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Experiencer story, Encounter last year, at Marble Canyon, AZ, by SunBôw

Last year around this date, my Hopi Uncle took me to Marble Canyon, which turns into the Grand Canyon forty miles south from where we went at Horseshoe Bend. I had just met a small group of Hopi including Elders in the village of Moencopi, to talk about Sasquatch.

My Hopi Uncle and I used to go out in the wilderness and pray, and we had more than once signs of our Sasquatch and Star Elders, either sounds,  visuals, lights or feelings.

In that one specific sacred site, there is an old altar where it is said that when the Hopi emerged from the underworld after the last purification of the world, they met one they call Maasau, the keeper of the world, who gave them teachings, instructions and the permission to live on this land with him, if they chose a peaceful, spiritual lifestyle.

The Hopi Elders I talked with identify Sasquatch as Maasau, whom they first called Woqokuktaka, the Man-Who-Leaves-Big-Footprints, before they met with him.

By this ancient altar, one special one among many, some very ancient pyramidal constructions are visible, with many more stretching over miles in the surroundings.

The constructions are set on huge megalithic platforms and the blocks are filled with fossilized bones of beings dating fro the days of the dinosaurs. Some larger than Human size petrified footprints can also be seen in the region, showing that Sasquatch were walking on this Earth hundreds of millions of years ago, when reptilians were ruling.

This site is not far from the place of emergence from the underworld, that the Hopi call Sipapu, where they say they lived during the last purification of Earth, and met beings they call the Ant-People, the Lizard-People and the Snake-People. These ages old legends carrying the ancestral knowledge find resonance in the teachings received and shared in the Sasquatch Message to Humanity book series. (See our home page for links to books).

Among the many encounters and a few sightings we had in this vast wilderness region of the Navajo reservation, San Francisco Peaks and Grand Canyon area, the day we visited the Maasau altar by Marble Canyon, an interestingly clear Sasquatch showed up on a photo just near the altar. This could be one reason why Hopi forbid photos of altars. kivas or any important sacred sites. It was a special blessing to take photos in a few of their villages, while taken around with my Uncle. Is kwakwai. Grateful thanks…



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