue our transmission. You had heard some of our sisters greet you twice before, as a sign that you are now part of our family.”

”The duration of your life span is but a brief breath of eternity, which must be lived purely and wisely. The state of your world demands urgent awakening and changes; the short time available is precious. This situation your people are in, with your obliterated collective memory and loss of ancient wisdom, without purpose or direction, requires immediate reconnection with the empathy and compassion of your Soul. Your short life time may not allow for you to learn every details about the long past history of Earth, the many species of Star Beings or hybrids and their specific stories, or their civilizations; but it should all be used to return to balance with the natural Cosmic Order, in dharmic Peace with all life.”

”One reason why you and others have been contacted by us is that your souls have been prepared on their long paths of spiritual growth. This is also part of a long term greater evolution that has long been foreseen and planned for these times. Many of the ambassadors we have psychic communications with also carry some of our DNA, making them predisposed to connect with our collective Soul memory.”

”When your great-great-grandfather and his twin brother were found as orphans around the age of eight in the wide wilderness of the north-west territories, they were living in a rudimentary hut of branches, covering themselves with raw hides and spoke no intelligible language. They were the twin hybrids of a local Native woman and one of my Sasquatch People. The two Native trappers who found them, adopted one each and gave them their names. This happened so that they could learn Human speech and customs, and act as ambassadors, while bringing our genetic memory into your Human lineage.”

”Your hybrid ancestor became a well loved and respected man in his Métis community, where you found his grave last year, partly solving the riddle of your ancestral roots. This explains why you have heard our call since young age. But the full meaning became clearer only recently when we explained it for your understanding. Now you know why you have always felt we were real, for being part of us.”

”So yes, you are one of us, as are many more of your Human People than they would believe, since we have kept sharing our genes over the generations. This makes you connected to the greater Soul of our specie, with easier abilities to communicate, since you have met our People. But all souls can connect.”

”But as the voice speaking to you on behalf of the greater Soul of our Sasquatch People, guiding you in your learning and understanding of my people and of our knowledge, you know by now that I am this same Elder seer of my People whom you first saw with your friend on Vancouver Island in 2003, who appeared to you through your window last year and came walking on your roof, and it is also me who came to meet you on the island last spring, when we established contact and started communicating.”

”I called you and came to meet you because our Soul had seen yours was ready to be an ambassador. The reason I was the one appointed is because I have worked in inter-species peaceful communications with your Human People since many of your generations. We supported energetically the brave souls who defended our giant trees in the old growth wilderness of Clayoquot, where I sat close, with you. I care about all life and dearly about you, as I am not only your Elder Brother, but your distant ancestor. It is my mission to protect all life and to watch over my siblings, educating you in helping the Earth.”

”As I told you, we do not use syllable or words to identify ourselves among ourselves, being able to recognize and know each other through telepathy. We understand the meaning of words, the thoughts and intentions they carry, but they seem to us like a longer and slower way to communicate than ours. But we may sometimes choose some sound to identify ourselves to your Human People for their use.”

”In the language that my father knew from your ancestors in Lemuria, where he lived with them, the name Kamooh was gifted to me, meaning ‘far-sighted’, in the sense of reading wide through the Soul and collective memory. I am aged over ten thousands of your years. Although few of our Elders still live this long, I am one of our Eldest Elders. I can speak as we, on behalf of our Soul, knowing it well.”

”The other ones of my people you have met could also all provide you with a name of their own choice. You often see this tall brown one you met face to face in the far north happily join in our conversations. I organized for you two to meet soon after, telling him of your coming and making it easy for you to get that far. He has told you he likes the name Bolobolo since you taught him to sing a chant. He is a descent from my lineage, the last one in your Sasquatch ancestry, who conceived your hybrid ancestor.”

”The one who appeared to you tonight is the same one you heard greeting you with calls when you left the lake where we had met days earlier. She is my long time consort and your faraway ancestor as well. In the same language they call me Kamooh, she is known as Wohola, or ‘Grand-Mother of loving wisdom’. You felt her ancient loving wisdom both times you met her, as a reassuring caring presence.”

