Experiencers Stories

Experiencer story, May 13th 2016, by SunBôw

By SunBôw, May 13, 2016:

Today, I just found out that Brian, the long time good medicine brother I’m visiting, also carries hair and ashes from the same white buffalo she calf named Prophecy, born in Québec in 2005, as I do. We held it, prayed for all our relations, smudged over it.

Brian has also been my best collaborator in the Ironwood Log Project to document Native teachings on film. He is launching on this very lucky day his ERA (Eco-Response-Ability) website, the manifestation of a long time vision he as been working on.

Two nights ago, the Sasquatch Elders called out for me and yesterday I walked out to the woods to find a portal on a circular bedrock platform surrounded by boulders, with three placed in a triangle at the center. There were many faint single tracks of all sizes facing the center, ranging between 10” to 26” inches long.

They were left as etherical signatures of different Elders, like a message from them about the gathering of the clans with the Council of Star Elders. They were intentionally barely visible in the moss to go unnoticed by passerbys, unless by the trained eye of experiencers paying attention, so they could not be casted nor appear clearly on photos, as the Sasquatch Elders leave signs for believers and friends, but not proofs for skeptics.

We did ceremony there and sang the Kitchi Sabay song. This has been a great blessed week… Hope you all have great messages and blessings as well these days. Feel free to share with us the special experiences you are granted to live and the gifts that life and Spirit have brought you.

We are all relations of One Family. Peace and Love to everyone…


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