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Photos yet to be debunked

By SunBôw

Still open for debunking. There is plenty of Sasquatch photos and videos out there, some of which are obvious hoaxes, others doubtful or unsure, and some compelling evidences.

When the Sasquatch agree to show up, whether in real time or on camera, it is a gift that they are offering that comes with information and teachings. It is not about us, or who took the photo or is on it, it is about them and thanking them for what they show us.

Many experiencers never capture their images, while for others they just show up often without being seen with the naked eye prior to the photo being taken. At times even, they can appear on photos that were not taken, and they can as well alter computer files.

There are also some who scrutinize photos in search of possible hidden Sasquatch and they often succeed in seeing some. Now, whether or not these are typical cases of pareidolia (seeing faces in random forms) or the faces are actually interdimensional manifestations of Sasquatch or other beings, this remains up to personal understanding, it’s a case by case issue, too vast to generalize, as spiritual beings manifest in many ways.

The line is thin between perception and interpretation and even if many of those faces highlighted on photos with circles and red arrows are indeed interdimensional beings, they might often be hard to detect and discern and require a great deal of interpretation.

This has caused the creation of such expressions as ‘Blursquatch’ or ‘Blobsquatch’, referring to those vague pixelized spots marked on photos as being a Sasquatch.

For experiencers of course, it is not about trying to prove anything, but rather to share their discoveries and what they learn. Their efforts should always be encouraged.

The other factor, that everyone who has ever had experience with photos of Sasquatch knows, is that with their interdimensional abilities, the Sasquatch can not only turn invisible, but they can also turn photos into blurs and blobs or cause cameras to cease functioning due to frequency interference, just as they can hypnotize or put one asleep.

So that makes hunting Sasquatch for photos an almost impossible quest, as they keep control over what they let us see, capture and show. So when they show up on photos, it is with their free will and consent, knowing their image will not be misused.

For me it started at the 1st Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Conference in Chewelah, WA, in September 2016, when a small man or leprauchaun appeared next to me as well as orbs while I was doing the opening ceremony. From then on, I had many surprises on photos.

Original photo by Kelly Lapseritis and zoomed in. No effects, no photoshop.

Enhanced and zoomed in. Note: the small man was noticed only after being posted.

At the same event, I forgot who took this next photo. Michelle Brown highlighted details. In the first photo (left) of the audience at the amphitheater, I am seen sitting in the background center outlined by the forest with nothing standing behind or next to me. The next photo taken seconds later from a slightly different angle shows me still sitting in the background, just left of the post in the foreground, but with a tall dark figure standing in the trees to my right (left of me) and as many as 3 or 4 figures altogether.

Zoomed in with highlights and different filters for enhancement.

During this year’s event, at the same amphitheater, Cindy Carter took a photo of me where lo and behold, there seems to be a Sasquatch peeking from behind a tree right behind me. The next photo is taken later from the same angle at the same place.

There would be too many other examples to show in only one post, but there is never enough evidence for skeptics. Of course, it could all be a play of light and shadow, lens flares, dust and humidity playing tricks on our minds, or else we’re unto something…

For those interested, you could check my post with photos and videos I took.

I keep receiving or seeing great photos people capture, some ask for them not to be published, others share them openly. Please feel free to share yours. Blessings to all…

DSC05159 (2)

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