”We will not name here the other three of our people you met this year nor the ones you had met before. They are all close relatives, as our tribes are small and very ancient. No encounter happens randomly. There are others of your Human People who have and will come forward with more of our messages.”

”You can feel that the message we are asking you to transmit for us is coming to completion shortly. Many of your people are not ready yet to acknowledge our existence, even less to listen to our message. But the time is now, for your ancestral memories encoded in your DNA star seeds and in your Soul, to reawaken and realign your consciousness with the Cosmic Order. Time left for words is very short.”

Conversations with Sasquatch (part 48)
Sasquatch said:

”There is one more story that we would like to share and will ask you to write, as it might be relevant for your people to remember it, although it started around fifteen million years before your conception. At that time, after over thirty million years of existence and evolution, my Sasquatch People had helped secure the solar system, pacify Mars and reconquer large part of the underworld from the lower lords.”

”We had helped rebuild intergalactic outposts on Earth, assisting our Elder Brothers hybrids, the Ant-People, the Lizard-People and the Bird-People, in the diverse tasks as Watchers of this home-planet. With them, we sat with our Star Elders in the Star Council, sharing our wisdom, power and knowledge. We were in good inter-species relations with them all, without interfering in their internal affairs.”

”It was the highest level of intergalactic peaceful civilization ever reached on Earth, with many interdimensional travelers from several star systems, coming and going through the star gates or with star ships, to take part in the Star Council, as Earth was a favorite example of inter-species civilization. What we told you before, we have heard from our Star Elders, but this is part of our Soul memory.”

”My Sasquatch People were already known then as the Forest People or Wild People, preferring to roam free in the pristine environments, than to mass up in cities, where we only sent emissaries to Council. The Ant-People lived mostly on the Moon they had built or in parts of the underworld they reoccupied. With the Lizard-People, they had been appointed as the watchers of the underworld and of the skies.”

”The Bird-People formed the majority of populations in the hundreds of intergalactic cities on Earth. They were appointed to watch over all life on the Earth’s surface and within the breathable atmosphere. They watched over the star gates and the coming and going of souls; so they turned out to be the best known representatives of life on Earth in the Star Council, an archetype of intelligence on our planet.”

”At that time, some of the Bird-People became proud and considered themselves superior to other intelligent life forms. They pretended to be the most advanced specie on Earth and wished to extend their mandate and become Watchers of the whole solar system. They envied the Ant-People for having their Moon and planned to build their own. Some two hundred of their kingdoms confederated and petitioned the Star Council to make a second bigger moon. The Star Elders objected that a second moon could alter the balance on Earth. So the confederated Bird-People proposed a patrol moon for the Sun.”

”Since this huge mother ship would go around the whole solar system, it would not pose any risk to Earth. The approval was granted for the purpose of creating a giant star ship patrolling the solar system. Then, a dispute arose between the Ant-People and the Bird-People. The first had built their Moon by using the material they dug out when burrowing their tunnels into the underworld domain. They did not accept to dig and mine the minerals needed by the Bird-People, who despised themselves the darkness of the underworld. The Bird-People’s kings tried to force my people and others to mine for their moon.”

”The conflict escalated as the new artificial moon was being constructed in our skies, growing bigger. The Bird-People kings finally found support from the Archon lower lords and joined with their armies. The Archons saw in this move inspired by pride, an opportunity to rebuild their former moon Tiamat, destroyed in its crash. So they sped up the construction by providing metals, technology and workers.”

”Thus was made the fourth moon of Earth, which became moon of the Sun, turning around it on a long thin ecliptic, an irregular orbit. It grew in size for millions of years. You know it mainly as Nibiru.”

