Experiencers Stories

Experiencer story, by Denise Ritchie, from BC

By Denise Ritchie
Dear Sun Bow,
Two years ago I saw a large black human like being on the side of our mountain. I have tried to convince myself that it was a man, but the thought will not go away that I saw Sasquatch. Yesterday my husband saw a small woman sized bare footprint in the mud by the creek. There is no way that a bare foot person was in this area, it is too remote and miserable for anyone to travel without footwear.  This past winter my daughter had the sense that someone was watching her through the bedroom window, then we found footsteps outside in the snow. My daughter  has been dealing with kidney failure and has been very sick since we moved to BC. We had a visit from a huge brown bear last Spring and we felt this was a spirit animal sent to give strength. She has been obsessed lately with all things related to Sasquatch and I am wondering if it is possible that Sasquatch has come with a message for her healing. I have just now stumbled across your videos which I find interesting considering my husband saw the footprint just yesterday!
We have an acreage on a mountain about a 10 minute drive from Peachland ,BC. We moved to BC from Calgary, AB (lived there for about 14 years) and before that we lived in the foothills near Rocky Mountain House where I was born and grew up. Our children were born and raised there as well. Growing up, I heard a lot of stories about Sasquatch in the Nordegg area, but I mostly dismissed them. My dad and brothers were avid hunters and trappers, however, I was always more of an animal lover and found myself not really fitting in.
In December of 2016, just a couple of days after Christmas I was sitting on the couch looking out our living room windows and just soaking in the view. I was thinking to myself how great it was to be back in the country surrounded by all the trees. I looked across the valley to the other side of the mountain and there on the cutline was an all black human like figure. I say human like because the legs looked too long and the arms hung down unusually long, it also was dressed head to toe in black. It did not look like a normal coat or ski outfit. It seemed to go into the bush instead of continuing to walk up the cutline, because I lost sight of it. The whole thing struck me as odd because the snow was way too deep to be walking in, and it was not an easy area for a hiker to get to. I thought of a black bear, but it was walking upright and it was too thin. Now every time I look out the window I am watching out for it.
Last May 2017, my daughter went to open the kitchen door to go out onto the porch and came nose to nose with a huge brown bear. she screamed and the bear meandered slowly away, looking at us as if to say “What the heck is wrong with you guys?”. The day before we saw him climb up the hill by our mail boxes. We were getting curious about what the message was from the bear and we read that the bear is strong medicine, it comes to you at times when you need extra help. Karlene was very ill at the time and probably at her lowest physically and spiritually. Later that week we were in Penticton in the hospital waiting room when Karlene got a text message with a photo from her sister. The photo was a bear claw necklace that Karlene’s son had made for her at school!. It sounds silly, but we were so elated! We were walking on air when we left the hospital, it was just the thing she needed. She is doing much better now thanks in large part to the doctors and our bear friend:)
This past winter 2018, Karlene kept having the feeling that something was watching her through the window, one morning my husband and Karlene looked out and there were huge footprints in the snow outside her bedroom window! We have moose in the area, but the prints did not match. The thing that seems weird to me is that whatever made the prints walked without dragging their feet. The snow was at least a foot and a half deep, so you would think there would be some drag marks.
About 3 weeks ago, Karlene was in bed and looked out her window to see red and white lights zig zagging down the mountain. At first she thought it was a plane, but realised very quickly that was not possible.She watched them for about 5 minutes. I have no idea what that was, but apparently there have been other sightings of lights in Kelowna and Peachland. We have no explanation.
My husband has been trimming some bushes and planting a couple of trees down by the creek. He came back the other day pretty excited about a footprint he saw in the mud. We eliminated anyone from the family that could have been down there. It seems impossible that a stranger would’ve been down there this time of the year in their bare feet! The area is not easy to access and it would be miserable to walk without foot wear. The print was about the size of a woman or adolescent. I immediately thought that maybe a young Sasquatch left the tracks.  I’m beginning to get the feeling that we are slowly being desensitized to their presence.
It was after this last event that I found your interview with Regina M. on youtube. I am encouraged to know that I’m not crazy for thinking I may have seen a Sasquatch and thank you for putting your story out there for those of us that are new to this.
 I am hopeful that you could suggest a native healer or someone that I could take my daughter to. For some reason I feel very strongly that we need to connect with the native community. Thank you for your willingness to help us out. I have a feeling that Sasquatch may have been helping us to get in contact with you knowing that you’re the one who could point us in the right direction.
 I have no problem with you sharing our story, but to be honest it doesn’t sound like much compared to what yourself and others have experienced! The stories are fascinating, but a little bit scary to think Sasquatch kidnap women and have children with them!! Hopefully our Sasquatch is happily married with children 🙂
Kind Regards,

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