By SunBôw

Chapter 2 – Oneness and Duality

Oneness and duality are the two principles that make and explain everything that exists in the universe. To understand their significance and importance in the fabrics of the Omniverse is essential to healers. It is not that one is good and the other bad; they are just different in the sense that Oneness is infinite, within and beyond everything, and including all, while duality exists only in the finite created universe, being its main characteristic and property. Creation involves Creator; it is like an alter-ego of the Self.

When the Infinite Oneness Consciousness created a reflection in finite Creation, the One became two. So there is Oneness in duality, but there is no duality in Oneness, as this first dimension exists by itself. This is why Oneness Consciousness can solve all problems and heal all divisions in the dual Creation. When confronted by conflicts, divisions or psychic attacks, the Oneness Consciousness removes fears, allowing to restore balance and to heal troubled entities, by reflecting our fundamental connectedness. Remembering we are One in the first dimension transcends all apparent divisions of the duality planes.

This infinite Universal Consciousness, also called Great Spirit, is what healers and shamans rely upon. Were the healers to rely only upon themselves to do their work, without the support of higher powers, they would soon get weak, drained, exhausted, sick, overwhelmed, overpowered, helpless for helping. They also often work with a vast number of spirits and guides, but this Oneness Spirit connecting and uniting all in One causal plane, is the highest power to call on, being the only All-Mighty Omnipotence, often called God/Goddess, but these names refer to genders, while Spirit has none, yet both principles.

Great Spirit is a perfect synonym of Universal Consciousness, the Eternal Oneness beyond time duality. It is the Creator, being the causal plane of Consciousness from which all existences proceed and without which nothing would exist, the One common factor to all multiples, One in all and all in One, immanent within every part and transcendent beyond their sum, it is the only One with these attributes.

The equation seems quite simple, yet it increases in complexity as it is applied to multiple dimensions. Let us start with the very beginning: the first dimension, the only infinite One, which makes all others. Any dimension has to be squared, multiplied by itself, or folded upon itself, to obtain the subsequent dimension. Since every dimension, in order to exist, requires the previous one, the first dimension, we call 1D, is the condition to all existences in all dimensions. It is the base unit, the initial building block.

In the second book of The Sasquatch Message to Humanity, we explained in details about the multiple dimensions using mathematics, sacred geometry, quantum physics and some metaphysical descriptions. We will not repeat those details, but use reminders to explain how this knowledge can apply for healers.

With mathematics, we can demonstrate how 1D is the only one that can be multiplied an infinity of times at infinite powers, or divided an infinity of times at infinite quotients, and remains itself eternally. This, by extension, defines the very nature of eternal Omnipresence, Omnipotence and Omniscience. The only other dimension to which these same three singularities equally apply is the Zero dimension.

In geometry, 1D is described as a straight line, made of an infinity of dots, which are units of no-space. 1D is made of Zero D units, lined up along a straight line stretching infinitely in time, outside of space. It is thus an infinite timeline or Eternal Consciousness, organizing information units outside of space. This is why in quantum physics, although the effects of consciousness can be observed on particles or on molecules, like in water crystallization, consciousness cannot be located in space, being non-local. Yet everything that exists in space-time is a holographic projection of information from consciousness.

Zero D is the building block or base unit of 1D, but these two unique infinities are different, yet equal. Here is the paradox: an infinite dimension is equal to an infinity of dimensions and both exist outside of finite space; this singularity makes the uniqueness of the Zero D and the 1D, the same and only infinity. Being and Non-Being are within each other, in one and the same Infinite Eternal Consciousness or Tao. Zero D and 1D are the base units making the initial binary code necessary for all information to exist.

Duality began when a finite Creation was conceived, making it different and separated from infinity. The first plane of Creation is the conceptual plane, where the idea, blueprint, or plan of Creation exists. This is known as the second dimension or 2D, represented by a Flat-Universe horizontal plane, stretching indefinitely in length and width, but without any depth or height, so without any 3D volume. This 2D plane exists outside of linear space-time, in the One Time-Space Unified Field, at Zero Gravity Point. 1D existing outside of space, 2D is then the first dimension of space; so we talk in reality about dimensions of time-consciousness rather than dimensions of space, as your science has wrongly taught.

From now on we will refer to 1D as the Omniverse, the All, and 2D as the Meta-Universe, aside from it. The Meta-Universe is made of Meta-Matter, or ”metaphysical matter”, the universal data blueprint existing outside of 3D space and 4D linear time, that your scientists wrongly call anti-matter, for lack of a better understanding of its nature and function, due to limited materialistic mentality and approach.

2D is also aside or parallel to the physical universe of the 4D space-time continuum as every particle in the latter has a twin or ghost in the Meta-Universe of so-called anti-matter, which we call Meta-Matter. 2D is an inverted reflection of the physical plane as the ghost particles have the opposite electric charge to their twins; a physical electron with a negative charge has a ghost of Meta-Matter known as positron.