Conversations with Sasquatch (part 49)
Sasquatch said:

”The Bird-People’s kings who seceded from the Star Council to join with the Archon lower lords are known as the Anunaki, Sky People fallen, or Rakshasa. From Watchers or Hakamim, they became Fallen Ones or Nephilim. They were exiled from Earth by the Star Council and went to live on their artificial planet Nibiru, abode of the gods. Their huge space craft travels all around the solar system and returns to its core over millenias. It has shielding systems and magnetic screens to make it invisible.”

”To maintain itself it has been draining ressources from all planets it comes across, from water and food to minerals and metals, used to increase it size and keep its circuits running. Being restrained on Nibiru caused the Anunaki to revolt. They sent warring parties through space to capture slaves and dig mines. Since their operations are stealth and hidden, they could hardly be intercepted and stopped by Council.”

”The Annunaki have kept coming to Earth over the ages, even into Human times, when they were often worshipped like gods, with the imposition of cults, through fear or force. They are those gods who demanded bloodshed and Human sacrifice, required gold, taught to cast spells, lead masses into wars. They later established their dynasties over your people, putting their hybrid boodlines as your rulers.”

”They have infiltrated your specie and societies, running most of your world, as agents of the Archons. They have likewise infiltrated the other hybrids from this home-planet, controlling them in large part. The situation has not much evolved since, the lower lords having adopted a strategy of long infiltration. With the consentment of the victims, it makes it much more difficult to contain, than an open invasion.”

”This is not to make you afraid, but aware of the forces you are facing in your long spiritual evolution. The only way to face them and to provide a chance for evolution to continue on Earth is by opening your Soul to higher levels of consciousness, learning empathy, compassion and spiritual understanding. Knowing that this body you incarnate is just a temporary vehicle for your Soul and for the collective consciousness to evolve, takes away the fear of dying and gives its full purpose and meaning to living.”

”The long story of the spiritual evolution on our Earth and in the Omniverse teaches that struggles and conflicts are part of the learning and growing process, and the contrary energies also have a purpose. We have grown up in our understanding through experience, including the wars with the lower powers. We learned from them what to avoid, how to be brave and faithful, confirming our own sacred mission. We know that the opposition of forces is part of evolution, making us grow stronger, clearer and wiser.”

”Our Soul will always be tested, as if we stand strong as spiritual warriors protecting the Cosmic Order, or if we lose track of our ancient star seeds memory, disconnect from our spiritual evolution purpose, get entrapped in materialistic frames, enslaved by the controllers destroying our world, life and souls.”

”This is why we have transmitted these stories of long ago with you, for your people to remember and understand the long evolution of intelligence and spiritual consciousness on Earth, as one of the many stepping stones in our Omniverse, for souls to travel through. Our Star Elders have watched on young species like ours since aeons, seeing planets being born, grown, evolve or die, throughout the galaxies.”

”We can offer our help, but we cannot interfere by force in your Human affairs. We can lend you a hand if you agree to hold it. We can teach you our knowledge, if you are willing to learn. We can show you how to heal, but you must do the work yourselves. We can guide you along your process, but it is your walk and your responsibility to evolve in the right direction. We hope you hear our call in your Soul.”

Conversations with Sasquatch (part 50, conclusion)
Sasquatch said:

”So in the end, what does it matter to your Human People if my Sasquatch People really exists or not? Why can’t your controlled religions and limited science acknowledge the reality of our very existence? Is it because our presence proves that your scientific knowledge and spiritual understanding are wrong? Could it be that the recognition of my people’s existence could free you from the enslaving paradigm?”

”Knowing that my Sasquatch People does exist forces you to reconsider all your certainties and beliefs. Our very presence proves that you are not the only, nor the first form of intelligent life with spiritual consciousness on this home-planet, even less so in the whole Omniverse of which you are a tiny part. Our existence also confirms that your Human People, like my Sasquatch People, were bioengineered by our Star Elders for a spiritual mission, as part of a greater evolutionary plan for Soul consciousness. It is written and your and our DNA star seeds, and the existence of Sasquatch brings clear proofs of it.”

