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Experiencer story, by Kimi, Yeti and Sasquatch

Thank you for being on Todd’s show… I was told by a psychic over 25 years ago that I had  Yeti as a protector. I feel my connection to this being and I know that this being has definitely kept me safe more then once. I feel that Sasquatch and Yeti share similar DNA. I would so appreciate your feelings and knowingness on this.
Much love and blessings
SunBow’s reply:
Greetings Kimi. thanks for connecting and for your comments. Nice to hear of your connection with the Yeti. From what they told us, they are close relatives of the Sasquatch, with different genetic lineages, like races or sub-species of people. There are different classes of hairy humanoids observed with slight distinction in their anatomy, like their size, traits or shapes of their feet. But their tribes are all closely related, as much as the various hominids are for instance. Hope this answers your question.

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