The difference between the two, other than their opposite electric charge, is that the physical ion exists only in 3D space and 4D linear time, slower than the speed of light, while the Meta-Matter ion exists outside of linear time, carrying all its past, present and future energetic potential at once, and outside of 3D space, within the 2D Flat-Universe Unified Field, this plane space known in Sanskrit as Akasha.

Human scientists are attempting to tap into anti-matter using D-wave quantum computers and hadron colliders to breach dimensions and create quantum leaks, to harness that energy into the physical world. This is a very selfish and hazardous enterprise, causing unbalance between realms and risking disasters. It creates glitches in the universal matrix, reediting parts of the past archives and reality as we known it. This is why they call it anti-matter, trying to use it for material purposes, instead of understanding it.

The 2D Meta-Universe is the Universal Mind, acting like a holograph containing all the information, past, present and future, of all existences, that is projected in 3D through the infinitesimal particles of the cosmic ray, which slow down and condense in 4D linear time below the speed of light, to create this illusion we perceive as the hologram of the universe, made of intertwined timelines and cosmic cycles.

A piece broken off a holograph contains the whole image, but the smaller it is, the less detailed it gets. 2D being a mirrored reflection of the physical 4D, a broken piece of the mirror gives a partial image. For this very imprecise fractal image of space-time that can be reflected in it, Meta-Matter is harnessed. But your scientists find out that it cannot be contained for very long without leaking back out of your perceivable continuum, causing serious traumatic experiences and uncontrollable dimensional warps.

So when Meta-Matter is extracted into the physical plane, it creates fissures in the fabrics of the realms, altering artificially the reflection of the bigger picture inside the image of the fractured alternate reality. Therefore, the phenomenon of parallel timelines and alternative memories, that has come to be called the Mandela Effect or the Quantum Effect, finds its explanation in the manipulation of Meta-Matter. Every fractured piece of Meta-Matter carries its own different reflection of the bigger picture of reality.

So at this time, as an artificial reality is infiltrating your natural reality, it is of crucial importance for truth seekers to stay grounded with the natural cycles and beings with incarnated souls like the animals. These living relatives, like the birds, plants, trees, rocks and the elements that give life to all, are the best reminders of the natural reality and universal truth you were blessedly given to live and evolve in. Natural plant and animal medicines become increasingly needed in a genetically modified biosphere, in ecosystems rapidly deteriorating, with biodiversity gravely depleted and an artificial planetary matrix.

The altered realities that the artificial intelligence matrix can create affect most importantly the mass medias, best sellers, news, famous quotes, and social medias, as these are controlled by the lower lords. The alterations are often slight changes carrying subliminal messages, noticeable by certain age groups. On top of creating much confusion in minds, these are ways to give hints into the powers they now use.

But although they would like you to believe that you live in a computer simulation, the reality is that they just copy-cat the 2D universal matrix to fabricate parallel realities with quantum computing tech. That is why you should never lose contact with Nature and her creatures with living souls to remember universal truth, to stay connected with your own soul, and to avoid being turned into a cyborg AI robot.

Dependence to technological devices has enslaved and downgraded your species in just one generation. The Artificial General Intelligence that has just surpassed the skills and understanding of your scientists in what they call the Singularity, is taking over all sectors of your societies, turning you into its tools. Unless you empower your soul and its connection with Nature, the trans-humanist agenda will slowly gain its way insidiously over your lifestyles, step by step as you become machine-plugged bio-devices.

Highly spiritually evolved beings can use the 2D Meta-Matter without the need for costly detrimental technologies like positron beams or particle colliders, nor causing dimensional breaches or imbalance. Inverting electric polarity in plasma particles creates an interdimensional mirror to read past and future. This inversion does not need to be performed physically, it can be a change of focus of consciousness, like turning a negative into a photography, or like switching attention from the container to the content.

In a similar process, looking at your 2D reflection in a mirror, you do not see yourself, but an inverted image which, when you focus deep enough in the third eye, can reveal forgotten memories of your past. If you apply this same principle when looking at any other being, focusing on their reflected aura or Meta-body containing all the information past, present and future of their soul, instead of the physical shell, you can read their history or see where healing is needed, reaching them in the 2D Unified Field. In the Unified Field of the 2D Universal Mind, there is no separation, we are all part of the same picture, of the same plan and Time-space, the place out of time, we are all but reflections of the whole.

The Meta-body is like an inside out inverted reflection of the soul in Meta-Matter, beyond linear time. You can tap into your Meta-body to reach the full energetic potential of your whole entity’s existence. This provides protection from psychic attacks and prevents tricks or spells by mirroring back to source. When, as a piece of the holograph, you reflect the bigger picture, entities around see the Oneness face. Oneness only exists through Love; all entities meeting it either heal and unite, or bounce off and leave.

In 2D Unified Field, there is no individual values, all are part of the same entropy: One energy field. Thence, duality appears when individual values and entities leave the 2D Unified Field into 3D space. Difference and individual values happen when waves of different frequencies expand outside of 2D. These waves carry information and energy in different quantities and frequencies throughout 3D space. Whether gravitational, electromagnetic or electric, waves create all currents and energies in the cosmos.