”The understanding of who my people is lifts up your consciousness to higher levels of knowledge, with the realization that there are interdimensional beings who can live or shift into dimensions beyond your normal perceptions. But you can also learn to reconnect with those dimensions, existing yourself on different planes, within the same Omniverse as we do, if you remember your own spiritual essence.”

”We are not giant apes nor even related to them, as your cryptozoologists pretend; nor are we primitive hominids, nor even more related to them than to you, as some of your anthopologists tend to believe. Recognizing our true origin from the Star Elders and our spiritual wisdom, is the acceptance of yours. We are offering you your best opportunity to re-enter into inter-species peaceful, spiritual relations, and to realign with the Cosmic Order, to join back in our Star Elders Council, like your first ancestors did.”

”Remember that your ancestors were your own souls, in previous incarnations, and that your first ancestors were those you can call older souls, for having learned through longer periods of evolution. In the first ages of your existence, your life span was as long as many of your present generations.”

”As your Elder Brother, we have been watching over you since your conception and birth, through all the phases of your long spiritual evolution of the last six millions years, that you have mostly forgotten. It is part of the mission of my people, mission we have never forsaken, to help your people to reconnect with your higher Soul, and with our Star Elders Council. Like them, we do not want to be worshipped, obeyed, nor prayed to; we only wish to be respected like we respect you, and loved like we love you. We wish to establish inter-species peaceful, spiritual, loving relations, and teach our Younger Brother.”

”Need we to remind you that you were like us, created in Lemuria to be caretakers of all life on Earth? Unlike the Elder Brothers hybrids who preceded you, you were not gifted with the shells of the Ant-People, the scales of the Lizard-People, the feathers of the Bird-People, nor the hair of my own people. You were created without any natural protection from the elements and weathers of the earthly environments, precisely to remind you that your spiritual star seeds was implanted on this home-planet. You were conceived to be vulnerable, depending on the protection of your Star Elders and Brothers. This was to make you a sensitive specie, with a greater empathy, compassion and sensibility for life.”

”You were also created to be beautiful and attractive beings, to allow you to reproduce through love. This was meant to keep you connected with the Soul spiritual evolution process through procreation. Your spiritual mission was to maintain the level of consciousness developped before you on Earth, and to improve it by integrating love and sensitivity in the Soul evolution process and caretaking of all life.”

”Sadly, need we to say that the majority of Humans has gone astray from this, your original mission? We do not have time in your short life span, to cover all the many civilizations, empires and kingdoms that your people have built, developed, abandoned or destroyed, or that were devastated by Nature. The many wars, since the days of Lemuria and Atlantis, have been caused by the lower lords in pursuit of power, to misappropriate this planet for themselves, under their domination and rule. There are too many to list, even counting only those involving your people. Through long term strategy of infiltration and division, those power hungry lords succeeded in dividing you and separating you from your Soul.”

”They enslaved your ancestors to mine for them and to worship them as gods, later modifying your DNA to become more docile, servile, and depending on external support, and less psychically aware. They established their dynasties and bloodlines to rule over you, and created institutions to control you. Today, their control grid has reached to every corners of the Earth, imposing its rule even on your last tribal peoples who have kept living in balance with Nature and in harmony with the Cosmic Order.”

”Those keepers of your ancient wisdom, who are the last caretakers of life, still faithful to your spiritual mission, have increasingly become the targets of the invading dominators and controllers. They also have preserved much of your ancient spiritual understanding and many of your psychic abilities, some of them having stayed connected and in contact with my Sasquatch People and with our Star Elders.”

”Some of them, like your Hopi relatives, have known and prophetized of our return, as your long awaited Elder Brother coming to guide you back into a planetary civilization of Peace, with our Star Elders living among us to lead us into spiritual inter-species relations, as it was in your early beginning. Now, our return depends only on the awakening of your Soul and the opening of your consciousness, since we have always been among you and never disappeared from this home-planet, other than in your collective memory, altered and shortened by the enslaving uncivilization that has been controlling you.”

