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Rest in Peace Buddha. Loss of a special dog friend and good friend of Sasquatch…

Susan‘s dog, Buddha, was hit by a car and passed this weekend. It’s the first time I feel so sad for the loss of a dog friend, as he was very special and loved by all, including by the Sasquatch People.

He also still holds the record of photos with Sasquatch, including two videos.

Rest in Peace dear Buddha. Your soul now flies free and happy. You will be remembered.

Here are a few photos of Buddha with Sasquatch and links to videos:

buddha and friends cropped enhanced icarus

buddha 5 napa buddha 6 icarus

buddha 7 icarus






4 thoughts on “Rest in Peace Buddha. Loss of a special dog friend and good friend of Sasquatch…”

  1. Though we know life is eternal and there is no separation, it still doesn’t take away the sense of loss and grief of the transition of a loved one. I helps knowing we are here to experience ALL the amazing emotions….to simply Be in the space of Love. The wonder and beauty of it all….dark and light and everything between. Blessings to Buddha…

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  2. Thank you for these wonderful videos. I assume Buddha will now help other dogs to calm and respect the Sasquatch when they start to come nearer. Our jobs to help humanity and the planet are never dissolved by death, they just transform into something else. Very powerful videos. Love to sweet Buddha.

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    1. Thanks for your appreciation. Indeed, these images were gifted by the Sasquatch and I feel very honored to have been able to capture and share them, with their permission. Of course, as they explained, it is no proof for skeptics, but signs for the seekers. Buddha was indeed a great special dog and he’s certainly enjoying a happy life on other dimensions. Peace…

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