Free Energy and a World without Money

Article submitted on SCENIC by Bob Kerber

Free Energy and a World without Money

Now that we’ve been blessed with this wealth of information that has reconnected us and allowed us to re-remember who we are and who controls us, what do we do now?

What can we do to take back control of our reality and make our Elders proud of us as a species ?

While this seems like a very overwhelming and impossible question or notion, it is one that must be addressed to avoid further progress down a destructive timeline.

Hope, in my view, exists in the belief that it is only a matter of time before we as a people take back the methods of free energy production, and once that happens it will naturally and completely breakdown the oppressive power structures that keeps our species from reaching our true potential.

Perhaps the most important possible breakdown will be the end of our criminally debauched fiat money system that has been used, since its invention 6000 years ago, as the absolute tool of our enslavement.

This enslavement works by trading the only real value, the earth and resources and us and the things we produce through our creation, in exchange for a hyper-inflated devalued electronic or paper currency. This creates artificial scarcity and competitive greed to disasterous proportions. This is not a natural situation but rather an elaborate system designed and implemented by lower lord before our collective memory can even recall.

There are incredibly valuable lessons to be learned from our Big Brothers in the forest and our Elders in the stars in regards to money. Do they need negotiable instruments? Are galactic credits a thing?

I believe that our closest relatives and our very ancient
ancestors have and had no use for it and potentially either do we. We are primitive for using it, not them for not. Money does nothing but act as an obstacle. Consciousness and Beings do everything and there is nothing We can’t do if We have the right intentions and right organization.

Free energy literally means free money, or the end of the need for it as a medium of exchange. Money is a form of currency representing the energy needed to accomplish something, like building a house or transporting goods or people. Free energy would obliterate the costs of commerce and once the people have access to it, we will be able to build and create without the intentional interference that has stagnated our growth since day one of our existence.

I find hope in knowing that there are a lot smarter people and beings than I that are already trying to make this a reality. The people of the Ubuntu movement have a very practical and applicabe philosophy and plan that is preparing communities for the eventual release of free energy, and how to transition and thrive entirely free from corrupt governments/ corporations and their financial slavery systems before and after it’s obtained.

I urge anyone interested in this and wanting to know more to check out Michael Tellinger and the Ubuntu movement. If we are ever to have a seat at Council, this maybe a way we can collectively do it.


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