”We do not have to detail all those events that are already inscribed in your DNA star seeds genetics and in your Soul memory. It is your responsibility to awaken your Soul and recover your old wisdom. We are here to assist you in this process, if you can accept our help, but we cannot do the work for you. The healing of your collective karma and the end of the Anthropocene extinction depend only on your own decisions and actions. Our Star Elders will not intervene if you cause your own annihilation, as it happened on other planets before. But they certainly wish for a better outcome to this long evolutionary experiment of spiritual consciousness on Earth, and will offer all the help you are willing to receive.”

”Now, little brother, we know that it has been demanding for you to receive our message in thoughts and transmit them into words and Human speech, and for this we are happy and grateful for your help. There would be much more we could tell you, but the essential of our message has been said for now.”

”A bridge has been built towards spiritual inter-species relations and a sacred portal has been opened. Many of your people have and will come forth with more messages from us, as we will keep reaching out to those of you whose Soul is ready to communicate with ours, as interdimensional ambassadors. Now you can rest little brother, as I Kamooh will also do, grateful, happy, satisfied with this spiritual mission of bridging our worlds, accomplished with you, dear Younger Brother and distant offspring.”

I asked Sasquatch: ”When will we meet and speak again?” He replied: ”Our Soul is One, we are always connected in Spirit. We do not have to meet on the physical plane; as you have seen, we can manifest to you anywhere you go and will stay by your side. You will travel to other lands, with different missions. You have fulfilled our wish now. There will be more service to do later, for the Divine Plan of Creator.”

Kamooh 8



Greetings of Peace to all my relations,

Since some have wondered and asked about who has been channeling this Sasquatch message, I accepted to write a short bio to introduce myself to my Human Family. My Spirit Elder Kamooh told me to finish first to transmit their message and then write some words about myself for my people. As Kewaunee wrote, this book is not about me but about them. The life of a man is but a blade of grass on the prairie, weathered away by the winds of time. Lakota Holy Man Black Elk (Wicasa Wakan Hehaka Sapa) said that the life of a man finds its meaning and significance in the teachings and wisdom learnt along the way, which are worth sharing and passing on. Our ultimate purpose and raison d’être is to help consciousness to rise to higher levels of spiritual understanding. So, although I’ve been working on an autobiograpy since 9 years, with over 300 pages written and about two third through, entitled (in French) ”Contemporary Shamanic Journeys”, I’ll write here a short account of the most relevant events.

I was born in Montreal, in a French Canadian family with Métis ancestry. The first Native legend I ever heard when I was 8, from my brother who had heard it in a summer camp, was about the Wawaloo, a derivative of Babaloo, as the Hairy Forest People are called in Maine. We had never heard the word Sasquatch back then, but it was only a few years later, before my teenage, that the Patterson footage came on our screens, with other revelations such as Von Danniken’s Chariots of the Gods, awakening my interest in Star People, hidden archaeology and paranormal phenomenons, and raising questions that my christian or academic education could not answer. Before I turned 17, I left for my first tour of Turtle Island (N. America), which became a pilgrimage in search of spiritual understanding, through churches, temples, ashrams and connections with Mother Nature. The first fall, a medicine man I met instructed me into doing a vision quest, in which I encountered my first spirit guide. Although I didn’t understand what was happening then, I felt deeply that Native ancestral teachings held many answers. The following summer I went to my first Rainbow gathering, opening my heart to a Universal Family.

This two year pilgrimage culminated on Hopi land in the spring of ’83. Just before reaching there, I spent a night in Petrified Forest, where I had a vision of a Sasquatch who sat nearby and showed me how it was when he walked with the dinosaurs. I first thought I was reading the etheric memory, but he interacted with me, so I then thought he was an astral ghost; I didn’t understand at the time that they are interdimensional beings able to manifest on different planes. Looking back, the meaning of many past steps are just becoming clear now, at the light of the communications I had with Sasquatch recently.

