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SCENIC: results of an ongoing process of Cosmic Disclosure

By SunBôw


Photos: First Sasquatch footprints I’ve ever seen in mid-May 2015 on Vancouver Island. Three years later, I have now seen hundreds of footprints, in dozens of locations.

Well, it was 3 years ago that I came out of my first close encounter and communication with Sasquatch at Kennedy Lake, on Vancouver Island, where I first talked with Kamooh.


Photo: Kamooh standing close to me at the Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Retreat.

Now we have gathered an international community of experiencers, communicators, seekers and channelers, through online platforms, groups, websites and events. We have published 3 books in The Sasquatch Message to Humanity series, reaching a fast growing international audience and we are heading towards a 3rd Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Retreat in Chewelah, while being invited to give lectures in events and interviews on different medias. It has been a wonderful blessed path, that has widen our networking far beyond FB and has seen spiritual circles about interspecies communication multiply online and worldwide. SCENIC is opening new portals bridging our Human Family with our greater Cosmic Family. Thanks to our Elders who have provided their guidance and kept their promises and thanks to all who have been supporting and taking part in this Great Cosmic Disclosure, opening portals to higher understanding of the Multiverse.

New!!! Book 3:

If you appreciate our work and wish to help us to continue spreading our network and information about our Sasquatch and Star relatives, please share and like our links and posts, rate, comment, follow us, submit stories, donate through Paypal or our fundraiser.

Thanks and blessings to all in our great Cosmic Family…

Blessings of Love and Light to all…


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