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Giving thanks for a new sweat lodge in our backyard…

By SunBôw

Yesterday, a whole tribe landed in our backyard by the Slocan River to build a new sweat lodge, in replacement of the old one that had cracked and collapsed this winter under the snow.

The new structure is a buffalo lodge in which 25 people could sit, while another dozen or more came around to help and support.

Our Dakota friends from Saskatchewan were present and shared their drums, songs, medicines and laughter with us.

We chanted and prayed for all our relations.

It’s a great start for a new cycle of ceremonies, as the first sweat this year on this land, that will happen every Full Moon. Jules and I had been praying daily by the altar for the last three weeks, seeing continuous answers to our prayers.

One interesting story from that sweat lodge was the meeting of a new friend who is a Sasquatch channeler. He knows the local clan and has had communications with the same white Elder I channeled a chapter from in the Sasquatch Message to Humanity, Book 3, whom he calls the Traveler that he describes with the same traits of characters as I have…

Note: Photos were taken before and after the ceremony, with the permission of the lodge keeper and present Elders.

Mitakuye Oyasin. We are all relatives…

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