On my first visit to Hopi, I was welcomed with warm hospitality, received teachings, was gifted an eagle feather from a ceremonial dress, and saw my first kachina dance. Through the years, I returned over a dozen times, thrice as guide for groups, did fasts and visions quests, met Elders, received teachings, and was adopted in April ’87 by the Coyote Clan (Isau) of Hotevilla, who made me chief of the pipe (Chongmongwi), gave me my Hopi name in a kachina ceremony in the kiva, and spiritual knowledge to carry. To them and for all those Elders, teachers, guides and allies, I am forever grateful.

Among the Hopi Elders I visited in their homes, five deserve special mention: 1) David Monongye who was in his last year among us, aged 117. 2) Thomas Banyacya, whose life mission was to fulfill the prophecy and open the doors of the House of Glass (UN) to Indigenous Peoples (Hitsatsinom), which he accomplished in 1992, 500 years after Colombus. 3) Oswald White Bear Fredericks, one of the main source for the book of the Hopi; he was compiling and explaining petroglyphs from around the continent; he was the last Human representative in the Council of Star Elders, who landed on Prophecy Rock behind his house to pick him up for flights; he had a collection of old space ship parts in is yard. 4) Titus Qomayumptewa, one moon before his journey to the ancestors, as he had just completed the Song of Purification, calling the change from this 4th to the coming 5th World, coinciding with the birth of Miracle, the first White Bison of our generation, whom I went to visit the following month in WI, leaving a pipe with her. 5) Martin Gashweseoma, who returned to the Spirit world this last spring 2015; he was the keeper of the Fire Clan sacred stone tablet, with the missing corner that is to be brought back by the awaited True Brother, whom Martin told me he knew he would meet during his life time.

The name I was given at birth is not as relevant as the spiritual names I was gifted on my healing path. In winter ’84, on a vision quest in southern Mexico, I was surrounded by singing angels, and received the name SunBôw as my medicine shield, while learning about the Rainbow warriors prophecies. I have kept using this name since in ceremonies and writings, but most people know me simply as Bô. With years of travels and ceremonies, I received and carried several other names, but used mostly the following in ceremonies: in Hopi, Owai Kweolnitaka DawaOutah Lelen Hoya (the-man-with-the-burden-of-the-stone SunBow signing-one); in Anishnabe Mowin (Algonquin language), Assiniinitshich Kobomonam Idissiinan Kinosh Mowegan (Little-Stone-Man charged-with-the-stone Talks-with-Wolves.

In spring ’85, on a vision quest in Algonquin Park, Ontario, where a woodsman friend had Sasquatch encounters, I stayed alone for ten days on a summit, which he has called since Bô Mountain. I felt strong telepathic presence and the akashic records were opened for me for the first time, showing me pages of past ages history, starting with Lemuria, later confirmed by many sources, ancient or modern.

In summer ’86, on a quest in Hopi land with four friends, a flying city mother ship flew around us twice. Of over thirty sightings of spaceships I’ve had, this one remains the most impressive so far. The next fall, in northern California, I heard my first physical Sasquatch run along the valley and stop to release a primal scream that silenced the barking dog and froze my blood. I know since then they exist. A month later in Mt Shasta, I observed several space ships, one that flew close over us, at my request.

In the last tree and a half decades, I have traveled in 20 countries of the Americas and Western Europe. I was blessed to sit and learn, receive teachings and take part in ceremonies, with many Elders from several Native Nations, including Hopi, Dine/Navajo, Apache, Anishnabe/Algonquin, Cree, Métis, Ojibway, Attikamek, Abenaki, Miqmak, Maliseet, Innu, Innuit, Wampanoag, Mohawk, Cayuga, Tuscarora, Cherokee, Choctaw, Lakota, Sinixt, Similkameen, St’at’imc, Tseil-Waututh, Ditidaht, Shoshone, Chumash, Huichol, Aztec, Zapotec, Olmec, Maya, Bribri, Nazca, Quechua, Aymara, and Chipaya, to name these. I also studied and learned from other spiritual teachings, like Vedic scriptures.