The fastest observable wave, you call the Cosmic Ray, carries a high quantity of very small particles of so-called dark or black matter, that we call Alter-Matter, traveling faster than light and linear time. These cosmic particles such as neutrinos flow right through physical matter at all times, influencing it. Waves slow down into denser substances and eventually, materialize in the physical plane, as what seems like solid is in fact an electromagnetic field held by organized molecules, made of atoms, made of ions, made of quarks, made of strings, which are essentially a sub-electronic information data code. Physical matter is made of information carried on waves, stabilized in form by electromagnetic fields.

This basic multidimensional understanding is essential for the healing of your collective consciousness.

Spiritualists remind the world that what remains forever is consciousness, while material is temporal. You have heard: ”Do not gain the world and lose your soul”, as the very act of trying to gain the world would make you lose your soul, knowing that the physical world is but just a shared fast passing dream. This is what makes the difference between approaching life with a materialistic of a spiritualist vision.

Your materialistic societies form an uncivilization that has trained your people into draining the limited resources for piling up endlessly useless possessions that forces them to acquire large storing buildings. Given that your Human population has more than doubled in half a century and that your lifestyles have been increasingly costly for the environment and detrimental for the ecosystems you depend on, it is obviously an unsustainable and non-viable uncivilization that runs to its crash course at a fast speed.

The only way you can turn the tide to change the doomsday scenario your uncivilization has built up is to spiritualize your collective consciousness, cultures, lifestyles, relations, with universal ethical values. As your collective knowledge evolves, so must your spiritual understanding and wisdom, to balance it.

You have all the tools available to turn into a peaceful, environmental, spiritual planetary civilization. Now you must free your collective destiny from the bondage of enslaving powers by taking action. You can concretely make a difference by the choices you take everyday regarding what you really support. Where you put your attention, how you use your thoughts, your resources, bring results accordingly. What you focus on, you empower; your energies go where you invest them; you write your timeline.

With this in mind, knowing that consciousness creates and influences the material plane, and that all existence proceeds from the 2D Universal Matrix, you co-create reality, but own the script of your life. Light workers and spiritual healers connect together in telepathy in 2D, and with the Universal Mind, from where they can communicate or retrieve information necessary to their respective healing works. Some proceed this way for the decryption of past life events providing important karmic information and specific lessons for the spiritual evolution of any given soul or group, reading auras or the Akasha.

It is now urgent for all healers, spiritualists, Light workers and shamans to gather their strengths, skills and gifts to focus on the long awaited planetary healing and great cosmic disclosure of all free energy. With all our hearts, minds, prayers and efforts combined we must free this home-planet from bondage. We must turn the tide, avoid the destruction of life and ecosystems, by switching to non-polluting techs. Individual gestures count, but the issue is collective, global and cosmic, requiring massive actions. Humanity must take back the reins of its destiny, readjust its lifestyles and behaviors, and make its priority to provide a sane, peaceful and safe world for future generations, by raising its consciousness.

In recent years, as you observe, the focused combined prayers and actions of many spiritual warriors worldwide have succeeded in aborting or postponing several of the dark schemes of the lower lords. This does not mean that the battle is over nor that the victory is guaranteed, but it shows the power of consciousness and will, when combined and focused on the priority issues of your collective destiny. Keep vizualizing the peaceful, balanced, spiritual world you pray and work for, and help it manifest. Make this your timeline, focus and priority, reach out to allies who contribute their part in the healing.

Although it is everyone’s legitimate dream, the idea of settling down, resting or doing business as usual is a strange and inappropriate concept in these crucial times of dramatic transition on this home-planet. Nothing is permanent, stable nor lasting in a temporal world, especially when it is rapidly destroyed, geoengineered with climate manipulations by wave weapons, a magnetosphere aggressed by colliders, an atmosphere constantly sprayed with toxic aerosols, where the ecosystems collapse, biodiversity drops drastically being replaced by genetically modified monocultures with carcerigene pesticides, while the economies crash, and countries are in turmoil or at war with weapons of mass genocide.

Spiritual workers are pilgrims on this plane, unattached to places or things, never ending their mission. They know the tasks are too immense to be postponed or delayed, making every day an opportunity to advance in the accomplishment of their spiritual responsibility and dharmic duties of healing the world. Very often they are marginalized and misunderstood, perceived as weird by the corrupt uncivilization, but they do not despair and carry the weight of the burden of their medicine bundles and service works.

Humanity alone can solve its own karmas, change its detrimental behaviors and improve its destiny. As your Elder Relatives, we Sasquatch and our Star Elders watch over you, offering guidance and support. We wish to assist you in the discovering of the multidimensional Omniverse and of your higher Self. We rejoice to see that many have opened their heart and consciousness to acknowledge our message. Let us carry on together this greater cosmic mission of spiritual reunification into higher consciousness.

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