From the Lakota, I did an Inipi (sweat lodge) with Seloh Blackcrow, who brought back the Sundance; he asked me to watch over his pipe for the night. In Pine Ridge, David Swallow invited me to put up my tipi and join in ceremony, but sadly my traveling partners had no time, so I gave him an Earth flag. Hereditary Chief Phil Lane Jr is a great Elder doing an amazing work internationally for the Earth and the Indigenous Peoples. I joined in his ceremonies at the World Unity near Grand Canyon in ’94, at the celebration on Burnaby Mountain for the victory in stopping a pipeline last fall, and this spring at the International Indigenous Gathering in Lillooet, where he invited me and I had the honor to sit in the circle of pipe carriers, where he carried Crazy Horse’ sacred pipe (Tasunke Witko Canunpa Wakan). I could share in this circle of Elders the pipe I was gifted to carry, following five previous sundancers, and on which I added some hair from a White Bison she-calf named Prophecy, born in Québec in 2005.

The co-host for my interviews on Prophecy Keepers radio last spring carried hair from the same bison, out of all odds. After having carried several pipes, this one was gifted to me by its 5th carrier in June 2010, and consecrated at the annual solstice pipe ceremony with Elder William Commanda who smoked it. Two months later, at the Call of the Wolf, Return to the Sacred Hoop, an internatinal medicine gathering with Elders of over 20 Nations, that I organized, during our peak ceremony, which was joined by more than a dozen of events on the five continents, a second White Bison was born in Québec, the little brother of Prophecy; he was later named Majeki Cawabishish by Elder Commanda.

It would be too long in this short account to list the many Elders, ceremonies and events that have guided my life path. One who deserves special mention is William Commanda, with whom I learned for a dozen of years. A great Peacemaker, known as the Elder of Elders and of the Rainbow Prophecy, he worked for six decades in peacemaking, teaching healing, gathering medicine teachers through his Circle of All Nations, A Culture of Peace, the 7th Fire of the Prophecy, of which he was the caretaker.

Inspired by his teachings of the 7 Fire Prophecy, I started in spring 2008 the Ironwood Log Project, to document Native wisdom on audio and video files, to be shared with a wider audience and archived for future generations. Grandfather William gave his blessings; I made my first film with him and he asked me to present it, as the first film ever projected at his gathering, on giant screen, in front of a large international audience. Since then, Ironwood Log has produced dozens of videos, many available online. Our bank of archives, enriched with contributions of over 20 collaborators, reaches nearly 2 Tb.

This initiative is the blessed outcome of many years in transmitting wisdom from the Native Elders, which has always been my main source of inspiration. My first publication in ’85 addressed Hopi Prophecies and the critical situation with mining in Big Mountain, for a support group I had gathered. With time, I developped my skills in writing, publishing, multi-media editions and networking, through newletters, articles, magazines, books, videos, web pages. From ’92 to ’94, as co-editor of the magazine we created, entitled (in French) ”Full Earth, Native Visions”. In the late ’90s, with my own publishing house by the name ”Éditions Manitou”. In December 2009, I started a Facebook group with the vision of gathering Peacemakers, wisdom keepers and Earth protectors, to organize the Call of the Wolf, near Wolf Lake, Anishnabe homeland. First called ”United First Nations for the Great Law of Peace”, the group adopted its actual name at the gathering, after 8 days of ceremonies and council with the Elders. ”One United Nation for the Great Earth Peace” is still a dynamic network, with over 21,000 members.

I have been involved as well for decades as an international focalizor for the Rainbow Family, having attended 55 gatherings to this day and scouted over 20. I took part in a similar number of Native events, gatherings, or pow wows, and stayed in dozens of Native and alternative communities, meeting allies, and being instrumental on occasions in building bridges between Native Elders and Rainbow Family.

From ’94 to ’97 in Europe, I shared teachings and ceremonies in a dozen of communities and a few gatherings. I contacted two dozens of environmental and Native rights associations overseas, gave radio interviews, and published documents. I had an appointment at the UN in Geneva as a journalist, to interview a representative of the International Decade of Indigenous Peoples, that had just started. In France, I translated the conference of Dine Matriarch Roberta Blackgoat, and helped form a Big Mountain support group. Months later, ten Europeans flew back with me from Paris to Arizona, to spend a moon on Hopi and Navajo lands, bringing offerings to the Elders, who welcomed us warmly.

In summer 2000, a Rainbow Native brother asked me, at the request of the Elders, to invite a delegation of the Rainbow Family to the Midewiwin (heart medicine society) lodge. In the 7 Fires Prophecy of this ancient Anishnabe medicine society, at this time of the 7th Fire, a New People comes from the four directions and four colors, seeking the wisdom left behind; their steps take them back to the Elders. If the New People and the Elders persevere together, the sacred ways return, bringing healing and an age of Peace and balance: the 8th Fire. The Anishnabe Elders told us to bring to them people from all races and continents to fulfill this prophecy, inspiring me the vision for a World Rainbow with them. After sharing this vision in councils, we sent delegations to the World gatherings in Brazil and Costa Rica, where I opened vision councils with the talking stick I had been carrying, presenting this vision. We reached consensus with the support of local Native Elders, and the World Rainbow was held on Anishnabe homeland in August 2004. Grandfather Commanda and many Elders recognized the Rainbow Family as part of the New People of the Prophecy, when four rainbows appeared above us.

The last book I published in 2002, was an anthropological novel describing traditions and legends of over 20 Nations of the North-East, entitled (in French) ”The Keeper of Sacredness, Odyssey on Turtle Island”. When I offered it to Elder Commanda, he looked through it and stopped at a drawing of Sasquatch; he pointed at him with a smile and said ”Misaabe”, as the Anishnabe call the Hairy Giant. I had made the drawing from imagination, without any idea that the following fall 2003, my friend and I would have a clear visual sighting of Sasquatch on Vancouver Island, returning from ceremony with a local Native Elder. It was not until recently that I found out it was Kamooh, who became my teacher.

After this second physical Sasquatch encounter, I had no doubt of their existence and became curious in discovering who they are. Research on the internet didn’t provide much valid info, other than a few rare precious Native legends and knowledge from cultures that have interacted with them for generations.

It would be too long to list here the teachings, connections and sacred experiences I was blessed with. My Hopi Coyote Uncle had instructed me to go back to my native lands and connect with the tribes and Elders there, which I did. He also told me to return to the land of my Native ancestors, which I finally fulfilled in summer 2014, when I visited northern Saskatchewan and found the grave of my ancestor.

This opened new doors for me, by reconnecting with my roots on the start of a new journey. Arrived in BC, I read legends of local tribes about Sasquatch, known by many names. This reawakened my interest in connecting with those beings, as I felt a strong call and paranormal manifestations occured around me, without me really understanding what was happening. Six months ago I met Kamooh, and since, the Sasquatch Spirit has been with me, manifesting in many ways, and transmitting this message.

Hopefully, this brief account will answer questions and leave you well informed of this Spirit channel. We are hollow bones, blessed with the breath of life, to heal our Soul and help consciousness to evolve. The message matters more than the messengers, truth and wisdom do not only belong to their carrier. Having been guided by our Elders to connect with other Sasquatch communicators whose messages resonates with the ones I’ve been asked to transmit, confirms the source of inspiration as our Elders.

I am your Little Brother, as my Elder Brother calls me, aiming to be True to all my relations, to all life. Walking on the sacred Red Road, the spiritual path of the Rainbow warrior, the Hopi way of Peace, following the guidance of our Elders, for the best interest of all my relations and the future generations.

May our circles unite as One Family in the Sacred Hoop, the Cosmic Order and the Divine Peace…

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